2016 Scary Story Contest – Entry #1, Darlene Barnett

House of Tortured Souls Presents the
2016 Scary Story

Entry #1: Ouija
Category: Non-fiction

By Darlene Barnett

We had decided to have a little party. Just the four of us. We were having a few beers. I wanted to contact my dead husband, so I proceeded to make an ouija board out of cardboard. I used my dead husband's ashes figuring it would make for a stronger connection. After spreading my husband's ashes, I put a shot glass on the board - you know, the double shot glasses and all four of us went to put our fingers on the glass. Before anyone could touch it, the glass started moving. That's what I remember. Here's what I don't remember. All of a sudden I blacked out. I was still there - my body was - but I couldn't hear or see. I wasn't even aware of what was going on around me from what my friends and my present husband tell me. Here it is: The bedroom doors started slamming,the microwave turned its power on all by itself, the burners on the stove all turned on to high, and along the music turned up all by itself.

When I came to, everyone was outside refusing to come back inside the house. I don't remember anything. They told me what happened. I knew it was my husband because throughout his life he loved electronics, so when a TV turns on by itself or anything like that, I know it's him. I guess his ashes really made a strong connection.

This is not the first of my stories. I've had many witnesses to loved ones faces appearing over mine, to my hair being gently pulled back and released, as well as the story you've just been told.

Posted by Alan Smithee

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