Come home to the House of Tortured Souls - where horror calls home! It was started in 2012 by John Roisland. John started with a simple Facebook group where like-minded horror enthusiasts could come together to discuss all things horror related. House of Tortured Souls was birthed from the bowels of those diabolical discourses and debates. It has grown exponentially with the help of so many amazing contributors on such subjects as movies, music, literature, and underground and independent creative genius works of horror art and design from around the globe. HoTS engages new audiences daily. We welcome all purveyors and lovers of terror, gore, fear & fright, and dread & shock to visit us, write to us, send us your dark musings, and invite us to share your wicked works. Be it film, band, book, designs or just a pile of dead bodies, come on home to the House of Tortured Souls! If you would like to advertise with us to reach all of these great horror fans than just take a look at our rates below:


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Rates and Specifications:

Our online advertising in the House of Tortured Souls is as follows, per month:

Top, right sidebar
-Box ad 300W X 250H: $75.00
Spot ad 300 x 250 sample

Middle, right sidebar
-Choice #1 banner ad 460W X 60H: $75.00
Banner ad 460 x 80 sample
-Choice #2 Leaderboard ad 728W X 90H: $50.00
Banner ad 728 x 90 sample

Bottom, left or right footer
-Box 300W X 250H: $50.00
Spot ad 300 x 250 sample

All ads purchased will be on the House of Tortured Souls homepage and all subpages. All rates shown are monthly, but we discount for longer orders.

We need your advertisement five days prior to month you wish to advertise in.

Legal Disclaimer: House of Tortured Souls has the right to reject any advertising that is not in keeping with our standards. Advertiser and advertising agency assume all liability for all content of advertisements printed and also assumes responsibility for any claims arising against publishers.

To advertise with us or if you have any further questions about advertising please contact John Roisland:
Phone: 301-996-0724

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