House of Tortured Souls Gear for the Holidays – And Year Round

House of Tortured Souls Gear for the Holidays – And Year Round



Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season just got a lot easier with House of Tortured Souls gear. You can get everything from T-shirts to tapestries to phone cases in six great House of Tortured Souls designs.
Check out the array of great items below. All designs are available on all products listed. Click on the links and head over to TeePublic to pick up your very own House of Tortured Souls gear. There's something for everyone! Don't forget to make a wish list for yourself while picking up gifts for your friends, family members, and assorted tortured souls.


Adult Apparel


Tri-Blend T-Shirt (Extra Soft) HoTS Murder in the Pumpkin Patch

Design: Murder in the Pumpkin Patch
Style: Classic T-Shirt

Tank Tops

Junior Athletic Racerback Tank Top HoTS Basic-F

Design: Basic
Style: Junior Athletic Racerback Tank Top (Female)


Classic Zip Hoodie HoTS The Dead Always Scream

Design: The Dead Always Scream
Style: Classic Zip Hoodie

Crewneck Sweatshirts

Female Raglan Pullover - HoTS Bloody Good Time

Design: Bloody Good Tim
Style: Female Raglan Pullover

Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Premium Long Sleeve - HoTS The Mansion

Design: The Mansion
Style: Premium Long Sleeve

Baseball T-Shirts

Baseball T-Shirt - HoTS Murder in the Pumpkin Patch

Design: Murder in the Pumpkin Patch
Style: Baseball T-Shirt


Kids Apparel

Kids T-Shirts

Youth T-Shirt - HoTS The Mansion

Design: The Mansion
Style: Youth T-Shirt

Kids Hoodies

Youth Hoodie - HoTS Murder in the Pumpkin Patch

Design: Murder in the Pumpkin Patch
Style: Youth Hoodie


Onesie - HoTS Behold the Evil

Design: Behold the Evil
Style: Onesie


Home Goods

Wall Art

Poster - HoTS The Dead Always Scream

Design: The Dead Always Scream
Style: Poster



Spiral Notebook - HoTS The Mansion

Design: The Mansion
Style: Spiral Notebook



Travel Mug - HoTS Bloody Good Time

Design: Bloody Good Time
Style: Travel Mug



  • Throw Pillow, Extra Small, 14"x14"
  • Throw Pillow, Small, 16"x16"
  • Throw Pillow, Medium, 18"x18"
  • Throw Pillow, Large, 20"x20"
  • Throw Pillow, Extra Large, 26"x26"
Pillow - HoTS The Dead Always Scream

Design: The Dead Always Scream
Style: Throw Pillow



  • Tote Bag, Single and Double Sided, 13"x13"
  • Tote Bag, Single and Double Sided, 16"x16"
  • Tote Bag, Single and Double Sided, 18"x18"
Totes - HoTS Basic

Design: Basic
Style: Tote Bag



  • Tapestry, Small, 36"x26"
  • Tapestry, Medium, 60"x51"
Tapestry - HoTS The Dead Always Scream

Design: The Dead Always Scream
Style: Tapestry


Cases and Stickers

iPhone Cases

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
iPhone 8 Case Slim - HoTS Bloody Good Time

Design: Bloody Good Time
Style: iPhone 8 Case Slim

Galaxy Cases

  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy S4
Galaxy S7 Case Slim - HoTS The Mansion

Design: The Mansion
Style: Galaxy S7 Case Slim

ways-Scream-300x300.png" alt="Pillow - HoTS The Dead Always Scream" width="300" height="300" /> Design: The Dead Always Scream
Style: Throw Pillow


Laptop Cases

  • 12” Laptop
  • 13” Laptop
  • 15” Laptop
Laptop Case - HoTS Behold the Evil

Design: Behold the Evil
Style: Laptop Case


Sticker - HoTS Basic_3-1/2x2-7/8

Design: Basic
Style: Sticker

Head on over to TeePublic and check out all the HoTS gear available. Don't see a product you want? Email us about it, and we'll see what can be done.


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Gorehound Mike’s 2017 Naughty and Nice List

Gorehound Mike’s 2017 Naughty and Nice List

Christmas time is finally upon us, and just as we put away our favorite Halloween movies, we also get out those classic yuletide classics. Or clas-sicks as the case may be. Instead of a rehash of all the countless holiday horror films, I thought I`d give you my rundown of favorite and least favorite. Or my Naughty and Nice list.


Elves (1989)

Elves (1989) / Fair use doctrine.I have oft heard of this VHS era film, and I finally decided it was high time to check it out. And seeing how I was making this list — and checking it twice — what better excuse? Elves is interesting in that it takes the horror holiday movie in a different direction than just a killer Santa, and I respect that a lot. The plot as insane as it also attempts something just a little bit more creative as well. However, sadly, the film takes itself far too seriously, and the lack of the titular elves is disappointing. Mix this with an all over the place plot, bad dialogue, and even worse acting, and you have a film you wouldn’t want to give to your worst enemy.

Silent Night (2012)

Silent Night (2012) / Fair use doctrine.Silent Night, Deadly Night (1980), if we are being totally honest with ourselves, wasn’t a stellar movie. However, I love it for its over-the-top camp and intentional tongue-in-cheek humor. For me, those are the main reasons it’s a cult classic that really deserves the love it gets from fans. Silent Night, however, is pure garbage. It lacks any of the fun, dark sense of humor that made the original a fan favorite. This time around we get a cold, joyless movie which muddles through its confused plot just to get to a kill scene. The real horror is seeing a once great actor like Malcolm McDowell reduced to this bottom of the barrel crap.

Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987)

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987) / Fair use doctrine.And speaking of Silent Night, Deadly Night, Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 is bad despite its cult infamy. “It’s Garbage Day!” Yes, Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 has some fun moments, but it recycles a huge chunk of the first film, so much so that I feel like the director of the first should be credited as co-director. Talk about lazy. After the film is done “recapping”, the rest is just lazy, cringe-worthy dialogue and a rather dull plot. Once you get past its “cult status”, it’s really just part one with a small amount of crap added to fill out its runtime.

To All a Goodnight (1980)

To All A Goodnight (1980) / Fair use doctrine. I don’t mind a good killer Santa movie, but one thing a movie shouldn’t be is dull. To All a Goodnight seems to follow the slasher pattern but forgets to inject anything original, interesting, or compelling. Despite a few good kills, the film is essentially a snooze fest and seems to get lost in its own inept plot.


Krampus (2015)

Krampus (2015) / Fair use doctrine. It’s rather fitting that I’m writing about Krampus for two reasons. One is that December 5th is Krampus day, and the second is that two years ago I saw this gem in theaters. The Krampus trend has been incredibly popular for a while now, and it was only a matter of time before someone made a movie to fill the void. Thankfully, we got Krampus, a wildly creative black horror comedy, that (surprisingly) has a heart in its dark twisted center. Many have compared it to Gremlins as it acts as both a legit horror movie with moments comedy and yet actually sneaks in a message (without being heavy-handed or sappy). I really implore anyone who hasn’t seen it to do so ASAP as it’s a really fun movie and something that has future cult classic written all over it.

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) / Fair use doctrine. NAUGHTY! Of course, no holiday horror list would be complete without this trashy but fun horror gem. Silent Night, Deadly Night isn’t what you’d call a great movie; however, I love it — flaws and all. It wisely doesn’t take itself too seriously and plays up its camp status. It’s the black comedy that really keeps this from being too clichéd or too depressing. And when you’re dealing with kids in horror, it’s a good route to go. Some films have cult status that I feel isn’t really deserved, but I have to say this one truly is an enjoyable film, and it’s awesome that it is as beloved as it is.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010) / Fair use doctrine. Looking for something from a different country? Look no further than Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, a highly clever film from Finland. Instead of killer Santas or little elves, Rare Exports takes a totally different spin on the holiday horror and the end result is fast-paced, creative, and (most importantly) engaging. You really invest in the characters, and the film’s childlike perspective really helps sell the fantasy and horror of the piece. I can’t say enough great things about this movie, and if you are looking for something completely different, you will not be sorry. Not a slasher, but a damn clever little movie that deserves to be more praised.

Christmas Evil (1980)

Christmas Evil (1980) / Fair use doctrine.Christmas Evil may just be my favorite on this list. It has more of a special meaning to me since the star, Brandon Maggart, gave me an exclusive quote for my book The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema, which follows my review of the film. For anybody who has never seen Christmas Evil, it’s not a traditional slasher like Silent Night, Deadly Night; rather, it is more psychological. To me, this makes it more disturbing and interesting – think Santa Claus meets Taxi Driver. This is not to suggest it doesn’t have any bloody moments, but the fact that they are used sparingly makes the impact all that more shocking. Anybody willing to give it a chance, Christmas Evil is a masterfully done movie and well worth checking out.

Black Christmas (1974)

Black Christmas (1974) / Fair use doctrine.The granddaddy of all slashers is often cited as Halloween (1978); however, as much as I love and respect that film, Bob Clark’s Black Christmas did it first. Black Christmas is a wonderful whodunnit slasher that really grips you from the very first frame and doesn’t let up until your nerves are shattered by the twists and turns. Its setting and tropes would be often copied, including its killer point of view, the setting of girls alone in a dorm, and the mystery surrounding the slaughter. I will even say I enjoyed the remake a lot though not as much as the classic 70s version.

That is my Naughty/Nice list -I hope you all enjoyed it, and I hope everybody has a very Horrifying Winter Holiday and a Scary New Year.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Cannibal Claus (2016)

MOVIE REVIEW: Cannibal Claus (2016)

Santa is a little bored this year and needs to get his Jolly’s . He’s looking for some fun , murderous escapades and a few Ho Ho Ho’s along the way.

A perfectly fitting synopsis for this particular little Christmas film! Cannibal Claus is DEFINITELY not for the kiddies (or any prudes). This 65-minute descent into sexually-fueled homicidal madness is, however, just the perfect film to enjoy cheesy goodness.

Early on we are introduced to our perverted but insatiable Kris Kringle and his escapades. Santa breaks into homes, kills people, dismembers, and eats them. “I think it’s time for some head” was one of my favorite lines as he then proceeds to face fuck the dismembered head of one particular blonde bimbo! Body parts begin to fly, and the amazing prosthetics and gore is such a thrill to watch.

Though it had a meager $1,200 budget, it’s easy to enjoy the blending of gore, cheesy gags, and (of course) the actual use of sex, sex, and more sex. Pure genius.

Although treated to images of a dealer snorting cocaine off a girl’s ass and other women in barely anything, I honestly didn’t find it sexist. It’s all in good Christmassy fun. I felt myself lighten up and even have a laugh as Santa said, “Ho ho ho, motherfucker!”

Bob Glazier is a devious delight as our Kris Kringle and is joined by an ensemble of actors and actresses who clearly enjoy the Sleaze Box world (like the sci-fi filmmakers’ Asylum casts). Glazier goes all out (quite literally in one scene) to impress us as the homicidal, people-eating, holiday favorite. This makes the movie Bad Santa look tame and is definitely going to be a new addition to my beloved laughs during the silly season. Santa surely is dreaming of a “White Christmas”, and with the film’s tagline, “You’re only as good as you taste”, I’ve no doubt that you’ll laugh as hard as I did while watching some scenes.

This was my introduction to the wild world of The Sleaze Box, and I admit I felt a combination of repulsion and hilarity. (I kid you not – I was wheezing I was laughing so hard!!) Now I must check out more in the future!! Sleaze Box here I come!!!

Cannibal Claus (2016) poster / Fair use doctrine.

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RECAP: TWD, S08E07: Time After Time

RECAP: TWD, S08E07: Time After Time

I was really feeling the title of this episode. Really all characters that played a role in this episode has recurrences of some sort.

Rick giving Jadis another chance, and another, oh look and another.
Eugene doing what he sees are his best beats to stay alive . Also his conflection, which grass is greener (or which pickle is greener).
Morgan still helping out.
Michonne needing to check things out.
Daryl gung-ho

DAMMIT Eugene though!

I was hoping against all odds, that he was cozying up to Negan because he had plans to take him down. Naw! Eugene is Negan for sure. In Eugene’s ‘brilliant idiot’ mind Negan is his most likely ‘savior’, he thinks he has better odds of survival on TeamNegan even though he does realize the Saviors are the bad guys. And good Gabriel and them holy sun rays beaming down on you while you were coughing up who knows and telling Eugene to do that right thing. I see that played in his head hard and on repeat. Twice I thought Eugene was going to turn into The Hulk! With the visual shaking, grinding teeth and the fire in his eyes. That is what needs to happen with Eugene, he needs to get so irate/mad/anxious that he warps into a beast (better than the cowardly creature he is currently). I also love how Sasha’s coffin broke him down too. Sasha’s death was hard for him to swallow, and him using her MP3 Player to create this kite/drone creation was downright shitty! I’m glad Dwight shot it down rather than Eugene. GOOD! Dwell on the fact that it was all in vain!

Wasted time, wasted attempt at bravery (against Dwight). I understand why Dwight decided to hoot the drone instead of Eugene also. Dwight does not need to blow his cover, and killing Eugene would throw up a huge flag (or kite in this case). I am wondering though if at some point Negan overheard Dwight telling Eugene he is working for Rick, I would never say that shit out loud, not even in the middle of a desolate field! Too risky. Negan sure was acting like he knew something though. The shit eating grin on Negan’s face when he asked Eugene how it felt to be the second most important person in the sanctuary has me convinced he overheard, or someone else overheard and told him.
 Let me also throw in the scene right after Eugene moping, and charges into Gabe’s sick room. Eugene barking at Gabriel like that while Gabriel is sick and dying of who knows what completely done me in. Eugene cannot stand up to anyone unless they are on their deathbed, NICE!

Speaking of which, OMG Gabe cannot die yet!! I love me a gun-toting, zombie killing preacher. I definitely need more of his Boondock Saints moments, where he gives the bad guy a blessing and shoots him down! Lort, is the doctor still alive?!?!?

WOW! Rosita THINKS, gotta be a first. And this time it’s her words that punch Michonne and knocks some sense into her. LOL! I mean, seriously, the look on Michonne face when Rosita’s words dawned on her reminded me of the time Michonne knocked Rick out. LOL! So good, Michonne steps down and it is back to Tara and Daryl, both having very good reasons for wanting Negan dead. But wait…what is this?! :O

Halleluyur, Captain Morgan to the rescue again. 😀 Speaking of senses, right now he is in some good senses.

I do also want to note Jadis’ and Rick’s bond. LOL. At first, while Rick was fighting, and after, the look on Jadis’

Lance Herota as Pole Walker, Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis – The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

face, I thought she had a hard-on 😉 Come to find out she was just sick of Rick surviving her awful attempts to put him down in these twisted ways. She was just frustrated that Rick keeps winning, she tries taking him out herself by going to shoot him again, not happening. Rick slams her down and she comes face to face (too close for comfort, close enough to learn a good lesson) with her creation.

And by the way, her negotiating skills again LOL I love it. Her wanting to sculpt Rick without the underwear… Oh dear! But why, oh why, did the writers of this episode leave us hanging like this??? If all of those Walkers are indeed all in the Sanctuary now, wouldn’t you still be able to hear their groans? Things to make you say hmmmmm.

Artist of the Month – December 2017: Tony Blake

Artist of the Month – December 2017: Tony Blake

I found December’s AotM because of my love for The Walking Dead once again. 🙂

And even though this was one of the most horrible occurrences on my favorite show, Steven was impressed!

One of the reasons Tony Blake’s art stands out is the fact he uses color pencils! You guys should know by now I love different. 😉

Here is his brief bio:

Tony is from Great Yarmouth in the UK. He is a full-time freelance artist and is currently studying for a degree in art. He is 41 years old. Married with three children.

Our Q&A:

House of Tortured Souls: How long have you been into horror art?
Tony Blake: Always loved horror art from a young age. First ever character I drew was Freddy from a t-shirt my dad brought me.

HoTS: Did you have a teacher or go to art school??
TB: I’m self taught.

HoTS: Who is your favorite monster?
TB: Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund).

HoTS: Do you have booths at conventions or any art galleries?
TB: I do comic cons across the UK and my art was featured in the Z-Nation exhibit at the Spokane Museum of Art.

HoTS: How old were you when you started drawing?
TB: Probably about 5. Once I went to school. It was all I could do as I had problems with reading and writing, I’m dyslexic.

HoTS: What is your favorite method, pencil, charcoal, the blood of innocents?
TB: I use Prismacolor and Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils for the last two years love them.

HoTS: Do you have a fan page? Twitter? Instagram?
TB: Yes!


HoTS: Do you do commissions?
TB: Yes always doing what the customers want.

HoTS: Are you working on something now?
TB: Currently drawing Bill Murray as Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters.

HoTS: What advice would you give anyone interested in starting this career?
TB: Best advice I can give is practice, practice, never give up and always try new styles, and if that doesn’t work sell your soul to the devil.

Throughout the month of December, Tony is selling original pieces $80! :-O #Floored!!

INTERVIEW: The Blair Witch Legacy Creator Jason Hawkins

INTERVIEW: The Blair Witch Legacy Creator Jason Hawkins

This is a fan-made film and will not be available for purchase or digital viewing.
I had an opportunity to discuss some elements of The Blair Witch Legacy with Jason Hawkins. Hawkins also has aspirations to make his own Friday the 13th fan film and says he has it “if people got behind it…….I already worked out how it would go”. As The Blair Witch Legacy is a fan made film, Hawkins and his crew cannot gain financially from its release. However, as you see in my candid interview with Hawkins, he has plans for the film.

House of Tortured Souls: The Blair Witch Legacy is a ‘fan film’, are you a fan of the Blair Witch franchise (this would include all 3 films currently released) and/or the Blair Witch folklore?
Jason Hawkins: I am a fan of the Blair Witch films. I saw the first one in theatres when, like a lot of people, I wasn’t sure if what I was watching was legit or not. I suspected not, but the film was so well put together, and the marketing campaign so well thought out, that I was able to suspend disbelief enough to get caught up in the story and really enjoy it. As a child, I had seen a lot of the docu-films like The Legend of Boggy Creek and such, so I think I was ready for a film like this. I’ve revisited The Blair Witch Project multiple times over the years and find that it still holds up well. The second film Book Of Shadows my hopes were high. I think I’m one of the few people who thought the film was decent. It’s not excellent, and there’s a lot going on that misses the point, but I thought (when I was watching it as a stand-alone style film) that it holds up in a video store rental kinda way. The third film…I was curious. More than I was excited. I think the reaction to the second film really hurt the release of the new one. I didn’t enjoy the third film in the way I hoped I would. To me, they erred in making it a ‘Hollywood Movie’ filled with the same type of things horror fans complain about on a regular basis. The premise was solid, the idea was there, but the execution was not. I felt it was ‘Oh look, pretty teens go into the woods….oh look the cliché black best friend character…oh look” it was filled with things that took me out of the realism. There was never any doubt that we were watching a ‘Hollywood Film’ from the beginning. It was missing that ‘what if’ factor of the original film. It should have come off as a raw Indie. I think that’s the major differences between the original and the follow-up films. We love the original because of what it is- the underdog's story. The filmmakers were not Hollywood cookie-cutter characters. They looked, acted, felt like real people - because they were. In our film, we wanted to get back to basics, back to a film that feels like it could have been shot with regular people on consumer level equipment – because it was. We embraced that and worked to make it feel exactly like what it is …. a found footage film.

HoTS: Being a fan of the film, how did you produce the budget for the film? Was there an Indiegogo campaign? Investors?
JH: We actually worked with a pretty small budget, even by Indie standards. Being a fan film, we knew we couldn’t profit off of it, and we’ve done our best to be very respectful of the intellectual properties, which would have made going to an investor difficult. With limited options, we decided to make this film directly out of our own pockets and funded all aspects of it ourselves. There was talk of an Indiegogo, but we felt with the right people and the right approach we could pull this off ourselves. The money hunt, particularly for indie artists, is a constant struggle. It’s very, very difficult to get films made, even when you have a solid track record and I didn’t want to wait 5 years…… 10 ….maybe never making this film. I’ve seen too many filmmakers with great ideas wither on the vine and never get their made because they don’t have the budget. We worked with what we had, took advantage of our skills and decided to make the film with a budget we had.

HoTS: Where did you find your 3 lead actors – Samantha Marie Cook, Cody Epling, and Jason Reynolds- and what was it like working with them?
JH: We originally posted the project under a code name The March Project intending to cast and shoot in spring. Record rainfall flooded a lot of our locations and caused some conditions that we decided might be hazardous, so we delayed. We had begun the audition process by accepting video auditions. From those we culled the list down to the top 2-3 we wanted to see them in person for each character. We bought these actors in and really put them through their paces. They still didn’t know what they were auditioning for, what the film was about or anything. We narrowed down our choices and invited the actors to join the film, finally telling them what it was and what our goals were. Sam was our first choice and Cody had actually auditioned for a different character but came on as the character we see in the film. (In fact, most of the characters you see in the film had auditioned, didn’t get the role they were after but were offered a chance to come back and be in the film and its supporting character). Jason I had known for a while, having worked with him on a few other projects and training MMA with him. He’s a friend and I wanted somebody who was comfortable in the deep woods and also they were familiar with the way I work. Working with them was hell on earth – I’m kidding of course. We had multiple meetings before film dates, to get everybody comfortable around each other and to work on building the sense of camaraderie that you hopefully see and feel in the film. The characters came together well, and once the weather cleared we moved to shoot. The first few days didn’t go as smooth as we wanted, but it was a great bonding experience and we decided to start over, scrapping the first few days of footage. The trials and tribulations of filming a project like this brought them together in a stronger way, and when we started again, they were on point. It’s hard to believe now that none of them had ever met before we started casting, they seem like old friends.

HoTS: You shot on location in both Oregon and Maryland, was the Burkittsville location welcoming of another Blair Witch film?
JH: Soooooo…..we didn’t actually go to Maryland. We wanted to sell the illusion that we did, much as they sold the illusion of the ‘Black Hills’ in the original. We went to the airport, whole bit, but never actually went to Maryland. I had scouted locations for a few months and done my best to match them up with some of the towns woods in Maryland. We put that in the credits just for fun, and to see if anybody would know the difference. Is that a spoiler? I’m not sure, but it’s a factual statement that the people of Burkittsville have come out with negative responses to the Blair Witch films- in our movie when Sam says “I know, it’s all on the Thrillist website”, she’s telling the truth. The Thrillist website does cover the negative reactions of the people of Burkittsville about The Blair Witch Project. A lot of what we did was very meta –we heavily mixed in fact and fiction. In fact, sometimes you’d hear statements on set such as “wait, is this real real or film real?” and sometimes the answer was simply yes, yes it is.

HoTS: What other film projects can I observe your work in?
JH: I like to stay busy and am almost always working on something, or developing the next project. Over the years I’ve done multiple feature films, including All American Bully with Adrienne King (from the original Friday the 13th), 15:Inside The Mind of a Serial Killer (which is getting re-released soon), and The Devil Knows His Own with Eileen Dietz (from The Exorcist and many more), as well as several short films. Like a lot of indie artists, we’ve had ups and downs with distribution. My films can be found on Redbox, iTunes, Amazon, Walmart and many outlets around the world. Many would call that success, and I suppose it is, but getting distributors to actually pay you for your work is another story entirely. In fact, that’s an entire article unto itself…

HoTS: What is the plan for The Blair Witch Legacy? Will you be submitting it to festivals?
JH: This is actually a pretty complex question. We knew going into this that we couldn’t profit off of someone else’s intellectual property. We are not the copyright holders, and our film is able to exist through the grace of Lionsgate. They have allowed people to play with the Blair Witch universe in the past – these are dozens of fan shorts, fake documentaries, etc, much the same as fans have been allowed to play in other rich, layered, universes such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and so on. So, knowing that, we made the film by fans, for fans. We have submitted to multiple festivals and conventions, where we’ll be showing exhibition screeners of our film. Currently, there are close to a dozen that will be showing it or trying to work it into their schedule. However, I try to make sure every move I make in regards to film and my career is with a reason. I like to say “No move without purpose” and try to make sure every move is to advance and with purpose. I didn’t just make a fan film. I made a fan film in a popular universe to draw more attention to what we do, and send up a flare in the direction of Lionsgate- “hey look at us. We love the franchise. There is hope for it. Let US make the next one.” How cool would it be to get their attention and have them look at our project? I’ve already worked out most of the details for a sequel, and I really believe the franchise can be given new life and reach new audiences worldwide. And I want to be the one to do it. No move without purpose.

Keep up to date on screenings and festivals showing The Blair Witch Legacy, through their Facebook page and watch for future projects from Jason Hawkins.
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Blair Witch Experience

Blair Witch Experience

The Blair Witch Project_Quote / Fair use doctrine.
That's the simple yet chilling premise of The Blair Witch Project, one of the most successful horror movies of all time.

It started with a website showing news articles about the missing students and footage of police and search parties looking for them. “Missing” flyers were distributed at festivals where the film was shown. The Sci-Fi Channel aired a documentary about the legend of the Blair Witch and the students who had gone into the woods to find her. The movie was number two at the box office for the first several weeks after its release and the story's momentum persisted. Heather Donahue, Josh Leonard, and Mike Williams were all listed as “missing, presumed dead” on movie databases and the Frederick police department was flooded with calls from people asking why more wasn't being done to find the students.

While watching The Blair Witch Project, you see enthusiasm turn to despair and curiosity to fear. Hunger, exhaustion, and paranoia sharpen the senses until innocuous things piles of rocks, stick figures, and handprints on a wall invoke terror in the actors and the viewers. The found-footage style of the movie makes the viewer assume the role of the characters as they trudge disoriented through the woods and barrel screaming down the stairways of a decrepit abandoned house.

Blair Witch Experience, a weekend-long camping trip started in 2013 by Blair Witch aficionado Matt Blazi, takes things a step further, letting attendees visit the filming locations in chronological order.

2017's trip took place on October 20th and 21st. The first stop was the Burkitsville Cemetary in Burkittsville, MD. We saw the scenery and various gravestones from shots in the beginning of the movie and the sign for historic Burkittsville. The sign was stolen and put back up several times since the original movie came out. It was left down last year, anticipating the release of the latest Blair Witch movie but put back up since then and was the site of the first of many group pictures for the trip.

Next was the Knights Inn in Knoxville, MD, where the actors spent the first night of filming. Matt Blazi even rented room 118, the same room where Heather, Josh, and Mike stayed.

After that, we went to the locations where Heather interviewed locals about the legend of the Blair Witch. The Silver Rail Diner had closed since the filming of the movie, but people were waiting when we arrived. Susie appeared in The Blair Witch Project, holding her toddler daughter Ingrid, who became distressed when Susie told the story of the witch and covered her mother's mouth to make her stop talking. Susie eagerly told us about the circumstances of them being included in the filming, and she and Ingrid took pictures with fans and thanked everyone for their support of the film. We also visited Stupp's Market, where a man was filmed explaining the story of Rustin Parr murdering children under the influence of the witch, and Staub's Country Inn. Staub's is now a lawn and garden supply store, but we were graciously welcomed into the building by the proprietor of the business.

Susie and Ingrid reenacting their interview in front of the Silver Rail Diner.

Susie and Ingrid reenacting their interview in front of the Silver Rail Diner.

From there, we went to the woods.

Everyone met at Black Rock Mill in Seneca Creek State Park. We headed up the same road that took Heather, Mike, and Josh into the wilderness, but before we got too far we were halted by a bloodcurdling cry of “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!” and a figure running past us wearing all white with a white stocking cap distorting its features. It was a stuntman from the scene where Heather, Josh, and Mike ran through the woods and Heather saw something that terrified her and made her scream “What the fuck was that?!”

Suitably freaked out, we went to the rock in the river where Heather interviewed two fishermen who begrudgingly told her the story of Robin Weaver, a girl who was abducted by the witch. Two men were fishing off the rock when we got there. It was Ed Swanson, one of the fisherman from the original movie, and Dan Karcher, the social media director for Haxan Films, the movie's production company. We also met a woman named Ingrid, who lived around Seneca Creek State Park. She let Heather, Mike, and Josh into her house to use her phone one rainy night during filming when they lost contact with the rest of the crew. Her hospitality earned her and her husband a section in the movie's “special thanks” credits. We were rejoined by Susie, Ingrid, and director Eduardo Sanchez. The meeting had special significance because that was the first time Eduardo had seen Susie and Ingrid since the filming twenty years prior.

Director Ed Sanchez talking to Susie and Ingrid for the first time since the filming of The Blair Witch Project.

Director Ed Sanchez talking to Susie and Ingrid for the first time since the filming of The Blair Witch Project.

We went back into the woods with Ed Swanson, Dan Karcher, and Eduardo Sanchez. We stopped at Coffin Rock, the site where, according to Blair Witch lore, a group of men was found ritualistically slaughtered and a part of the woods where Heather, Josh, and Mike found piles of rocks on the ground and in makeshift baskets in trees.

Stickman Forest

Stickman Forest

The final stop for the first day is the “stickman” woods. Replications of the movie's simplistic but sinister totem hang from tree branches and vary in size. Eduardo made the biggest one last year, about seven feet long, but decided to outdo it this time. He, Ed, Dan, and several fans constructed a stickman that was almost as tall as a tree and required seven people to pick it up and lean it against a tree to support its weight.

The first day of the trip ended with Matt Blazi being named by Eduardo, Ed, and Dan as an honorary member of Haxan Films. It was a fitting gesture to recognize a fan who is so dedicated to the movie that he turns his love of it into a one-of-a-kind experience for so many others. The attendance of the trip grew from three people its first year to almost 20 this year and included attendees from all over the country and even Europe.

Matt Blazi being honored as a member of Haxan Films by Ed Karcher.

Matt Blazi being honored as a member of Haxan Films by Dan Karcher.

The second day of the trip involved going to the site of Rustin Parr's house. The actual house was destroyed in 2004 when Hurricane Sandy hit. All that remains now is some foundation and debris. Attendees combed through the tall grass to find bricks and stones. They found the corner where Mike stood unresponsive to Heather's shrieking. The spot is overgrown and almost unrecognizable but still evocative of the grim final shot of the movie.

All directors aim to make their movies seem real to their viewers but none were as convincing, both within the context of the movie and without, as Dan Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez with The Blair Witch Project. Blair Witch Experience enables fans to immerse themselves in the world of the film and become part of it physically as well as emotionally.

Check out Matt Blazi's Blair Witch Experience on Facebook.
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MOVIE REVIEW (SHORT): Shriekfest: Remnants (2016)

MOVIE REVIEW (SHORT): Shriekfest: Remnants (2016)

Remnants (2016)

Venue: Shriekfest

Director: David Ugarte; Writers: Eric Joel La Fuente, Corey Schubert; Stars: Hugh McCrae Jr, Terrance Roundtree, Reavis Dorsey, Corey Schubert; Rating: UNK; Run Time: 16 min; Genre: Short, Horror; Country: USA; Language: English; Year: 2016

Hugh McCrae Jr. in Remnants (2016)

Gorehound Mike here bringing you yet another short film entry from last month’s Shriekfest and this time around we have a short from a talented newcomer David Ugarte. His fourth and latest film, entitled Remnants, tackles the tried and true subject of demon possession. Two cops are called to a scene of a grisly double murder but things start to get strange as they begin to investigate further. Seems that a priest was performing a ritual upstairs and the cops may not be alone. At first I was not sure about Remnants as it seemed to fall back on some horror clichés and a little bit too familiar demon possession tropes; however, it actually seems to rise above it. It’s clear that Ugarte really knows his craft and employs some great expressive camera work, slick editing, and visual style to help both build a nice amount of eerie vibes as well as move the story forward. However, for me, what really saves this short from becoming too standard is the incredibly creepy makeup work that is nothing short of awe-inspiring considering its low budget. The gore effects were also nicely done, and Candy Domme really has a future in the business. Sure, I would have liked a nice clever twist or two, but I gotta say Remnants was a great little horror ride that totally did the trick. I can honestly say I am very excited to see what these guys have in store in the future.

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RECAP: TWD, S08E06: The King, The Widow, and Rick

RECAP: TWD, S08E06: The King, The Widow, and Rick

Okay, so we have definitely settled down. This episode again was not so intense, but, of course, TWD will always have an OMG moment! Now we are seeing more of the story grow, and some things being explained.

Our team has a clever way of exchanging notes back and forth while they are split up. I’m digging the new mailboxes. 😉

UMMM, so Jadis feels artsy-fartsy while in the nude, huh? 😕

We see her in her trash-heap homestead in nothing but an apron, while putting together a new metal kitty.

This one looks like it may be a tiger. Does she know that Shiva is dead? And she actually bothers to put on clothes when she finds out it’s Rick??

So Rick offers the Heapsters  (Scavengers) a deal again?!?!? Why would he consider trusting them again? Jadis even questions him about that. Jadan tells him no and has him locked into a cargo box (nude!).

Come to think of it, this whole episode had a Terminus feeling. The metal box, the one Savior talking to Jesus the way that Termite talked to Ty, and the warehouse Michonne and Rosita creep into appeared a lot like Terminus.
Carol goes to talk some sense into the King. As she walks up, Jerry, standing guard, tells her Ezekiel is not taking visitors. Like Carol gives a damn. Jerry tells her, Ezekiel told him he could go, that there was no need for him to be there, Jerry said that is all he had to do.
Gregory steps into his old study to tell Maggie to get rid of the Saviors. That there are too many wolves amongst the sheep. HA!
Rosita and Michonne going off when they are supposed to stay put and heal. On their way ‘to take a look’ at the Sanctuary, they hear the weirdest music and stop the car. The two follow the sound to a warehouse. Inside they find a male and female Savior talking. The WTF MICHONNE?!?!?! A ball???? After all the times we’ve seen Michonne stealthily creep in and out of places she bumps into a ball and it rolls away letting the bad guys know they are not alone. Great. Now Michonne is in another fight – while healing from the last one!! She really is a good match for Rick, I swear! The male Savior finds Rosita, but boy does she have a surprise for him! The Grenade Launcher! He laughs at her and tells her she knows good and well that she will not use it. WHOOPSIE! But the female Savior gets away in the vehicle, all them damn speakers blasting that crazy ass music to draw in the Walkers. BOOM! Daryl to the rescue! He’s been doing that a lot lately. He ran right into her. 😉 So now we have the 4 Musketeers (Daryl went to Alexandria and picked up Tara to take her to Alexandria) all heading off to ‘end this’.
Of course, Henry would follow Carol! At this point, she needs to come up with a strategy to keep kids away from her! Is this going to be Sam part 2 or Elijah part 2? hopefully neither and he becomes Carl part 2! In real life, the boy that plays Henry is the little brother of the girl that played Sofia.
The Saviors are moved to an outdoor prison inside the walls of the Hilltop. Gregory gets placed in with them, acting like a straight up baby. Suddenly he remembers her name! Long hair Savior goes for one of the Hilltop lady’s gun. Maggie knocks some sense into him. 😉
Carl and new buddy (we learn his name is Saadiq) have near-death experiences in the woods with some Walkers needing redemption. (Did that deer bring up fond memories Carl?) Carl tells him he is taking him to Alexandria even though his father thinks it’s a bad idea.
LOL!!! Carol goes back to see Ezekiel, this time Henry follows. Carol tells Jerry to stand next to Henry, and he does. 🙂 She finds Ezekiel holding Shiva’s chain. Carol breaks down to Ezekiel, and both end up bawling. Ezekiel tells her she can lead the people. Carol tell him he needs to get back to his role.
Aaron talking about Eric to Enid and Maggie. Maggie holding Gracie. Maggie is becoming a babysitter like her sister used to be. I imagine Maggie will breastfeed Gracie, too. When Aaron is leaving, Enid rushes out and begs him to take her along (they, too, are heading to the Sanctuary). This will certainly be interesting!!
At the end of the episode, we see Jadan puts a big A on the metal shipping crate Rick is naked in. Is that for Alexandria? Or Alpha? 😮




GWAR has been one of my favorite bands for the past 30 years now. Known for playing on or around Halloween in Baltimore I took every opportunity to grab some passes to see them now that I’m back in Maryland after many years of being gone from the area. Rams Head Live in Baltimore was the venue on this Thursday night. A good sized club always brings in big acts and is a pretty cool venue with pretty much not a bad seat( all general admission) in the place. GWAR is one band that to see live is one that I would HAVE to cover for a story. My wife Steff had never seen GWAR before, that alone was almost reason enough to go.

By the time we got there GHOUL was just about to go on stage. GHOUL is a fun mix of GWAR, MENTORS, MISFITS with a touch of MOTORHEAD! Keeping in touch with the Halloween spirit with a horror punk sound. I don’t think Gwar could have found a better band to hit the road with. Both lyrically and their stage presence oozes horror. As for starters, if your not familiar with GHOUL, they all wear burlap sack, masks with bloody mouths, have stage actors that they behead and spray blood out on to the crowd and sing of death and graveyards while they have the look of just committed a nasty home invasion. GHOUL ARE  FUCKING AWESOME!! What a great live act and a great bunch of guys as I was fortunate enough to have run into a few of them after the show.


Finally,…after a bit of a wait from what seemed to have been some technical issues, GWAR makes their way to the stage. By this time the crowd had started to fill up, sadly it wasn’t to overly packed, but then again it was a Thursday ….and the general age of the crowd…well, we aren’t as young as we once were. GWAR come out on stage and its always something new, every tour. The stage show is creative, overwhelming at times, oh..and bloody violent. Kind of makes you feel like your mixing a Lloyd Kaufman film to shock rock extreme music, in one live nightmare!

This was my first time having seen GWAR since the passing of the late great ODERUS URUNGUS, it was hard waiting to hear some of the old classics, and yet only one was done, Black and Huge. It was actually kind of nice that the band left it alone. Regardless, the stage show over the top as always, and for the club only charging $20.00 tickets, makes you wonder how these guys are making a penny because they really do put a lot into it!

Of course, they always touch on a few big media items such as government and religion, that the boys are always more than welcome to slay and befoul on stage and spray gallons of blood and other bodily fluids on to the audience. From a decapitated priest to Blothar ejaculating on the crowd, it was a wet floor, to say the least!



It was the same day as the show that the heart-wrenching news surfaced about guitarist Michael Derks, best known to the world as Balsac the Jaws of Death. I had noticed from the get go that he wasn’t on stage. So, just kind of assumed that with the recent medical news that maybe he had decided to take the rest of the tour off…I was wrong. It must have been the third song that Balsac made his stage presence, and what a crowd response he was given, and seemed as if he really played his heart out that night.

GWAR played for over an hour and a half. For these aging gentlemen, those costumes, props, lighting, stage theatrics and pure energy, I’ve got to give them credit cause most of the people in the crowd were winded. The last song came around, and how suiting, it was a cover of AC/DC’s If You Want Blood. Not only did they do a great job of the song, they also did a great job of making a complete mess of the venue and everyone that was in it! If you were one of the fortunate ones who hadn’t got spewed or gutted on, you were about to! I honestly don’t think there was a dry place in the club by the end of the song.

As I mentioned earlier, my wife had never seen GWAR before. When they came on stage she and I got split up, I went up to the stage to take photo’s and she went front and center stage in the crowd with old friend of mine who catches them every time they roll into town with his daughter no less. So the band exited the stage, house lights came on, ..and they were, the three of them, all blue and red and I do mean from head to toe soaked in stage spray! The smile on my wife’s face was priceless, she had been GWAR’d!!

GHOUL and GWAR thank you both for the passes and thank you both for such a great show, you guys are the goods!!

Visit Gwar on their website and see all the great things you’ve been missing: Gwar-Official Site of the Gods also check out the almighty and amazing GHOUL on their official site..I’m telling you this band is something to look out for. Ghoul-Official site!

Keep it Evil

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Haunted Cemeteries

On the night of November 8, 2017, Justin Schock and I took a resurrected journey down cemeteries lane on the outskirts of our hometown, Anderson, Indiana. We were both born and raised in this wretched city, been close friends for a very long time yet have heard very diverse versions of these local legends. It was pretty much a rite of passage to attempt to find these spooky graveyards during our teen years to see if they truly lived up to the legendary names; that and there was never much to do in our hometown. Therefore, it seems rather fitting to revisit these haunts this Halloween to see if they will still have the same effect on our adult selves.

Evillynn: My first paranormal experience happened when I was about 8 or 9 years old. My sister and I were messing around with an Ouija board in her room and she jokingly told it to leave a sign. Well, the next morning, she screamed bloody murder and I quickly came running, to find her silently pointing to her window in horror. I froze in fear as my eyes beheld a pentagram drawn in the frost inside the two glass window panes. The space between these two was very narrow and virtually impossible for any living creature to slip their hand between to draw anything, let alone a huge pentagram. Furthermore, it was not a cold night nor was the whole window frosted over—just the space where the pentagram was, about an inch or two in diameter. It was a very creepy experience and still gives me quite the chills whenever I ponder upon that thought. I will also state that I am not religious, in any sort of way or fashion, and was never raised to have any beliefs in the afterlife. Therefore, I am not so sure on where I stand on the existence of ghosts, goblins, ghouls, demons, and so forth. The one thing that I wholeheartedly do believe in is energy, especially when it has the overwhelming capability to radiate and sour certain grounds.

Schock: The paranormal world has always fascinated me and yet I never had anything truly happen per say. The world of the unknown is something we all wish to understand and dive deeper into. When I was 7 my uncle and I swore we saw two figures in our basement. We described it as He-man and Skeletor fighting, but it was like 1989 so, of course, we would. Looking back and remembering. I picture much more human-like figures in that basement. It was strange for sure, but there’s no true telling what was going on in that weird place.

In my early adult years, I temporarily lived in a trailer. I woke up one night to use the restroom. I started walking down the hall and saw a woman praying by the living room window. I skipped the restroom and went straight back to bed, forgetting all about that urge. I clearly remember that now and am very adamant in what I saw. I have developed some theories but I’ll save them for another forum. I then went on micro hunts around town in old schools that used to house wartime hospitals and such. I was able to get record and photograph some intriguing entities, which again has made me expand upon my theories. However, I will save all those for another time because it is too much to go into detail in this article.

**Witches Circle**

Schock: Witches Circle is an old cemetery close by to where I currently reside. Local history states that witchcraft practitioners would perform different rituals in this graveyard late at night. There is no SOLID proof of this! If any pictures do exist, they mostly consist of kids smoking, drinking, and doing stupid shit on hallowed ground disrespecting it.

I have personally been there twice and went a different direction both times. This is where it gets weird. When Evillynn and I went looking for it, we were not able to find it. No, we weren’t just lost, the road that leads you there had literally vanished, and GPS did not recognize this location at all. Of course, this seemed very odd to us since I have been here before and recently inquired the directions from a great friend. A few days later, I went to a local Wicca/spiritualist bookstore and inquired with them what they may know about it. The woman who does not want to be named stated; “The witches circle is found when it wants to be, perhaps that night you and your friend were not meant to go to the circle for one reason or another.” Even after explaining to her that we had no ill intentions, she said that people that do go out to the Witch’s circle with harmful intentions end up severely paying for it later.

This brought me to a few different thoughts. Perhaps maybe the grounds are evil? And enjoys fucking with people on purpose, leaving it out of reach to people that have no harmful intentions? I’ve been there before, with fellow Wiccans and never had anything happen. Being straight edge, I don’t partake of drugs or alcohol nor did any of the people I visited with. So perhaps again, since we using the sacred ground for its intended purposes, maybe that’s why it allowed us to be found? So many theories, and still I’m curious to go back and find it for further research. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until it permits me to locate it once again.

Evillynn: Sadly, I have never been able to find this place because it doesn’t want me to find for some unknown reason, almost like it compels me to stay way. The road that you are supposed to turn on virtually disappears every time I have tried to visit. My only theory, for this reason, is I am not Wiccan or hold any religious belief; perhaps that the ticket to finding the path?

Nelson’s Cemetery

I originally stumbled upon this cemetery during my teen years. I would always pass it on my way to school and something about it allured my curiosity. I did not have the chance to fully explore it until one night in my early twenties. I went out with an ex-boyfriend and a couple of friends that I no longer associate with. The cemetery itself is divided by a fence and a gate that was kept locked most of the time; this night the lock was unhinged, almost beckoning us to come explore. As soon as we went through the gate, a tremendous sensation passed through me as if I knew we were intruding. I immediately begin to hear hoof prints, almost like it was several horses trotting close by. I could also feel raindrops stinging my skin, even though there was not a cloud in a sky and the ground was dry as a bone. We all quickly got the overwhelming sensation to immediately depart. We ran back to the car and suddenly we all heard a gigantic whack that made the entire back window shake. It almost sounded like a tree branch snapped and hit it with such a powerful force yet we were not parked close enough to any tree nor was there even a gust of wind that night. All four of us looked at each other with wide eyes and asked simultaneously if one of us caused that. As soon as we questioned the other, we all somehow knew that no one in the car was responsible and decided that was our clue to get the fuck out, pronto. It was very apparent that we were not welcome that night and not one of us questioned the reason why.

The research that I found behind this place very quickly began to fall in place as to why we felt unwelcome. It contains four separate burial grounds that over time became one gigantic cemetery. The first was a private cemetery for the Nelson family, hence the name, that was buried back in the early 19th century. Back then, it was a tradition for many private burial grounds to be on the property, away from the living, and upon a hill, if possible. Hills were symbolically closer to heaven and made the grounds harder to plow. The second cemetery just to the south was for the Ashby Methodist Episcopal Church members. In 1833, founding members, Joseph and Lydia Barnes, deeded the church trustees for one and a half acres of that for the site of a meeting house, a schoolhouse, and burial grounds. This church’s cemetery is still indicated by a cross to the east on the north side of the road. In 1902, the third part was formed when the local farmers purchased the church’s cemetery and many war veterans, predominately for the WWI and WWII, are buried in this part. During the early 20th century, a poor farm was in this vicinity, thus forming the fourth part of the cemetery. This is where many unmarked graves lie since many of the families were too poor to purchase headstones. Incidentally, this is also where most of the paranormal activity lies; perhaps because the bodies were not properly put to rest? I have also heard stories that there used to be several lynchings that happened out there and they would discard the dead bodies on top of freshly buried graves. I was not able to find any confirmation of this part of the story; however, thought it was important to add since it most certainly adds to the creepiness element.

**Crybaby Bridge**

Evillynn: The local story that I heard growing up is that a young lady and her infant child was walking home late one night. An approaching car didn’t see them until it was too late, hitting and killing them both instantly. Whenever you pass over this bridge at night, you supposedly will hear the baby crying and the mother screaming in search of each other.

Schock: I feel like every town has a “Crybaby Bridge” much like every state has an area that the car moves while in neutral. I don’t put much weight in either story situation honestly. However, what I’ve always been told about crybaby bridge here is that a woman in the 70’s maybe 60’s, had a child out of wedlock, took the child to the bridge which is surrounded by a couple farmhouses and nothingness for miles. Then drowned the baby under the bridge. Later, I heard that there was gigantic damn built and a nest of beavers resided underneath. So, when kids would pull their cars over the metal bridge and shut it off, they’d hear the beaver noises and mistake it for an infant. So really, for me, that seems like the most logical answer due to its geological location.

Local Legend Research

One of the tales states that if you stop your car on the bridge during the midnight hour, it will supposedly stall out on you and instead ghostly forces will push your vehicle forward. It also presumed that you can hear a baby cry, in search of its mother, and some people have even claimed to have seen an abandoned baby carriage down by the water. The bridge, itself, is a one-lane dilapidated piece of mechanism that looks and feels like it could collapse at any moment. It has been described as ‘being the gateway to Hell” since the path to the cemetery is only about half a mile away.

Main Street Graveyard

This is the best local haunt that our small town holds; this is the one that many different stories have been passed down and every curious youngster wants to explore. Back in the 1970s, it used to be one of the most popular hangouts outside of town. The local teens would often go there to partake in illegal drunk and alcohol use amongst many other misdemeanors, such as vandalism, littering, and desecration. Consequently, I presume that the origination of the many different tales began in this era.

Some of the locals claim that people used to exhume bodies back in the 1970s to use in Satanic rituals. Another story states that an old man either shot his wife in her head with an arrow and hung her body in a tree or vice-versa and allegedly still haunts the site to this very day. The “devil’s child” is said to be buried here, since there is a pitchfork shaped tree growing directly above her grave. They say that if it is cut down, it will magically regrow and be restored as it once was the very next day. There are also many unmarked and destroyed graves, which very well could lie to the belief that the graveyard is always restless.

Many people who have visited here claim to hear low growls coming from the woods. Others have heard footsteps, whispers, and laughter following them to and from the cemetery. However, these seem to be more apparent to the people who dare to walk the path back there than the ones who drive. Some have even seen a demonic figure with red eyes lurking by the graves. Almost everyone who visits during the night feels very unwelcomed, with the overwhelming desire to immediately flee upon arrival.

Schock: I have been to MSG a few times and each time, it looks different. Think what you want about that. The night Lynn and I got lost looking for Witch’s Circle and, after a quick visit to Nelson’s Cemetery, we attempted to visit Main Street Graveyard. It was a week before Halloween and around 11:30 pm at night. The first thing we both see as we turn down the path is a light, which closely resembled a LED lantern bobbing up and down in the vast darkness about a mile away. We were then met by a woman who was standing guard out in this graveyard, with no rhyme or reason as to why she’s out here by herself this late at night. We heard the woman’s forceful commandments “Drive around, don’t stop!” However, it didn’t seem like she was speaking to us since she didn’t make eye contact with either other one us; just kept repeating the same thing over and over with a hollowed look on her face. So, I drove around the path and as we attempted to snap pictures, not one of them turned out. Blurry, weird and black, which should not have happened, especially in this age of technology. I pulled right up to the lady, and started to say something like “Oh hey, we’re only here for like 20 mins take some pics and bounce”. I couldn’t even get any words out; she stared at me with this look that caused a great disturbance. Evillynn can vouch for me as I’m not easily shut up by anyone, mouthy, pickin’ fights, etc. Not with this woman, there was literal fear, so we got out of there quick. The following days I felt this uneasy feeling like she wasn’t supposed to be there, she said nothing to us as we passed by, not even head nod or a “Get the fuck out of here!”
Our return visit Halloween morning was very peaceful. We cruised around, which is shown down below in the link as well as several pictures. We saw a lot of crazy things, even found some headstones that made no sense as far as placement of them, and this “devil’s child” if true we found the collection of broken headstones that it supposedly is placed under. This time the feeling wasn’t uneasy and was honestly rather serene, almost like the calm before a violent storm. Conversely, there is a spot in the woods that lead to a massive corn field. We were just walking through to see if we could say anything else in the area and the whole path was freezing; it was very apparent that the temperature took a huge drop, like winter cold. The temperature that day was in the mid-60’s, a nice warm fall day, and it’s virtually impossible for it to drop that quickly. We rapidly came to the decision that we were legitimately standing in a cold spot and did not press on any further. Consequently, the child’s grave that we could not decipher on video is close to that spot, and upon video review, it dawned on us that it said, “The Damsel is not dead but sleeping.” After that, we deemed it wise to just snap some pictures and left after about an hour.
Every town has creepy folklore, an old cemetery or several, one of these stupid bridges, and a history. Especially if you see an old farmhouse, or one of these old schools, that used to be a wartime hospital during the civil war, or one of the world wars. Investigate it, break out a handheld recorder, take pictures, ask questions. Unveil what your area of the world may have to offer to the world of the paranormal hunters. Share your stories with friends, the internet, whomever. The trick is to not be afraid and just go right for it. This is just a few places in our little area of the world. Small little city in central Indiana, we are both from the same area, same group of friends, hell we even have the same album collection. Nevertheless, we have heard different stories throughout our lives. We figured the best approach would be to just jump in and check the shit out ourselves so we can see what’s really going on. A lot can’t be answered fully or with full truth, but we went, and we explored to have our own truths. I don’t believe either one of us left disappointed and quite honestly, have a bit more of respect for these spooky haunts that lie dormant in our small, humble town.

Check out the video of our trip to Main Street Graveyard/Crybaby Bridge below.

RECAP: TWD, S08 E05: The Big Scary U

RECAP: TWD, S08 E05: The Big Scary U

Okay, this episode wasn't as intense as the past few weeks, which I'm happy about because I could not handle any more! Not to say it was not intense though - explosions, a mole, Gabriel left alone with Negan, Eugene's cucumbers!! :O

This episode starts off with a flashback of Father Gabriel praying that his death be not a fruitless death and that he goes out with a purpose. And when they are stuck in the hotbox and Negan asks him why did he leave the safety of that car and run back to save Gregory's cowardly ass. Gabe tells Negan that he does not want to die a fruitless death. Gabe also tells Negan he believes his purpose was to hear Negan's confession and to give him a pardon. Gabriel tells Negan of his downfalls, of his cowardly ways of not letting his congregation into the church when they needed in to escape the Walkers at the beginning of the apocalypse. It does work, and Negan loosens up. He tells Gabriel of his wife before the Z.A. He confesses to cheating on her, even when she got sick before the apocalypse, he was galavanting. Negan also mentions he worked with kids. Maybe a teacher or counselor at an alternative or intercity school. Father Gabriel's kind tone, and looking him in his face and not backing down saved him his life. Negan decides Gabe will be his new 'special project'. Not a big surprise there. Negan kept Eugene, he was going to keep Sasha, he even played cat-and-mouse with Carol. What better weapon against someone than one of their team

members? Negan is nothing more than a puppetmaster. And yet as he has his workers bow down when he comes in, and has multiple wives against their will (even killing people to take them wives) and punishing those who rebel by ironing their faces, Negan still thinks he is right and that all is justified. When Gabe was approaching Negan from the back and Negan raised his bat, did he whisper, "Lucille, give me strength"?

Gabe tells Negan he is forgiven, and Negan punches him in his face. I busted out laughing! Perfect.
It was good they did show us Gregory's meeting with Negan and his head Saviors (Negans of the Long Table).

Jayson Warner Smith as Gavin, Austin Amelio as Dwight, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

I love seeing Gregory squirm.I hope Miss Celie fixed that glass of water Gregory was sipping on. When Negan started yelling and pounding the table with Lucille, I just know Gregory and Eugene both pissed their pants. LOL. Gregory's still as delusional as ever. Especially thinking HE could pull off any stunt. I do wonder what Maggie's purpose for letting him back into the Hilltop was. It is going to be interesting to see what Gregory tries.
Negan mentions Simon backsliding? What is Simon's history? Did Negan beat him into submission?

Now in Gregory's flashback, where Simon brought him breakfast, Simon mentioned something about having a meeting with Negan and brought up that he found out about the Hilltop's 'betrayal' while he was in Alexandria last time. How was it Simon found that out? Still a mole in Alexandria? Or one of the Saviors crept into Alexandria somehow and overheard their plans?
Chaos starts up in the Sanctuary because no one knows for sure if Negan is dead or not. Then generators shut off causing more problems. Everyone is frightened and do not know what they should or what will happen next, and now they are all hot and sweaty so the workers start demanding answers and come up to the second floor ready to fight. It takes a gunshot to get them to calm back down and as soon as they are all silent and still by the gunfire, here comes Negan's whistle from around the corner. All drop to their knees, including Gabriel. Negan assigns Gabe a cell, and Eugene is his 'welcoming committee', bringing him a pillow and other items and finding Gabe in a poor condition. Was Gabe bit? It looks as if his blood sugar dropped too low. Did he get too hot? Is it a stunt? Eugene wants to get him to a doctor ASAP, but Gabe tells him that is the reason he is there. That Maggie's doctor needs to get back to the Hilltop. Gabe may be dying, but he is still looking to serve a purpose.
Now let's get to Rick and Daryl, who got into a fistfight. I'm shocked that this had not happened before.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Until now. Daryl has gone and done his own things numerous times before. This time Rick was right there to argue with him, and this time there was a ton on both of their backs. Daryl has always been more gung-ho than a thinker and planner. In the middle of this rumble and tumble, the truck carrying the guns, ammo, and dynamite explodes. Well, just great! Okay, the explosion breaks up the fight, but I am curious about the guns. Before the fight, we see Daryl pulling out a long crate, inside is both dynamite and some ammo but no guns. Did the other guns slide further down during the flip down the hill? I'm really not sure what Daryl, says but I can tell he goes off a different direction than Rick. Rick is on foot, I imagine, walking back to Alexandria. Suddenly, we hear a helicopter. A DAMN HELICOPTER!! The look on Rick's face says it all.

Remember that he saw a helicopter at the first of all of this when he got into Atlanta. T-dog told him that was impossible, and since Rick was hallucinating while they were in the prison, he is not sure if the helicopter is real or not. I suspect he follows the helicopter too see if he is delusional gain if for no other reason.

Now I'm like, "Forget this turkey! Show us who owns that damn helicopter!"

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INTERVIEW: Death House (2018) Director Harrison Smith

INTERVIEW: Death House (2018) Director Harrison Smith

“The Only Way Out… Is Down”

I had the great privilege of interviewing the superb director Harrison Smith on his newest film Death House. Before I get into that, let me tell you a little bit about the film.

Death House poster.There is a Fed-Max subterranean government prison that holds humanities worst criminals known as the Death House. It serves as a medical, psychological, and parapsychological research center aimed at eradicating evil. Two federal agents are granted a tour of the center. While on the tour, the unthinkable happens. There is a power outage that releases all of the prisoners, and the agents must fight their way through all of the horror and violence to try to survive. They soon discover that they are being herded down to the lowest depths of the facility. In those depths are a group of supernatural evil beings known as The Five Evils and they may be the agents’ only chance at salvation.

Cody Longo in Death House.

Cody Longo in Death House.

The movie sounds and looks amazing but before I go on I just wanted to say that the media and many articles have labeled the movie, “The Horror Movie genre of The Expendables“. I have to disagree with that. If it were The Expendables we would have a movie with Freddy vs Jason vs Michael vs et. al. Which, to some, may sound interesting but it would lack any substance. The stars in this movie are so much more than their individual roles that they have portrayed, they are true actors who excel at their craft. Let me tell you some of them:

  • Adrienne Barbeau: Escape From N.Y., Creepshow, Swamp Thing, The Fog
  • Kane Hodder: Jason Voorhees in some of the Friday the 13th films and Victor Crowley from The Hatchet films
  • Dee Wallace: The Howling, Cujo, The Frighteners
  • Michael Berryman: The Hills Have Eyes, The Devils Rejects
  • Barbara Crampton: Re-Animator, From Beyond, You’re Next
  • Sid Haig: The Devils Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses, Kill Bill
  • Tony Todd: Candyman, Hatchet, Final Destination
  • Bill Moseley: The Devils Rejects, Rob Zombie’s Halloween
  • Vernon Wells: The Road Warrior, Weird Science
  • Lindsay Hartley: Nightmare Nurse
  • Cody Longo: Piranha 3D, Nashville
  • Cortney Palm: The Dark Tapes
  • Felissa Rose: Sleepaway Camp
  • Vincent Ward: The Walking Dead

Whew, that is a LOT of talent in one film!

Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia, PA.

Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia, PA. The place had a built-in horror film setting, full of dark history and eerie vibes. It really acts as a functioning character in the film.

IMDb provided a great quote:

This is a solid horror piece, dark, nasty and gore-soaked; not satire or tongue in cheek.

And like Harrison told me, he was writing in a local bar when the ad for Jurassic World came on and it hit him that this movie was “Assault on Precinct 13 meets Jurassic World without the dinosaurs”. So… great actors along with an exciting script and skilled direction. Then throw in stupefying makeup and effects by the Roy Knyrim (Sinister 2) and SOTA FX, and a soundtrack by John Avarese that sets the perfect ambiance. We will finally get what we paid for at the box office!

Death House - Cody Longo and Dee Wallace on set at Holmesburg Prison.

Death House – Cody Longo and Dee Wallace on set at Holmesburg Prison.

Cortney Palm in Death House.

Cortney Palm in Death House.

House of Tortured Souls: My first question for Harrison was why the horror genre?
Harrison Smith: My first film, The Fields, was based on what really happened to me when I lived and grew up with my grandparents on their farm. The farm came under attack for a short period of time by an unseen presence. We never understood what caused it and we never understood what ended it, so I had personal experience. But also my grandmother and I used to watch horror movies and the old horror TV show Dr. Shock who hosted Saturday morning shows like Scream-In, Horror Theater, and Mad Theater. The movies were captivating. I loved finding out there was a sequel to Frankenstein and that he didn’t die in the burning windmill. There were more like Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man that continued on the story of Lon Chaney. Like when they killed Lon Chaney in the original Wolfman I was like, “Why? He was a nice man, he didn’t want to be The Wolf Man“. I loved it. They were like Saturday morning soap operas. I loved them as a kid, but that time is gone. That is why I like Tom Holland’s Fright Night. I was watching in the summer of ’85 and knew it was a Valentine to an era that was quickly fading and disappearing. At that time, the threat was coming from cable television and the home video revolution, so Peter Vincent was this aging icon of an era long gone trying to stay relevant. Tom Holland got it, and Fright Night works on many levels. So horror movies, for me, were a real escape from the actually really scary shit that happened to me.

Kane Hodder in Death House. Set piece by PCND/fx.

Kane Hodder in Death House. Set piece by PCND/fx.

HoTS: Then I asked him about the abundance of horror movies and shows seem to be throwing back to the ’80s. Movies like It Follows and The House of the Devil and shows like Stranger Things all reflect that age in horror, and Death House has many actors from that era. Why do you think it is a niche we all still enjoy?

Dee Wallace in Death House.

Dee Wallace in Death House.

HS: Director and actor Eli Roth said that the have-sex-and-die concept behind many of the ’80s slasher films was not as relevant today because millennials look at it and don’t get it. There was a study reported by the L.A. Times in an article by Melissa Batchelor Warnke saying that the millennial generation is the least sexually active, so that concept does not translate well. But at the time when Friday the 13th came around, it was a perfect storm of both liberal and conservative values. We had a very conservative administration with Reagan and yet, at the same time, we were known as the party generation. It was a weird flux of things coming together. So Friday the 13th had fun and parties with lots of boobs and tons of gore but with a moral lesson. See what happens when you fuck in the woods? Jason was like a walking STD. So the ’80s made us nostalgic for the ’50s, and now we look back to the ’80s. We are nostalgic for when we grew up. That is why, when making Death House, we always remembered that we were handling peoples memories and that is very important. The new generation gets to fall in love with it like we did. And with regards to the actors in Death House, they were all smart enough to choose great directors and projects that were just starting out, and their careers flourished from those collaborations so they are all still relevant today.

Death House - Kane Hodder arriving on set.

Kane Hodder arriving on the Death House set pictured with Harrison (dressed as an extra for the ward scene). The guy over his shoulder is producer Rick Finkelstein.

HoTS: I did some research on Holmesburg Prison, where you decided to film the movie. Some extremely monstrous things went on there. Any ghosts try to break into acting for the film?

HS: No, I did not experience anything myself. There were a few reports of the cameras acting wonky, but it was really cold there which probably contributed to that. The place itself was perfect for the mood though. There is a great book called Acres of Skin: Human Experiments At Holmesberg Prison 1998 by Allen Hornblum that tells all about the medical experiments and tortures that went on inside the prison. It really lent itself to what we were shooting. I remember when they gave us a tour and brought us into the warden’s office where he had his throat slit. Nothing paranormal happened but everyone was in tune with what had happened there. Dee Wallace said that it was sometimes overwhelming knowing that you were walking by cells where so much abject misery and torture had taken place. It is a building built on misery.

Harrison also wanted to make sure and give a shout out to the administration and the City of Philadelphia and especially the Philadelphia Police Department, who were more than gracious and just all-around wonderful people.

Death House set design by Joshua Reale.

Death House set design by Joshua Reale.

HoTS: My next question for Harrison was, as a director, what directors influence his work?

HS: Growing up, John Carpenter: Halloween, The Thing, They Live and Tommy Lee Wallace: IT, Halloween III, Fright Night II were major influences on me because they were accessible to me. I used to read Fangoria Magazine all the time and got a subscription to it. I used to read and devour the interviews and not just because of the pictures and oh! there making a sequel to Halloween and I want to see the blood and gore. They did an interview with John Carpenter and he talked about how he made movies and about finding a good crew and sticking with them. And I noticed for the first decade of John’s career he used a lot of the same people in front and behind the camera and that really made an impact on me because Carpenter was very much the founder of the guerilla film movement — that you get a camera, you go out there, and you shoot. That’s what you do, and that really inspired me as a filmmaker. I had a Super 8 silent Kodak camera, and I was learning. I was learning from those interviews in Fangoria and got a really strong base of knowledge. So if you look at my catalog of work so far, you will see many of the same faces. And if you read the credits, you will see a lot of the same names return time and time again. I bring them back because it is like putting the band back together, so to speak, which works for me because it becomes like production shorthand. I would also say Tom Holland of Fright Night and Psycho II fame was another influence because Psycho II made a big impact on me because of the script. I think it is one of the greatest sequels ever made and is very underrated. I wanted to hate it, but 30 minutes into the film I just fell in love with it. When it was over I walked out, called my family to let them know I would be late and went in to see it again. My film Camp Dread is a tip of the hat to Tom Holland. It was more like Psycho II than Friday the 13th.

Barbara Crampton in Death House.

Barbara Crampton in Death House.

HoTS: What is the theme for Death House?

HS: The whole pretext of Death House is evil is evil and good is good, but do they need each other? Because when you try to eradicate evil you are, at most, canceling out good as well. There is no need for good if there’s no need for evil. Bill Mosely has a great line in the film, “True evil is nothingness”. That is true hell. If we were to remove the Holocaust from history we would need a litmus test. Dee Wallace’s and Barbara Crampton’s characters think what they are doing is good. Look at the Nazis during the Holocaust. They didn’t think what they were doing was evil. Dee is like Nurse Ratched. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest as a social horror film was a snake pit. Louise Fletcher played it so well because there are real nurses like that. That is the banality of evil. How a modicum of power gives rise to abuse of said power. Are The Five Evils in Death House really evil compared to Dee’s character or Nurse Ratched? They aren’t Cenobites they are regular people like you run into in everyday life. How many times in your own life might you have come into contact with real killers? The Five Evils are normal looking people.

Death House - The Five Evils

Death House – The Five Evils: Vincent Ward, Vernon Wells, Bill Moseley, Lindsay Hartley, Michael Berryman.

The original script for Death House was penned by the incredible Gunnar Hansen, who is best known for playing the mentally-impaired cannibal Leatherface in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Gunnar left us on November 7th, 2015, from pancreatic cancer. His agent, Michael Eisenstadt, brought producers Rick Finkelstein and Steven Chase of Entertainment Factory to the screening of Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard to meet Harrison. Another writer had taken a stab at rewriting the script, but it turned into Texas Chainsaw meets Friday the 13th meets Saw, but that was not what Gunnar wanted. He did not want torture porn but a high concept horror film. Gunnar liked what Harrison did with it, so Harrison finished writing and then directed it. The actors were all there for their friend Gunnar and with Harrison collaborating with Gunnar before his death, I like to think of this as a love letter to an amazing man and actor that we lost too soon.

Gunnar Hansen, 4 March 4, 1947 – 7 November 2015

I was extremely honored to speak with Harrison Smith and pick his brain. To read more on Death House, I have included some links that come straight from the horse’s mouth. Harrison Smith’s Road To Death House articles.

Harrison with stunt coordinator Jaye Greene and his team.

Harrison with stunt coordinator Jaye Greene and his team.

Sean Whalen and Felissa Rose on the Death House set in LA.

Sean Whalen and Felissa Rose on the Death House set in LA.

I cannot even begin to express how excited I am to see this film. It has already won the audience choice award along with best feature film from the Central Florida Film Festival (CENFLO). MPAA said it was gritty, claustrophobic and a hell of a lot of fun. Harrison said it is like a roller coaster ride through a funhouse, and Kane Hodder said it was his favorite film he has worked on. So horror fans get ready for the ride of your life!

I have also included a link to a petition if you want Death House to come to a Regal Cinema near you. It is going to major theaters but I would like to see it in all of them.

So, from myself and the family at House of Tortured Souls, thank you again to the great Harrison Smith and everyone involved with Death House! And just remember readers… “Hell isn’t a word…it’s a sentence.”

Death House - Harrison, Yan Birch and Lauren Compton after filming in LA.

Harrison, Yan Birch, and Lauren Compton after filming Death House in LA.

RECAP: TWD, S08 E04: Some Guy

RECAP: TWD, S08 E04: Some Guy

OOOOH, MAN!!! What an episode!!! I do not recall an episode any more intense than the one Sunday night!!!
So now we come to King Ezekiel's mirror scene. LOL! We have seen one for so many of our other (some still with us) male characters. I was a bit set back because Ezekiel technically isn't on Rick's team, and he certainly is not a bad guy. I was hoping for a little bit more light in that room since the king was without his shirt and his hair was out of the way. 😉 I'm glad they showed us again how beloved Ezekiel is in The Kingdom and how obedient/loyal Shiva is to him.
Now back up to where we left off last week: the Kingdomians lying dead everywhere outside the warehouse where someone was sniping them off. Suddenly there is movement in the human pile we last saw the King being shoved into, The King is ALIVE!!! His leg is broken ( or perhaps that is a sprain), but other than that he is unscathed! Now comes the reality that all of his followers around him have perished, including Daniel (the red-headed knight) and that affects him deeply, so Ezekiel missed the timing on when he should have scooted to safer grounds. Instead, his shout awoke the dead. Now the King must escape his loved ones while his heart breaks and his leg aches.
Inside the warehouse, we catch up with Carol creeping down a spooky hallway (with a light flickering no less). More signs that the boogeyman has arrived. She discovers where the shots were coming from, and lo! and behold, the weapons that Rick and Daryl went after. Now what to do with all these silly Saviors. No problem for Carol, right?
Back to Ezekiel, who found one gun just in the nick of time to take out one Walker, then, ALAS out of bullets. Keep in mind that this is all happening as he a scooting around. He tries another gun and finds it completely out of bullets. The Walkers (his followers) are closing in on him... WOAH! Where did this guy come from? OH, thank goodness! Welp. that didn't last long. Hey, is that Weird Al? He cut his hair?!? :-O Okay, no... Well, at this angle, this Gunther fellow looks like Jim Carey. I dub him, 'Ace Ventura, Walker Detective'. As puny and pathetic as he may be, he certainly had no problems emotionally beating down the king. Gunther's words sunk Ezekiel into this pitiful pit, and you could actually see the light go out in his eyes.
YES, JERRY!!!!! Jerry is alive!!!Cooper Andrews as Jerry in The Walking Dead / Image: Gene Page.
There is hope!!! OOOOH, how we love Jerry! 😀 He loses his battle axe, but all of our heroes lose their weapons.
Now Carol is behind a vehicle getting gunned down yet again! You tense up and don’t even breathe as you watch. Not because you are frightened she will surely be gunned down, but because you want to see exactly how she works her way out of this situation. She didn't let us down. 🙂 OH, when she spotted Ezekiel and Jerry fighting off Walkers at the gate, though, her well-shit-what-do-I-do look appeared. Those weapons were of the utmost importance, yet the king and Jerry needed help. I was happy she chose to help her buddies but still shouted out, 'Damn!' And the truck drove off with the weapons. Then I heard the bike, even before they showed us that Carol heard the bike and her looked around to see where it was.
Finally, Daryl and Rick show up and take off after the truck.
The truck chase was intense! How do you protect yourself on a bike from gunfire? Luckily, baldy in the back of the truck with the weapons (while none of the Saviors at this point) cannot shoot worth a damn! Daryl does lose control and goes skidding to the shoulder, leaving Rick to get behind the truck for a chase. But wait!!! BOOYAH, fooled you! Rick swerves, and POW! There is Daryl back up on his bike and ready to take the shot. Hmm... Seems like he has no problems hitting his target. So we end up with Rick IN the truck and fighting the driver. I mean, DAMN! Rick gets the driver thrown out of the truck but swerves off the road and rolls down an embankment. Was all of that just for us to lose our hero??? As Daryl runs up to the guardrail and peers over at the truck below, we hear a voice say, 'hey', and see rustling in some weeds growing down the hill. Then out pops Rick - the man with 9 lives.
Speaking of which... 🙁 So back to Carol, Jerry, and Ezekiel trying to make it back on foot. Remember the King has injured his leg and is in agony. Carol leads them to a creek filled with Walkers, all looking like that melted face Walker we were wondering about.In the creek are rusty busted barrels of some type of toxic waste that has left these Walkers looking this way. The creek does not have much in the water department but certainly makes up for it in muddy goop, which makes it impossible for these poor Walkers to get out of the creek. And here it is where Ezekiel pleads for them to leave him and states that he is not worth saving. Jerry was close to tears as he yelled at Ezekiel that he is worth saving. Out of nowhere comes our furry hero to the rescue!! Shiva takes out walkers left and right and allows our pals to get across the creek bed. But it is here that we lose our darling little kitty. Shiva has troubles in the sludge and is easily taken down by a gang of Walkers. That truly was too much for Ezekiel. His whole character will be different now. The Kingdom will become something else as well.
RIP, Shiva.

MOVIE REVIEW: The Babysitter (2017)

MOVIE REVIEW: The Babysitter (2017)

The Babysitter All Boys Wish For But Shouldn't

Hello, I am the Horror Madam, and I am honored to be joining all of the amazing writers at House of Tortured Souls!
I thought it would be nice to start out here with a lighter horror film to get my feet wet, so I’m going to talk about a new dark comedy horror film called The Babysitter. It is a Netflix original film released this past October 2017, and it is only available on Netflix at this time.
Emily Alyn Lind and Judah Lewis in The Babysitter (2017) / Fair use doctrine.When The Babysitter starts out, it is reminiscent of a John Hughes movie: a nerdy young boy in glasses with a cute girl just waiting for the bus in front of their nice school. You realize quickly that this is not a normal boy going through puberty while pining for the girl next door, and when the girl's father pulls up in his bitchin' mid-life crisis hot rod and gives our young protagonist grief, you start to get curious. But it’s certainly not horrific. Yet.
Next, we see the boy, Cole, played by Judah Lewis (who, according to IMDb was a finalist to play Spider-Man but lost out to Tom Holland), riding home on his bike. Like you would see in any coming of age tale, Cole is harassed by some neighborhood bullies. Unlike other movies of that ilk, Cole is saved by his extremely beautiful babysitter, Bee, played by Austrailian actress Samara Weaving (who appeared in Mayhem and the amazing Ash vs The Evil Dead). You may be asking yourself, where have I heard that last name? Samara is the niece of the very talented Hugo Weaving from such great films as The Matrix and V for Vendetta. Good genes in that family.
Bee shows up with the sun shining on her making her look like a guardian angel sent from above and the song "Boys Wanna Be Her" by Peaches playing in the background, setting the stage for her character's persona. But what you see is what she wants you to see, hiding her true intentions. More on that in a moment because The Babysitter uses enough of its own foreshadowing.
Samara Weaving in The Babysitter (2017) (bikini) crop / Fair use doctrine.Now we start to see the relationship between Bee and Cole which includes a great dance scene and a short slow motion presentation of their time together including a great homage To Fast Times At Ridgemont High with Bee coming out of the pool in the same bikini that Phoebe Cates wore in said film. We also see a game that Cole made up about what would your Intergalactic Dream Team be when facing The Big Bad. Bee's answer is great and on point showing further that she is a young boy's wet dream.
Cole wants to see what happens when he goes to sleep and Bee's boyfriend comes over, so he pretends to sleep and slips down to see what is going on. There is a group of people with Bee, and they are mixing spin the bottle with a truth or dare game. This involves some very hot girl-on-girl kissing and movie quotes. Notably, one particular line involving Fredo from The Godfather. But I digress. The boyfriend in question is a teenage nerd who is very uncomfortable at the party. He is afraid to kiss Bee, but when she finally calms him down and kisses him it looks like the young man has entered bliss but that is when the madness ensues.Robbie Amell and Bella Thorne in The Babysitter (2017) / Fair use doctrine.
From that moment on, we see so many fun and extremely bloody deaths. And I am not kidding about the amount of blood, at one point I remember thinking that it reminded me of old Monty Python skits where copious amounts of blood just spurt and spurt and spurt again.
Warning: Spoilers
The Babysitter was written by Brian Duffield, who also penned Insurgent and Jane Got a Gun, and Directed by McG (also from Michigan), who is best known for one of the longest-running shows on TV, Supernatural. The parents are played by Leslie Bibb from Talladega Nights and Ken Marino from We Are the Millers and Role Models, who provide even more comic relief.
I really enjoyed this movie for its clever wit, great lines, monstrously bloody scenes, and a killer soundtrack, especially a climax scene with Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I hope I gave you enough insight without spoiling too much, I hate when reviewers do that. So with that, I leave you with the tagline "That dream girls can be a nightmare". Or maybe they are just the Big Bad.
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MOVIE (SHORT) REVIEW: Megrim (2016) at Shriekfest

MOVIE (SHORT) REVIEW: Megrim (2016) at Shriekfest

Megrim (2016)

Venue: Shriekfest

Director: Stuart Valberg; Writer: Stuart Valberg; Stars: Max Physer, Pascal Yen-Pfister; Rating: UNK; Run Time: 13 min; Genre: Short, Comedy, Horror; Country: USA; Language: English; Year: 2016
Hello, this is your fiendish reporter reviewing the entries from the Shreikfest horror film festival, 5-8 October 2017. The next film is entitled Megrim written and directed by Stuart Valberg. An unnamed artist (Pascal Yen-Pfister) wants to create a masterpiece, but instead of using oil paints, he decides to choose an unknown man (Max Physer) to donate his blood. From frame one, it's clear that director Stuart Valberg has a nice visual flare, drenching the film with mood and tension. His use of tightly framed medium shots gives an almost unbearable feeling of dread and claustrophobia as does his use of atmospheric lighting. I really enjoyed the stripped down one room stage feel, and its simple and effective plot is clearly having a bit of fun with films like Saw (the artist's reasons seem very Jigsaw-like). This, indeed, is where this short shines, as it is eerie and moody yet has a dark sense of humor which makes it more interesting than a simple bloodbath. The film is just two actors, and both do a fantastic job. Actor Pascal Yen Pfister really shines in this film, and he plays with the razor-thin line of having fun with the role yet not going too hammy and he walks the line brilliantly. While I enjoyed Megrim, I really wished it would have pushed the black comedy just a little further while also providing a little more cat and mouse between the two very talented actors. However, this leads me to my next point, which is that (and I rarely say this with shorts) with some clever writing, I feel like this could easily be translated into a full feature. With a great sense of style and solid writing, Valberg provides an interesting darkly comic spin on the torture porn sub-genre and does it with skill and that will no doubt take him incredibly far as a writer-director.
Michael Vaughn is a cult film historian and has been featured in magazines such as Scream (UK) and Fangoria as well as websites like Films in Review. Currently, he has a book coming out entitled The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema due out in November, 2017.
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MOVIE (SHORT) REVIEW: Tethered (2017) at Shriekfest

MOVIE (SHORT) REVIEW: Tethered (2017) at Shriekfest

Tethered (2017)

Venue: Shriekfest

Director: Daniel Robinette; Writers: Daniel Robinette, Jeff Cox, Aaron Sorgius, Kayla Stuhr, Jeremy Tassone; Stars: Jared Cook, Grace Mumm, Kayla Stuhr; Rating: UNK; Run Time: 12 min; Genre: Short, Drama, Horror; Country: USA; Language: English; Year: 2017
Hello, again, your fiendish reporter here giving you the low down on the films from Shriekfest. This time we are looking at a short by Daniel Robinette entitled Tethered. A blind boy named Solomon (Jared Cook) is left by his mother in a harsh land. He is tethered to a rope and left a recording by mother explaining the rules on how to survive, the most important being to never ever go beyond the rope. Daniel Robinette turns out a wonderfully bleak yet beautiful horror short that takes a simple premise and milks it for everything its got and then some. He builds a world that is steeped in reality yet has an otherworldly feeling and features a finale that is oh so effective. Cinematographer and co-writer Aaron Sorgius paints an eerie and gorgeous picture with his camera and the location and sweeping camera shots really give this short a more epic and wider scope. Jared Cook does an incredible job and, with little to no dialogue, gives a stellar, almost silent star-like performance. Equally great is Kayla Stuhr in a short but unnerving role. I was really impressed with what Robinette was able to pull off with a paper-thin plot and modest budget. It just goes to prove my point that a scary movie can be made without flashy gimmicks or buckets of blood. And it's refreshing to see a crop of new horror filmmakers that are focusing on plot and visuals to tell a story instead of falling back on tired clichés. Tethered is a tension-filled harrowing and creepy short and I would love to see this expanded into a full feature film.
Michael Vaughn is a cult film historian and has been featured in magazines such as Scream (UK) and Fangoria as well as websites like Films in Review. Currently, he has a book coming out entitled The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema due out in November, 2017.
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RECAP: TWD, S08 E02: The Damned

RECAP: TWD, S08 E02: The Damned

Talking about coming out the gate swinging :O Well shooting, not so much swinging.Morgan, from The Walking Dead
Okay, so where the hell are both sides getting all this ammo?!?!?!? Good Lort, that gunfight went on forever!!!
Jesus, Tara, Morgan, and their team were incredible at being stealth. That procedure was awesome! I am thrilled to see them pull off more thought through operations, and they definitely have an advantage when it comes to brains.
Well, nice meeting you, Mara, oh, bye, Mara. That bite to the throat was some Walker foreplay y’all. And is Rick and Daryl at satellite building with Tara and the crew? Or another location? Did I miss something?
Morgan is incredible! He did have a point when he said he doesn't die. Mercy! When he was clearing the wing of the building!! I certainly need Morgan over next time I play COD. That brings back fond memories of meme I made that seems so long ago now. When Morgan came to Aaron and Daryl's rescue with nothing but a stick, I said, “Captain Morgan to the rescue!” Say how crazy he is all you want, he is still alive, he is still badass, he is still my Captain Morgan!!
Why was the Walker in the woods’ skin melting off? I mean that was skin dripped onto his shirt as well, right? His face certainly was melting off. And this slight grin Carol has when Ezekiel speaks - the King makes Carol's Shiva purr. 😉
OH, FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS!!! #Eyeroll Jesus is now too much Morgan with the all-life-is-precious attitude. Even when he is karate kicking the bad guy. Yeah, Morgan has moved too. That Dean definitely needed to be taken down. And how funny it is a savior who pisses his pants when Negan was asking if Rick and his team pissed their pants yet when meeting Negan? I don't ever recall agreeing with Tara before (certainly didn't with the handling of Oceanview) but she was definitely right when it came to taking down Dean right then and there.
Oh, hey, was anyone missing seeing Rick in a fistfight? That was a bunch of rolling, punching, slinging into furniture (speaking of which, I LOL at how that shelf broke) strangling, and sweat running into eyes. But, oh my heart, when Rick found little Gracie. OMG, what a stab to the heart! Gracie's daddy was just there to take care of his baby, that is a tough one to take in.
Oh, hey, there is Morales. :O In our group chat, all I could do was keep on typing, “OMG”. What has happened? WHHYYYYY is he there? Where is his family? Why is he on the wrong team man???? AAAAWWWWW will Eric make it? 🙁
Will Eric make it?
Season 8 is certainly going to be one hell of a ride. See y'all next week.Jerry, The Walking Dead
VIDEO PODCAST: HoTS LIVE at BloodShed Farms Fear Fest, 28 Oct 17

VIDEO PODCAST: HoTS LIVE at BloodShed Farms Fear Fest, 28 Oct 17

Last night House of Tortured Souls creators John and Stephanie Ann Roisland spent the evening at BloodShed Farms Fear Fest in Columbus, NJ, just off 295. For those who don't know, BloodShed Farms is a popular haunt in the Jersey horror scene and home of The Circus Rejects.
As John and Steph set the mood, a few folks stop by to say, "Hello".

Later, John tells of his visit to BloosShed farms after attending a Circus Rejects wedding and shows off some HoTS gear (most available at TeePublic).

Jim Reed,
co-owner of BloodShed Farms, speaks with John about haunts, haunting, and BloodShed Farms.

Isaac the Living Doll, one of the actors at BloodShed Farms, stops by the HoTS table.

Psych, a friend and special guest, stops by to impart some wisdom to all tortured souls out there.

House of Tortured Souls LIVE at BloodShed Farms Fear Fest concludes as John thanks everyone for inviting HoTS and allowing us to be part of the 2017 Halloween horror scene in Jersey.

Please head on over to our YouTube channel and subscribe. If we hit 100, we can properly name ourselves and more easily distribute the content you want to see.
If you like the merchandise you saw or want to see what else we have to offer, head on over to TeePublic and pick up some HoTS gear.
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HAUNTED LOCATIONS: Walking with Ghosts on the Dark Side of Durango, CO

HAUNTED LOCATIONS: Walking with Ghosts on the Dark Side of Durango, CO

What family vacation would be complete without a local ghost tour to attend? Not ours! While staying up in Purgatory Resort and visiting nearby Durango, Colorado, I researched the ghostly happenings of the area because that’s just how I roll. The amount of paranormal activity in this area is phenomenal; however, there were few true hosts of such a venture in Durango. In fact, there are quite a few experiences mentioned in reviews for places such as the haunted mines up in Silverton, which is a nearby town, or even the Strater Hotel, built in 1887 directly on railroad tracks, in downtown Durango where guests claim to have had more than their fill of ghostly encounters. Wanting to stick to the local Durango area, however, I was a bit disappointed when visiting the good ol’ Diamond Belle Saloon, a ragtime piano bar connected to this infamous Strater Hotel, where I asked the young waitress dressed as a nostalgic saloon girl if it is true that the Strater Hotel is haunted. I was told in no uncertain yet clearly rehearsed terms that, “The only spirits we serve are behind the bar.” Fortunately, I was given the explanation of this standard response plus plenty more when my family went on the Ghost Walk Durango tour led by Mr. Joe Nelson on the tour of all tours!
Just as the website ( mentions, we began this guided walking tour through 140 years at the Old Durango High School, where we learned that a young man hung himself and continues to haunt the school, moving furniture around and even strategically arranging and stacking large buckets left unattended by custodians for mere minutes. Did I mention that this stacking of buckets had occurred only days before our tour? Many staff continue to hear the sounds of footsteps in this old school only to see no one upon investigation. This tour was already sounding promising.Durango High School, Durango, CO
My ultimate favorite stop of them all was at the original Day family house where all of the children suddenly died from the measles in the summer of 1888. Mrs. Day was so distraught that she hung herself after her children’s passing. Thereafter, her husband went crazy and was eventually admitted to a psychiatric ward. The house stood empty for years and the family who eventually restored it left after a few years. Since then, however, no family is known to have occupied that home for more than a few months. This is because Mrs. Day doesn’t appreciate newcomers to her home. She has been known to yell at children, “Get out of my house!” In the past, her own children often played with the children occupying the house, even getting them into trouble for leaving a mess. Our tour guide, Mr. Joe Nelson, has his own personal experiences with his children being visited as well. It seems Mr. and Mrs. Day’s children prefer to play with older more traditional toys over modern toys and have been known to knock them off the table and stack their favorite Lincoln Logs in their place. By far, the most fascinating stop on this tour, in my opinion.Day Family House, Durango, CO
Another ghastly stop was at Mrs. Amy’s home now known as Hood Mortuary. In 1883, this house was occupied by Mrs. Amy whose three children died from cholera and were then followed by their mother, who is said to have died from a broken heart. The upstairs ballroom was a special place for the family, and Mrs. Amy doesn’t like when furniture is moved around. Owners say any time something is repositioned within the room, crying can be heard as well as a rocking chair moving quickly as though in agitation. Though the actual Hood family no longer runs the mortuary business, the present business owners kept the Hood name and continue to do business right in the middle of the neighborhood. I’m sure it goes without saying what that means. Creepy stop, to say the least.Hood Mortuary
Hood Mortuary, signAnother eerie spot is at a home that was once a courtroom with a jail in the basement. This place is known for having three men running back into their cells before being caught chatting it up while playing a hand at poker on the back porch. Dark shadows and strong pungent smells of cigars are a norm for this location. Contractors are known for having all of their workers suddenly quit with no warning after finding tools inexplicably moved in various locations within the house or even missing entirely. Tile workers are said to have found all of their stacked tiles strategically placed in round patterns on the floor. Needless to say, jobs just never seem to be completed in that home, and owners tend to leave from fear and annoyance before long.Home that was a courtroom with a jail beneath, Durango, CO
Possibly the most intriguing story came from the Rochester Hotel. A naked lady apparently makes appearances here, even having visited a Mr. John Wayne, in and near room 204. You may have heard of him before. (Wink wink). He turned down the lady’s sultry advances and claims that her form, which was just as fleshy as you or I and dressed in lingerie, simply disintegrated into thin air. This is a popular destination spot, especially around Halloween time where guests book this room in advance, hoping to having their own paranormal experience, perhaps of a sensual persuasion.Rochester Hotel, Durango, CO
About that Strater Hotel, we had quite a delicious meal at the Diamond Belle Saloon while sitting on the upstairs balcony listening to the piano player. The gunfight reenactment was also quite entertaining, and Mr. Joe Nelson informed us that despite the many paranormal events experienced by people who visit this venue, upon being employed, the staff is believed to sign a contract specifically stating that no mention of any ghostly occurrences can be discussed with patrons. Nonetheless, that doesn’t make it true, but it certainly explains our waitress’ quick response to our inquiry with a gleam in her eye.Diamond Belle Saloon, Exterior
Diamond Belle Saloon, InteriorDespite the modern novelties, herbal venues, outdoor activities, and delicious breweries bustling in Durango, Colorado, a layer of historical nuance and paranormal allure adds an air of mystery that begs to be aroused. Definitely a wonderful vacation destination for the adventurous soul or any soul for that matter.
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