Atroz (2015)

Atroz: A Look Inside One of the Most Disturbed Films in History [SPOILERS]

Translated into English, atroz means atrocious, and that is exactly what we get out of Lex Ortega’s film Atroz. Set in Mexico and beginning with the police arresting two men who while driving drunk ran over a girl and killed her, one of the officers finds a camcorder. The film switches to found footage of the two men stalking a transvestite prostitute. It needs to be noted here that this film pulls no punches whatsoever. You quickly find out watching the footage these two deviants created that they are both incredibly hateful. Once they can get her alone, they knock her out and take her to a storage unit where they begin to torture her.

Atroz (2015)This is where I began to realize that this film wasn’t joking with its title being Atrocious. First, the men brutally beat this woman to the point that her face is just an unrecognizable mess of blood and gore. Whilst plenty of films have brutal beatings, Ortega takes it to a much more personal level by strapping the camera to the wrist of the man beating the prostitute. It will certainly make your stomach curl some when you see and hear the impact of the punches. Pausing at points, the men make sure to wipe the blood off the camera so that they can continue clearly filming every punch.

Atroz (2015)The sadism of these two deviants takes another turn when one of them takes out a pocket knife and slashes open one of the transvestite’s breasts pulling what seems to be silicone out of it. Certainly a nice toe-curler and, one might say, unique. Of course their depravity knows no bounds and to further torment the woman, one man unzips his pants and urinates over the open gash where her breast once was. While part of me wishes that I could say that this is the most extreme and fucked up that this film gets, I would be completely wrong.

Before continuing on, I must say that I found the approach that Ortega used to tell his story rather refreshing. After the camcorder is found, the film switches between the footage that the police continue to find throughout their investigation back to the present to show us how the police are handling the two deviants in question. Apparently, after the first tape, the police decided to treat these individuals like they had treated their victim, and the police begin to torture the two criminals.

Atroz (2015)Fast forward a bit and we hit the point that I think raises it to be one of the most extreme films to date. Finding another videotape, we watch as a father assaults his teenage son for being a homosexual. This quickly escalates to the father throwing his son down on the bed and anally raping him in front of his wife and daughter. At this point, after a few minutes of this act of sodomy, the footage skips to another point where the son has recovered and to say he’s angry would be an understatement. Beating his father and holding him at gunpoint, the son forces his mother to wear a strap-on dildo that is wrapped in barbed wire. The cinematography gets interesting at this point as we get to experience this boy force his mother to sodomize his father to death. The reason that I say it gets interesting is the point of view is switched to the strap-on as it begins to tear through the father’s anal and rectal cavities.

Atroz (2015)

There are certainly other atrocities to be seen in Atroz, but for me to reveal all of them to you, the reader, would be an injustice if you ever do decide to take the plunge and watch this film. As a fan of the extreme, I must say that Atroz shocked, disgusted, and even outraged me at points. The brutality alone certainly earns it the adage of being the goriest film in Mexico. Due to all of the things I mentioned, I would probably be remiss if I did not warn anyone who desires to view Atroz that it is not a film that you will quickly forget. In fact, it will ingrain itself upon your mind and soul. All of that having been said though, IF you have the stomach for it, watch it and let me know what you think. I’ll certainly be viewing it again!

Atroz will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD this week on February 13th and can be purchased from Unearthed Films.

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