COMING SOON: TWD 100th Episode on Oct 22, 2017

COMING SOON: TWD 100th Episode on Oct 22, 2017

In seven days (“Seven days…”), The Walking Dead Season 8 will start out with their 100th episode.
It did take a long time for us to get here, us DeadHeads have to suffer a longer break than normal shows, then there’s this mid-season break to go through. I mean SHIT.
In anticipation of the event, AMC released these videos:

Melissa McBride, Danai Gurira, and Lauren Cohan from the cast of The Walking Dead photographed exclusively for Entertainment Weekly by Art Streiber on June 24, 2017, in Senoia Georgia. / Styling: Elaine Montalvo / Prop Styling: John Sanders / Costumers: Mia Nunnally, Derrick Vener
Season 8 will also be the beginning of war between Rick and ‘the good guys’ and Negan and ‘The Saviors’. Season 7 ended with Shiva, a tiger (YEAH, a TIGER!) jumping in and saving the day and ripping Saviors apart! I have waited so long to hear Negan’s response to Shiva! I can’t wait how he puts that in words. There was also that moment when we saw in Rick’s eyes that he got his balls back, wasn’t submissive at all and calmly told Negan he would kill him! OMG that quickly became my favorite scene of all time!!  I am so ready for the war to begin. The show was already suspenseful, not it will be pretty damn close to unbearable! So much to take in! So many emotions to go through, I personally am creating new cuss words to shout at the screen during the first episode of season 8!
Through the years, Entertainment Weekly has put out some incredible photos of the cast before the newest season. This coming season is my absolute favorite!
Image: Entertainment WeeklyAndrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, from the cast of The Walking Dead photographed exclusively for Entertainment Weekly by Art Streiber on June 24, 2017 in Senoia Georgia. / Styling: Elaine Montalvo / Prop Styling: John Sanders / Costumers: Mia Nunnally, Derrick Vener
Image: Entertainment WeeklyMelissa McBride from the cast of The Walking Dead photographed exclusively for Entertainment Weekly by Art Streiber on June 24, 2017, in Senoia Georgia. / Styling: Elaine Montalvo / Prop Styling: John Sanders / Costumers: Mia Nunnally, Derrick Vener
Image: Entertainment WeeklyNorman Reedus, from the cast of The Walking Dead photographed exclusively for Entertainment Weekly by Art Streiber on June 24, 2017, in Senoia Georgia. / Styling: Elaine Montalvo / Prop Styling: John Sanders / Costumers: Mia Nunnally, Derrick Vener
Image: Entertainment WeeklyDanai Gurira as Michonne from The Walking Dead / Image: Entertainment Weekly
Image: Entertainment WeeklyAndrew Lincoln from the cast of The Walking Dead photographed exclusively for Entertainment Weekly by Art Streiber on June 24, 2017, in Senoia Georgia. / Styling: Elaine Montalvo / Prop Styling: John Sanders / Costumers: Mia Nunnally, Derrick Vener
Photo Credit: Alan Clarke/AMC / Entertainment WeeklyAustin Amelio as Dwight – The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Gallery – Photo Credit: Alan Clarke/AMC
Image: Entertainment WeeklyAndrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, from the cast of The Walking Dead photographed exclusively for Entertainment Weekly by Art Streiber on June 24, 2017 in Senoia Georgia. / Styling: Elaine Montalvo / Prop Styling: John Sanders / Costumers: Mia Nunnally, Derrick Vener
COMING SOON: American Horror Story: Cult (5 September 2017)

COMING SOON: American Horror Story: Cult (5 September 2017)

A Look At American Horror Story: Cult

Okay, okay, okay – American Horror Story: Cult is coming! So, with this last trailer they have released, I have put together that a political figure (with shady past, looks like she murdered someone) has a fear of clowns, someone a tad upset over the murder is out for revenge and royal pisses in her fruit loops!
I had to blurt that our first. Many of my fellow AHS fans having been wondering if the clowns in the sneak peeks were a representation of the circus act going on in the White House. I say YEP, but they do pull off the clown plot in the story.
For example, this poster could easily be seen as all the red states and a lone blue in the mix. And I did pick up on the hints of a hive-like cult suggestion from that poster of the female clown with skull open and a bee hive where a brain should be and the beehive pattern of the background. In one of the trailers, a mass of bees fly out the mouth of the clown at center of circle.

And the symbol, sometimes it is unclear as to how many sides it has, could easily be the Pentagon (maybe Sarah works there), but it’s sometimes shown in the trailers more as symbol of beehive.
From the commercials, it seems more put together than “Roanoke”, and with much more Evan Peters (for that fact alone, you have my full attention ;-)), so already more people are interested in this season! I do not have Coulrophobia personally but tons do, so this season will certainly keep many peeking at the TV screen from under a blanket while holding tightly onto their teddy bear. An absolutely brilliant move by Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchak! Fans did, after all, shout out their disappointment in “Roanoke”.
I, myself, was not a fan of the show until the trailer for season 5. Lady Gaga walking down a creepy hotel hallway as a Countess had me hooked! I’m not even a fan of Lady Gaga, but that scene was absolutely perfect, and I was dying to see if she pulled the role off as she appeared to be perfect for it. I soon after started a Facebook group for the show Fans of AHS. We have group chat during the airing of each show, and all mention of that episode is kept in the chat until two days after because our friends across the pond do not get to watch the same day as those of us in the US. I was thrilled for the most part, the ending of that season did disappoint me, and I was ‘meh’ for several scenes, but I did binge shortly after starting the group. I loved “Murder House” and “Coven” was pretty good as well. “Asylum” and “Freak Show”, however, could not capture my attention. I do love Twisty though. 🙂 I will speak more of him in an upcoming clown article I have planned for House of Tortured Souls. I quickly discovered I am in love with Evan Peters! I am aware that so are thousands of others, but I will warn you I am a big gal and stubborn AF.
For the most part, I love American Horror Story. We certainly needed a horror show, and we most definitely needed one that switched it up every season. I am LOVING the clowns in the trailers. They look phenomenal (and appear to be scary as hell – especially for those with a fear of clowns), and their cult dances set up the anticipation nicely, and I have my finger crossed that they pull it off smoothly and AHS: Cult be my new favorite season. 🙂
American Horror Story: Cult premieres on 5 September 2017, so get your snacks and security blanket ready – and happy viewing!
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PREVIEW: Stranger Things, Season 2

PREVIEW: Stranger Things, Season 2

Like most of you horror junkies, you have a huge monkey on your back and that monkey is named Stranger Things. For those of you living under a rock, the mega hit Stranger Things is a series that masterfully fuses pulse pounding horror and humor, all wrapped in a warm blanket of 80s nostalgia. And now us hooked rabid fans must wait until October before we get more ST goodness. But just to keep us semi-slated a brand-new trailer was premiered at SDCC.

The New Cast:

Along with the returning cast we are in for an array of new faces joining the upside down! Sean Astin: This one is pretty cool bit of casting considering Sean Astin was an original Goonies member. His character will be Bob Newby a boy from Joyce’s (Winona Ryder) past who just so happens to manage the local RadioShack. Another genius stroke because not only does this play into the sci-fi tech angle of the show, but it offers another sadly bygone slice of 80s culture.


Spoiler title

About Paul Reiser…

And now from a former Goonies to a fellow Aliens cast member, Paul Reiser joins the gang. It’s not known whom he will be playing apart from a high ranking member of the shadowy front known as Department of Energy. Its sounds like his character will be similar from Aliens. It is unclear at this point if Reiser will be indeed a villain or a hero and the actor has been understandably tight-lipped on the subject.
Other new cast members include Linnea Berthlesen, Brian Gelman, Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery. The little info me know thus far: Spoiler Free. Creators and show runners the Duffer Brothers told Entertainment Weekly that this season will be more James Cameron inspired (echoing the casting choice of Paul Reiser). It is also said to reveal more info about the upside down and the creatures within it. Rumors have it the fright factor will also be getting amped up leaving many of us fans even that more excited about it.
I guess I’ll have to be happy with new Rick and Morty to keep my inner nerd child happy until I can get my Netflix fix.
Stranger Things season 2 will premiere on Netflix October 27, 2017.
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TV: Blood Drive (2017)

TV: Blood Drive (2017)

With their newest offering Blood Drive, the SyFy Channel makes the jump onto the horror series bandwagon by adding their own dark, twisted, and yet hip show to the mix.
Everyone who knows me also knows that I’m not much of a TV person. I’ve always been a movie kind of guy. Over the past few years, yes, I will admit there have been some very appealing shows. Bates Motel, The Exorcist, Ash vs Evil Dead, and Hellavator – very entertaining and I loved the concept of the show, and, most recently, American Gods.
Plus, I love seeing that more and more horror style shows are coming to the surface. It proves that horror is alive and well! When I first heard of Blood Drive and saw that it was a SyFy Channel series, I swore I heard taps playing far off in the distance. To me, the SyFy Channel (no offense to anyone), seems to put out the worst original shows ever made. They’re just pure low budget, badly acted piles of shit! Many people actually eat those kind of shows up, and more power to you, but they’re not for me.
Then I then saw the trailer for Blood Drive, and I have to admit that I was really taken by the quality of what I saw – good looking quality, great looking quality actually, high action, acting looking passable, and BLOOD…lots of blood!!!
The premise of Blood Drive is a race where people are forced to participate. Once the race has begun, it’s win or die. There’s a catch, you see, because the cars are fueled with human blood. So it is not only a race; it’s a race to stay alive as the blood that fuels your ride is that of your competitors.

The Blood Drive Facebook page calls it the “BLOODIEST SHOW ON EARTH” and welcomes all perverts, nymphos, freaks, and felons while also proclaiming , “finally a show for cannibals and psychopaths”!
I must admit that the show looks pretty damn good…kind of a Death Race, The Road Warrior, and The Fast and the Furious got together in an ugly threesome and the result was this bastard child. The show has a deliberate grindhouse feel to it as well. I like that! Who knows? Maybe this will be the SyFy show to win me over.
The show premiered Wednesday, June 14th, so check back Sunday for a review from Brenda Wilder Antlitz.
*Editor’s Note: We will have a review of Blood Drive soon and apologize for the misunderstanding.
-Woofer McWooferson, Editor-in-Chief
Keep It Evil
Blood Drive / Fair use doctrine.
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SERIES OVERVIEW: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return (2017)

SERIES OVERVIEW: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return (2017)

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return

This review might seem a bit out of nowhere for a horror site, but Mystery Science Theater 3000 is something near and dear to the hearts of many hardcore horror fans simply because we’ve all had to suffer through bad movies with our friends.
We’ve all been there, particularly if you lived through the video rental era. You’d wander the aisles for upwards of an hour, reading the backs of boxes, looking for the perfect movie to watch. You would grab a pizza and a few refreshing cold beverages, get home, pop in the movie and immediately be disappointed with your carefully selected choice of films. It happens, but you’d suffer through it anyway, because money was spent and you weren’t about to let that crappy movie win.
I’m a bit shocked that some of the people I watched movies with back then are still my friends considering how many bad movies I made them watch. At this point I would like to formally apologize to my friend John for making him suffer through all those dreadful movies. Notice I said that I would LIKE to apologize; I’m not actually going to because those memories are some of the best of my formative years.
Which brings me to my point. Mystery Science Theater 3000 isn’t just a movie watching experience; it’s more like a bonding experience. You feel a kinship, not just with the host and his companions, but with everyone who has ever suffered through a bad movie.
I’ll admit that when I first heard that Joel Hodgson was trying to reboot Mystery Science Theater 3000, I was skeptical. As much as I loved the show, I really didn’t think it was still relevant in today’s society of 140-character Twitter humor, Fail Army videos, and tasteless memes. That, and the fact that it’s closing on 20 years since the show appeared on television.
Surprisingly, the new incarnation is every bit as good as the older version. Mind you, it’s not the same show. It’s the next step in the progression of the show. An evolution. Everything about it is new. It’s much more polished with better visuals in some areas, and the old school, homemade feel in others.
Kinga Forrester and Max aka TV's Son of TV's Frank / Fair use doctrine.The story plays out the same way as the old one. Evil mad scientists Kinga Forrester (Felicia Day), and her assistant, TV’s Son of TV’s Frank, aka Max (Patton Oswalt), trap some poor, likable dope — Jonah Heston (Jonah Ray) — on the far side of the moon and force him to watch bad movies with his robot pals.
Even though Day and Oswalt do a great job as the new “Mads”, I don’t think their characters are fully developed at this point. They seem almost TOO competent compared to Clayton and Pearl Forrester. And while both are colorful and entertaining, they seem a bit generic. As a big fan of both, I’m hoping that both can embrace their respective roles and make them unique and interesting characters in future seasons.
Jonah and the bots / Fair use doctrine.Jonah Ray does a superb job filling the shoes of the hosts before him. No small feat. (Get it? Shoes, Feet. HaHaHaHa!) considering that Joel Hodgson and Mike Nelson had two distinctly different styles. He’s not just filling the shoes in though, he’s doing a great job of making the role his own. And although the voices of Crow and Tom Servo have changed slightly, Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn pick up almost seamlessly from Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy regarding the character and delivery of their respective robots.
The riffing in the theater segments is fast and concise right out of the gate, with lots of references to current events as well as throwbacks to some of the classic episodes. Just like the old show, the diverse range of topics give the new shows a great amount of re-watchability.
The host segments are lively and fun, although it’s easy to tell that Ray, Yount, and Vaughn haven’t quite mastered their on-screen chemistry. That sort of thing will come together over time, though.
Also, the addition of some big-name celebrities and a few familiar old faces dropping by on occasion gives the viewers an added treat. I’d tell you a few right now, but it’s more fun to be surprised by it.
Overall, it’s a faithful continuation of the series if you’re an old fan of the show, and it’s a great introduction if you’re a newbie.
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RECAP: TWD, S07 Finale: The Ones Who Live

RECAP: TWD, S07 Finale: The Ones Who Live

HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!! WHAT AN ENDING!!!!!!!
Okay, so, OH MY GOD!!! Sooooo much just happened! I hope y’all were buckled in! I mean, did I say WOW?!?!?!
Let’s start off with Daryl and Dwight. What was it that stopped Daryl from stabbing Dwight right in that eye??? I mean the way he was shaking, and Tara coaching him on to do it! Why didn’t he at least beat him unconscious? So Dwight tells them the Saviors are coming to Alexandria and that he will set up an ambush. Oh yeah? Interesting!
As Dwight is leaving, Daryl tells Rick that when it is all over he will kill Dwight anyway.
We keep seeing Sasha in the dark, sweating, listening to music, and mumbling. Soon we learn what she is mumbling was her last conversation with Abe. Now back to her in Daryl’s cell and Negan compromising with her about how many of her team he will kill. He started with three but since Sasha has him ‘wrapped around her finger’, he agrees to only one. So Sasha agrees to climb into this coffin and head to Alexandria with the Saviors for an all out war. Sasha does take the suicide pill. SHIT we lost our sniper! But I understood her, she had lost so many people she loved.
Maggie has taken over! YES!!!! And she is going to take her crew to Alexandria for the war!! Hey there’s Judith!! Look at her standing on her own.
OMG, LOOOOK AT CAROL. 😮 It’s nice to see her in full Kingdom gear,and heading into war. AHA and here is Morgan (also in gear-Benjamin’s gear). Ezekiel has him one hell of a speech, and Morgan joins the crowd and heads to Alexandria.
The Scavengers show up at Alexandria, in dump truck and on bicycles. LOL. Now Jadis knocks me off the couch when she tells Michonne that she will sleep with Rick after the battle is over. GIRL, LMAO!
Look who is leading in the Saviors – our one and only Eugene!! On a damn megaphone.
Eugene says he’s trying one last time, before it is too late, for Rick and the crew to surrender. Rick nods to Tara for her to blow them (Eugene included) to smithereens. AHOH, problem there is the Scavengers double-crossed our team (unhooked the dynamite), and when the dynamite does not go off, the Scavengers turn their guns at our team while the Saviors come in.
When Negan pops open Sasha’s coffin, of course she is a Walker, and goes for Negan. OH she was so close!!! Shit! She got him knocked off that trailer, though. That was pretty nice!
Carl takes the first shot!!! LOVE that kid!!! War begins! The whole time Jadis has her gun still pointed at Rick and standing statue still. They get in an argument, Jadis shoots Rick in the side and kicks him over the scaffolding. AGAIN she is pushing him down!! WTF is up with her pushing Rick down heights like these??
Now Michonne is in a fight with a dumbass on the roof of one of the houses. This blonde Scavenger has the audacity to bash Michonne’s face into the floor of the balcony they are on and Michonne is looking pretty beat! They manage to get around so that Michonne is halfway over the railing, eye swollen shut, blood everywhere! Back to Jadis, taking Rick to Negan. Carl in on his knees again and many Saviors are standing there with Negan waiting for Rick to join them and the show begin. While Rick and Carl are knelt down, Negan tells Rick that he is going to kill Carl (even though he likes Carl) and off in the distance they hear a woman scream and see someone fall from the roof of a house. Negan finds this pleasurable, and enjoys teasing him about losing his woman. Rick tells Negan again that he will kill him. OMG, the nose to nose stare down. OMG, Rick once again, having balls as big as Negan’s!!! That made my night!!!! I thought you could not get any better than. Then Negan prepares to take our Carl with Lucille. Negan pulls back to whack Carl and TADA SHHHIIIIIVVVVVAAAAAA !!!! Shiva suddenly appears and leaps and latches onto her first victim. I was screaming and clapping and jumped off the couch!! My dogs came in to check on me and make sure everything was alright. Couldn’t be better!!!
Look who Shiva brought with her. 🙂 Carol is home!!! And so is Kung-Fu Morgan!! And look Ezekiel is also kicking ass! LOVE!!!! So much goodness happening at once! IT was so awesome!!!!
Maggie’s speech was so touching! And look she has her father’s watch. It’s so sweet!!
Rick and Carl walk to the house Michonne was on. There is a lady on the ground but it’s not Michonne. They find her in the house, pretty beat up. BUT SHE IS ALIVE!!!!! This episode gave me so many anxiety attacks!!!
As the finale ends, we see Daryl finds a wooden soldier at the gate. On the back of it reads ‘Didn’t Know’. WHO DIDN’T KNOW??? THEY DIDN’T KNOW WHAT???? Yeah, THANX, for yet another cliffhanger.
This has got to be the more exciting finale ever! It was so thrilling! I did not see the Scavengers double crossing the gang. I don’t know why the hell Dwight even bothered to go to Alexandria anyway. It’s not like he learned some big secret while he was there. And I also did not think the Saviors would retreat like that. Then again there was a damn tiger!!!! And a Carol!
So I will see ya (sort of) in October, folks.
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RECAP TWD: S07E15, Something They Need

RECAP TWD: S07E15, Something They Need

WELP, Tara’s secret lasted like a week. LOL. Seriously, how long was she back in Alexandria? I have another question…with that many in the boat on their way to Oceanside, who is left guarding Alexandria? Who is watching Judith?
Speaking of watching, thank God Gregory was around to protect Maggie while she dug up the blueberry bush!! Right? ROFL!! Did anyone ever believe that Gregory could hold his own? That he ever killed a Walker? HA. Gregory went from having a complete Shane to complete Eugene! Hell at least Eugene has killed Walkers. He even managed to kill some in a completely bad-ass manner! Remember the firetruck hose? Gregory doesn’t seemed to have taken the point of some of his residents pointing out they never believed he could handle a Walker. So he’s going on a little trip huh? #ByeGregory
Okay, back to the Oceanside SeaWalkers!! Walkers covered in seaweed and barnacles, looking like they just step off the set of the new Pirates of the Caribbean!
HOLD UP! Check out Daryl speaking again! Well barking commands. And check out Enid with a gun. 😮
I’m now shipping LaTonya with Gregory!!! Where the hell is Heath? Why hasn’t Tara explained the key card she picked up at where it appears Heath got in a vehicle – or was taken?
Sasha being held captive now. Who did not see this coming? This David guy sneaks into her cell and attempts to rape Sasha. Negan sneaks up and shut that shit down! Negan kills him because ‘that shit ain’t cool’ Negan talks to Sasha about recruiting her, I mean come on, he just saved you from being raped right. Sasha calls Rick Negan’s bitch DAYUM! (I saw that as her,protecting him, removing herself from that equation.)
Negan leaves the knife that he killed RapeyDavey with and mentions the choices she has: She can kill herself or she can kill the Walker. Sasha takes out David, in pitch darkness, because that’s what badasses do! Sasha tells Negan she will join. (Again, I do not believe she has given up, and is plotting.) She asks Eugene to bring her a weapon so she can end herself. I believe she was hoping he would bring her something that he would have to open the door to hand her, and she would escape. Instead, he brings her the suicide pill. Is that even a real suicide pill? Remember when he made it, I said it probably just give you gas or something. But dammit it all to hell, Eugene!
Back at Alexandria the crew sees Rosita has made it back. And she brought a visitor. I KNEW IT WASN’T DARYL!!!
Daryl was ready to kick Dwight’s ass.
I have known for a long ass time, probably the whole time, that Dwight would break away from Negan or plot against him to bring him down. I could tell in his body language and his story! Which makes it all the more interesting of a twist!! Can wait to see what he does first on this adventure.
Next week is the Season Finale folks! So, so sad!!
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RECAP TWD: S07E14: The Other Side

RECAP TWD: S07E14: The Other Side

Hey, did anyone miss Gregory? LOL And still another episode where he was not taken out! I’m starting to hope that it is Simon that does it! Also I’d like to note that it appears to me that Simon is just toying with him over this whole taste in booze. And I do hope this is some kind of trap: Simon giving Gregory a pass to the brothel?
I think what stood out to me the most in the episode was Jesus coming out. I was very interested that he chose to tell Maggie. He is working on a strong bond with her. I was wondering, though, if something is coming up where that information being told will be useful.
Sasha grabbed my feels more then once this episode. She was preparing to never see these guys again, as this mission would certainly seal her fate. The crew has became her family and she wanted to take in as much of them as possible before leaving out on the mission to kill Negan.
The Saviors come roaring up to The Hilltop. We have a lot of people hiding there. The Saviors have not come to look for Daryl, who does go hide but stays poised and ready to stab someone. The Saviours came to take their doctor, the brother of the one Negan just throw into the fire pit. And in return Simon gives Gregory a giant case of aspirin. Really?
Before Daryl and Maggie leave the storm cellar, Daryl breaks down and starts crying and apologizes to Maggie for getting Glenn killed. Maggie tells him it is not his fault and that she does not – did not – blame him. A huge weight is lifted from Daryl.
Sasha and Rosita get out of The Hilltop safely through a tunnel Sasha made.
On their journey, Rosita still has that chip on her shoulder. At one point while they are checking out a car to hotwire, the necklace Sasha now wears in dangling down, Rosita sees it and tells Sasha she made it for Abe. Finally, when they are set up in a building across from The Sanctuary, Rosita lets down her wall, and talks to Sasha about men (learning different lessons and from different men), and about loving Abe. Negan finally comes out of the compound but Eugene’s big mullet keeps getting in the way, she cannot take the shot. When Negan goes back in, Eugene is heard over the walkie talkie that the girls have that Negan will be occupied for a while. Well, thanks for the heads up there, pal! Change of plans, they ARE going inside! But first let’s save Eugene and get him out of here…maybe not! Now I am wondering about that! Is he, indeed, comfortable in his new role or is he intelling and working on his own plan, or is he still just doing what cowards do best? And then our girl Sasha prevents Rosita from coming with her. Interesting call!
Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter – The Walking Dead / Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Did you guys spy Eugene’s pal hanging out of his pocket? 🙂 I pondered something else right there at the end of the episode. It shows the silhouette of a man with a bow, everyone is shouting Daryl came to help the girls, but what if that is Dwight?? AND that leds me to wonder if he will turn her in or conspire with her???? And while we are on the topic of “I SPY”, did anyone else notice that Daryl has washed his greasy hair and has on a fresh outfit, WITH SLEEVES. 😮 😮 😮
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead / Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
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TWD Recap: S07E13, Bury Me Here

TWD Recap: S07E13, Bury Me Here

Okay, it was brought to my attention that I never finished and submitted last week’s recap (:O), which is pretty wild because that was one awesome episode. So, without further ado, let’s get in there!
OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG! So much jawdropping in one episode. I came to realize that we do not drop our jaws as much during action scenes as much as we do at statements or at scenes that are a single, simple action, such as a hand shake or a YOU HURT JERRY, YOU BASTARD!”. Speaking of Jerry, omg the look on his face. He didn’t even have to give a Rick promise for me to see that he will get back to the Savior and end him!!! Sometimes silence drops our jaw and bulges our eyes! I was on the edge of my seat throughout this whole episode, and I had no intention of being there. LOL! As I have mentioned before, I run a group chat during the show in my TWD group on Facebook because, as TWD fans, we are often screaming at the TV and beating up or crying into the throw pillows, so it’s refreshing to yell to like-minded folk. Click here to join us.
Was anyone else asking their television what was up with one damn crate loaded onto the truck?!?! I could tell it wasn’t going to be a good reason by the look on everyone’s faces and how few words were spoken, but damn I am pissed at the reason! Benjamin’s death stirred up A LOT! And there were a lot of beasts awoken in this episode: Richard’s evilness, Morgan’s craziness, and a Savior’s softness. We also saw that it woke up a few more – Carol, Ezekiel, and Jerry – and gave us promise of their beastly actions in the future.
The episode began with a new character (to us) approaching King Ezekiel about problems in the garden. They have weevils! This is hard news to take. They rely on produce a lot. That’s how they have been keeping the Saviors at bay, not to mention keeping them fed inside the Kingdom. They cannot afford this. The lady suggests burning the crop. That is, in these circumstances, the best way to get rid of the weevils. I took it to be very symbolical, and there was quite a bit about REBIRTH in this episode (as I mentioned before, many beasts are awakening). And Shiva gives a slight roar as if to agree, and new lady leaves us, talking about pissing herself. LOL. So the Kingdom is Peepee Pants City. HA.
Now about Richard… His future didn’t look so good when he decided not to like Carol, anyway. LOL. That’s just a bad choice. I did feel his pain and his frustration. It did not look like anything would ever be done about Negan and The Saviors. He, too, had lost his family and was living in misery, but along the way he took a few wrong turns! Looks like at least two from where I’m standing. So Richard comes up with this brilliant plan, sets up a road block that points to a grave with a sign that reads, ‘Bury me here’. The crew didn’t know who was supposed to be buried there, so they just saw it as such a pity, figuring there was a Walker roaming around the area that was intended for that grave. But while everyone is investigating this road block, Richard hides a cantaloupe. The reason for this is to make their delivery late and short! As soon as they pull up Gavin (the Savior’s ‘drop off’ leader) yells at them. He then demands they turn over their weapons. Which led to another one of my eye bulging scenes, and all of our buddies raise their weapons. A screaming match and some scuffling and my Jerry gets hit!!  HELL TO THE NAW!
I was hoping shit would get shut down right then and there, but Ezekiel (bugeyed and nasals flared) calms the crowd. Everyone turns over their weapons, but them looks! Jerry, especially, was shooting laser beams out of his eyes. Y’all really messed up! HELL, even Daniel (y’all remember the ‘Knight’ looking for his horse way back when Morgan was looking for his Carol) had a ‘Oh no, you didn’t’ look for them. Doesn’t it look like he’s ready to slay some dragons?
Jarad (long hair asshole) thinks it’s all funny. Your mistake. So we come to Gavin discovering one melon short. That’s my new line, “He’s one melon short of a drop off”. And here is what Richard had in his head: since he and Jarad had a scuffle and both hate each other, it would appear that Richard would be the one he takes out “as a lesson”. But Jarad does something no one saw coming and shoots Benjamin. Morgan’s student. Carol’s spy.
You could not have sealed your fate any worse than that!!! The team bring wounded Benjamin to Carol’s house – apparently because hers was the quickest to get to, and she had some medical training from Herschel, but I see more reasons Ezekiel chose her house. Benjamin dies on Carol’s dining room table. The same table where Carol recently served her beloved Daryl. Morgan finishes Benjamin off with a knife in the skull. Double whammy. Then Morgan goes off and goes bat shit! We see him screaming at people that are not there, spinning around, and squaring up ready to fight his demons if they were to pop out of his head! Well Morgan is back!! Of course, after his mad fit, he confronts Richard, who explains to him that it was supposed to be him that died, and that it was to wake Morgan up and bring him back around. Richard, you get an A+ honey.
So the crew head back with one damn melon. Gavin learns of Benjamin’s fate, and we see a peek at some human feelings in him. Gavin sends Jarad walking back to The Sanctuary, and then Morgan, realizing Richard is not coming clean, releases his beast! Morgan kills Richard with his bare hands while everyone (both sides) stands there eyes wide and mouths opened. Only Ezekiel was shouting at Morgan, but even that wasn’t full force. Morgan tells them what Richard did. And all is finished…except Richard’s body is just lying there on the street. Morgan will come back and drag his body off to that grave.
Yep, lessoned learned, thanx Richard. Now Morgan tells Carol everything. He tells her about Negan and who Negan had killed. That did it! Carol’s break is over! She packed up and we see her heading off. We will find out later if she went to The Hilltop or straight back to Alexandria. I personally am excited to learn what Carol has became during her break. No one will know until shit hits the fan again (as it is certain to). I cannot wait to see the look on Carol’s face when she finds out Negan cooked spaghetti for Rick. HAHAHAHA! Carol is going to kill Negan with spaghetti, you wait and see! LOL I’m just tickled pissless that my Carol is back!

And DAMN!!! That was some awesome Walker kill with a street sign. Was that One Way also symbolic? Probably!
The episode ends showing Ezekiel replanting the garden, with the help of Benjamin’s little brother – once again a symbolic statement about rebirth – and Ezekiel is ready. 🙂
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RECAP TWD: S07E12, Say Yes

RECAP TWD: S07E12, Say Yes

The couple that slays together stays together!! LOL A member of the Walking Dead group I run (J.R. Hamby) said that in chat during the episode! Our chats are always a riot! You fans should join the group anyway, because we are having a big giveaway in there right now! Check it out over at The Walking Dead Heads Unite.
Well, Rick and Michonne had a Honeymoon! Rick rose up several times! They were mixing Bisquick like they were Maggie and Glenn, and I KNEW when they fell through the roof, they would end up giggling and rolling around on the floor some more. Funny thing, though, that they dropped onto a mattress!Why didn’t they think to throw that in the truck, too. I bet they will go back for it. But, HOLY MOLEY, they found the motherload of all food supplies. Chili Mac and Cheese TOGATHER!
Why were there so many soldiers at this carnival? Or was that a carnival sat up at a National Guard Post? Interesting, but however it were to be, they were so lucky to find this spot! This will feed the crew for a long time, and they were able to gather many weapons.
It was hilarious how Rick assigned eight Walkers to Michonne, while he takes out 1. LOL Well, he didn’t see that Walker through the windshield… because he was camouflaged. OH, I’m so funny. LOL
The scenes of them getting behind the gates and killing Walkers were excellent. There have been lots of puns for that. Whack-A-Walker is my favorite. 🙂 As killer as that was, however, the Automatic Walker was fantastic! The Walker that walked right into the spikes and got stuck there, his gun, hanging on his side gets a spike through the trigger guard or something, and every move the Walker makes, the gun fires away. LOL Bullets every direction!
The deer makes it to the carnival. Who knew they liked ferris wheels? Rick climbs the ferris wheel, at first he was going to take out the deer, but Walkers were getting too close to the deer. If Rick shot the deer, the Walkers would get to it before he could. Then Rick falls AGAIN, only this time there’s no mattress to soften his fall, just that hard ground. Plus, he lost his grip on his pistol, and it landed a good bit away. So, by the time Rick crawls to it, Walkers are too close for comfort. Michonne saw the fall and ran over to help him. When Michonne gets there, however, what she sees is a gang of Walkers eating something. Michonne did not know the deer came in the carnival, but she could hear Rick shooting and the clicks of his gun as it dry fires.
Michonne stands there stunned, dropping her katana as her face registers shock and tears well up in her eyes. Then here comes Rick climbing out from underneath a downed ride.
Music-icon-editReunited, and it feels so good!Music-icon-edit
The thought of losing Rick really tore up Michonne.
Rick sees that, pulls over the van (did you catch the phoenix on the side of it? #RiseUp), and tells her that she COULD go on without him if he died and that she would make a great leader. And he goes on to say that all of them need to get to the point that they would be fine if their loved ones die; they are all disposable and must do whatever it takes to create future for their children.
Many scenes were like deja vu:
Walker-small-iconWalkers surrounding car, like Merle’s and like Aaron and Daryl
Walker-small-iconFalling through the roof, like at the grocery store (Rick and Michonne falling head over heels for each other)
Walker-small-iconThe deer !!! CARL get back in the house!!
Aww, we finally get to see Judith again. Look at that hair! And she’s still a quite baby. Tara asking Judith for advice was cute though. I imagine Judith is going to blow all of our hair back!
Well, that big ass chip on Rosita’s shoulder is way out of proportion. She is a walking time bomb. And she is snapping at everyone. Most just blow her off, some tell her what time it really is, not that she pays them any mind! But Father Gabriel really know how to put someone in their place, in Rosita’s case, make them roll their eyes. So Rosita heads off to the Hilltop. She finds Sasha at Abe’s grave. Sasha, thinking Rosita came to spend some time at Abe’s grave (me and most everyone did too), apologizes and goes to leave. Rosita is there to see her though. And she brought Sasha a big ole gift (:)) and a proposition. Sasha agrees! Well this should be interesting.
Hey, we get to see The Scavengers again. 🙂 Jadas is not happy. ‘Not enough’. OH these people’s form of speech. They are driving me nuts. And here we are with Jadas and Rick staring each other down again. These two love each other… in a pycho kinda way. But 60…well 40 guns in not enough. Rick and the crew must find more. I could have saved Rick the trip. I knew that wouldn’t be enough. Jadas did say ‘a lot’.
And at the end of the episode, Tara tells Rick she has something to tell him. It better be that Judith took her first step.
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TWD RECAP: S07E11, Hostiles and Calamities

TWD RECAP: S07E11, Hostiles and Calamities

We start off with Dwight panicking that Daryl is longer there. That means punishment. Dwight gets the beat down and thrown into Daryl’s old room.
Eugene has arrived at The Sanctuary! I wonder if he was paying attention to turns, railroad tracks, brooks, streams, and birds chirping, so that when he escapes (HA) he can backtrack and find his way home. LOL
While Eugene eases into his room, still clinches ass cheeks, Laura asks him what he would like to ear. Well lobster of course! And pickles?!? So Laura leaves, Eugene roams around his new room checking everything out. Clicks play on the boombox. OMG “Easy Street” and here we have a head bopping Eugene AW shit! Moving forward, Laura is showing Eugene around the Commissary and explaining how their booking works. Tada!! Big ole jar of pickles!!! Laura leads Eugene outdoors to where Negan is pondering a problem. Well Eugene’s spew of lies worked so well for him before, let’s try again! This time he is a docto.r. 🙂 Negan is not impressed with Eugene’s big words, he needed to find out how smart and useful Eugene was. So he had a little Walker quiz. Eugene came up with a genius idea to keep the walker in place while also keeping the Walker’s head safe from stabs to the head. BRAVO EUGENE! You’re getting a visit from some of Negan’s wives! Wives? Yep 🙂
What do you do when you have wine and three lovely women all to yourself? Play video games OF COURSE!! While Eugene is smooth talking the ladies, it is brutally clear one is not a Happy Camper or perhaps really loves that wine! She’s not impressed huh?! Let me blow up some surgical gloves! Still not impressed? Here’s some giant columns of foam spewing out of lab test tubes and big bang when i set these glove balloon on fire!
The girls are now convinced Eugene knows a thing or two. So Brunette and Redhead come back to Eugene’s room the next day with this sob story. Blondie is unhappy, and wants to die. Will Eugene make a pill to help her end her life? “Pump your brakes, Red.”’ HA Eugene found some street. So he calls them out, and says they want pills to kill Negan. I personally do not think that is what they were planning. I think they did/do want to take out Blondie but for other reasons. The girls end up huffing and leaving his room, calling him a coward. That’s nothing new, and Eugene agrees with them.
Next day however he is in the Commissary asking for cold pills. The lady in charge of the section, bit his head off and sent him to get in line. Eugene turns, makes a few steps to in fact get in line, then turns back around, steps back to the lady, and snaps her head off. Takes a ton of supplies, and a new friend that he names ‘Grimly Gunk’ YOU GO GIRL! He was pretty damn convincing too, this will be interesting indeed! Back in his room we see him putting together some new pills. They are probably fart pills. That would be fantastic.
Negan visits Dwight and, while door is closed, tells him Sherry is also missing. Dwight’s head is spinning, wondering what it means. Negan opens the door, asks Dwight who he is, Dwight says Negan. Negan is pleased. So he sends Dwight off to fetch his wife! Dwight goes back to their old house. Sherry WAS there but left. She left Dwight a letter with her Wedding and Engagement Rings. While Dwight fumes over the letter, he compares the handwriting to the note that was shoved under the prison door while Daryl was in there. It was in fact Sherry that set Daryl free. Now Dwight is flaming mad! When he gets back to The Sanctuary he sees the Doc again. Dwight tells him he killed Sherry. The doctor goes on to tell him how some are have too much heart, and some are heartless. Hummm.
Oh boy, time for more fireworks. Laura drags Eugene down to the furnace room where there is a crowd. All get down on one knee until Negan gestures them to rise. We see Dwight holding the famous iron in the fire. But we have no clue who is in trouble…until Negan grabs the doctor and brings him forward. Negan shows him this note he found in the doctor’s desk which looks suspiciously like the bottom of the letter Sherry left for Dwight! As Negan is about to burn the side of the doctor’s face, the doctor ‘fesses up and apologizes. Negan drops the iron, ‘That’s all you had to say, man’ but as he is turning he catches sight of Eugene up a flight. Oh yeah, I have a new doctor! So nevermind. Negan pushes the doctor into the furnace! Dwight plotted on the doctor, and told everyone he killed Sherry to save her life. We don’t know where she went, but there is hope she can get away.
So after the show, Eugene is outdoors running the smelting operation. Negan comes and before he can get the whole question (Who are you?) out of his mouth, Eugene is piping in, “I am Negan, I’ve always been Negan, I was Negan before I knew I was Negan”. Well damn!! He’s such a card! Negan trots off happy. So now we have Dwight and Eugene leaning against the railing. ‘Oh great! Now I have to apologize for biting this asshole in the junk!” So Eugene tell Dwight he’s sorry and works on buddy’ing up with him. He leaves us with, ‘I’m Eugene, you’re Dwight, we are Negan’ LUVIT!
~~Life is sweet…
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RECAP TWD: S07E10: New Best Friends

RECAP TWD: S07E10: New Best Friends

Rise up up up! 😉
Remember last episode Rick and a team had headed to the boat to find clues as to where Gabriel was being held. There, off the bank of the pond, Rick discovered boot tracks and the team followed them to this clearing where (of course) they got surrounded. So Sunday night’s episode had this new gang march our team into a junkyard. Weird thing is this new gang marches them into a clearing in the junkyard and walk confusing pattern around our group then form two circle around our crew. WTF? All of them are in black(and clad like they are right off from shooting a new Mad Max movie), all are silent, and many have their hair greased back? So their leader Jadis (and let me stop here to DAMN what a trainwreck of a haircut!!!) steps up and tells the crew they own their lives now, and would they like to buy them back. What Rick was smiling about at the end of the last episode, is he sees potential in this gang. He wants to get them to join in their fight against The Saviors. Rick has them bring out Gabriel, he wants to see that he is alright. Among the finagaling, a fight breaks out. Father Gabriel to the rescue!! Gabe manages to get a knife and hold it to the neck of Tamiel. (Is there a Captain in this joint?)  whom was the one in the car when Gabriel was driving away from Alexandria. Gabriel saves the day! Then, The Savengers’ leader Jadis takes Rick ‘up up up’ LOL. They climb up the top of one of the huge heap piles and Rick has a better view of what this crew has been up to. Holy Junk Batman!!!
This crew has found Wall-E!! Okay, so while Rick is up there shocked and amazed and the two are talking Jadis announces it is time for Rick audition and just pushes him over the heap! Michonne flips!! She finds a peephole/air tunnel into where Rick landed. As Rick gathers himself, this medieval spiked Walker has been awaken by his tumble. This is one hell of a situation. The Walker has a metal helmet (that also has spikes everywhere) covering the top portion of his head, therefore there is no way to his brain. Rick gets one of the spike completely through his hand (smooth move there ya dummy!) and I’m immediately thinking, ‘OH I wonder if the writers are going to set up an infection in the hand, and Rick ends up losing the hand anyway?!’ With Michonne hollering at him through the pipe, Rick manages to get some trash to fall on the Walker and trap him long enough for Rick to arm himself (he went with a slice of glass with a rag wrapped around the end) and beheads the Walker, dubbing him Wilson! So when Rick gets back to Jadis, she tells him they stashed those supplies just for someone to come along and take, and them go after. Rick and her have a stand-off “Half” “No 30%” and I mean they are right in each others faces, and the smirk on each face I was waiting for them to lock lips and go at it right there! These two might just end up best friends. So Jadis finally agrees, as long as Rick finds The Scavengers ‘lots of guns’. As our crew reunites with bloody handed Rick, Rosita goes off again. I was really hoping Tara was stepping up to her to slap the piss out of her. It does look like Tara will be the one to bring Rosita to her senses, I just hope they show an ass whipping. Just saying.. There are some sayin, ‘Tara is going to spill the beans about Oceanside’ Now let me point out two things. 1. Those women intended on killing Tara in the woods away from camp. 2. Tara made a promise! What I am thinking is going to happen is Rick goes to the Hilltopians and tells them of all the metal there at the Junkyard, and they make weapons. I know the Scavengers are armed with their own weapons but the ‘smiths’ at Hilltop are more skilled and have better resources. OR Tara find a way to get a group that’s going out for supplies to head in that direction and hope for the best! Oceanside does have an armory. They also have one hell of a security system, and no intentions of being bothered.
On to Ezekiel’s crew at the meeting point, and some of The Saviors. This long haired prick! I am going to jump for joy at his death! AND I am looking forward to what goes down while Morgan is getting his stick back!!! When the crew gets back to The Kingdom, Daryl gets Morgan to the side….and snaps at him. Daryl tells Morgan he’s an idiot. Touche.
Speaking of Daryl, he goes off with Richard. Richard has a plan to bombard a crew of The Saviors. *Anyone else singing “Eastbound and Down”? 🙂 While he is talking, he lets out about King Ezekiel caring about this woman in a house to herself outside of The Kingdom. Daryl keeps at him, asking who she is, and Richard is going on about how she needs to be killed off. WHOOPSIE! So Daryl finally gets Richard to say Carol’s name. The way it went down was funny to me because Daryl wouldn’t budge and call himself Negan when Negan kept asking him what his name was. Daryl busts Richard face for him. He goes on to tell him if Carol gets hurt in any time of way including, my favorite, “If she gets hit by lightning, I’m coming after you!” Well shit!
Speaking of Carol, here she is bothered again by Ezekiel! Dammit! LOL Ezekiel and a crew were clearing Walkers around her property and one tripped one of her wire alarms. Ezekiel is still all smiles and does not give a damn about Carol’s pissy mood. And tells her he brought her a gift, and gesture to our everloving Jerry 🙂 Jerry all smiles runs up to Carol with a casserole dish in his hands. They brought her cobler. LOL So they leave, Carol plops back down on couch and gets back into her book and I’ll be damned if someone else isn’t knocking at the door! Carol yanks the door open ready to chew out the knocker, but her facial expressions quickly change. And by the look on her face we quickly knew it was Daryl.
Carol while cooking them up some mysterious soup in her fireplace asks for an update. Daryl lies. He saves her the news about Glenn’s and Abe’s deaths. She is not ready. Carol needs rest, and then to figure out a comfortable position in all of this. Then we have Carol and Daryl sitting at a dining room table, and this cozy little house, it was such a nice scene……until Daryl dove into the food and proceeded to show his sloppy heathen side. Elbows off the table young man, and use a NAPKIN!!!!
While we are on the topic of Daryl, did anyone else catch on that is was not Dwight that slipped him the key? They show Dwight looking over Fat Joe’s body, then glancing to the bikes, and seeing one is gone, then running to Daryl’s empty cell. All the while with a ‘Oh shit!’ look on his face.
More on Daryl. How about that scene with him visiting Shiva? As soon as they showed Shiva in a cage, I was like, ‘Oh? Shiva doesn’t get to sleep in Ezekiel’s bed?’ Then I give a look to the two bedhogs that take up most of our bed! It was an awesome scene of Daryl sitting there next to the cage and Shiva quietly approaching him, no care at all to him being there. And Shiva allows Daryl to stroke her. Some do look at it as Daryl gets along with her, because he just escaped his own cell, and he is pretty animalistic.
This episode was off the chain (and into the cage)!! One of my new favorites!
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RECAP: TWD,  S07E09, Mid-Season Premiere: Rock in the Road

RECAP: TWD, S07E09, Mid-Season Premiere: Rock in the Road

AT LAST, my lonely days are over!
No? Don’t sing, Tammie? Okay, how about… FINALLY! THE WALKING DEAD IS BACK!
And as soon as it comes on, we are all cussing! UGH. Why is Gregory still around? Stab him with those scissors on that outrageous desk! Actually, that would be a nice kill! Considering Maggie’s younger sister Beth was killed while attempting to kill someone with scissors. It would feel like closure, right? 🙂 Nothing is getting in that thick skull of his. I’ll say again how those scissors would be perfect. So what a relief. This good news is Enid rallied some Hilltopians to join their crew in their stance against Negan and brought them to our guys on their way out the door (with shoulders slumped). Way to go, Enid and Hilltopians! YES! Rise up! Now we have a crew growing in The Hilltop, and they have Maggie on their side, so they certainly will be just fine. 🙂
Since it did not go well with Gregory, Jesus was ready to introduce Rick’s crew to King Ezekiel. I laughed out loud at the look on Rick’s face when Jesus said, “King Ezekiel”! I could not wait for them to see Shiva. LMAO. It was rich! Before Rick made it to Ezekiel, he found Morgan who faithfully did not tell Rick that Carol was right outside The Kingdom in her own little house. Morgan just told a side-ways truth by saying, “She left here”. Getting back to King Ezekiel, how touching it was to see him (the King) telling a young boy a bed-time story. How humble and how powerful. As much as I loved that, Ezekiel TigerDick did turn Rick down, not having any interest in joining to defeat Negan.
We did see a little of Carol. She almost shot our rising star Benjamin. Thank the Lort Carol did not tie this young man to a tree for the monsters to come along and eat him! That may mean that Carol will find another way to traumatize the poor fella.

The team now comes a roadblock. Crap. As they move all the vehicles over, Michonne, who has been on watch (But why? Is she pregnant, too, and cannot push heavy vehicles?!), spots a cable running across the road loaded with dynamite! HERE (and I hope she notices!) Rosita steps in. Here is her purpose! Rosita disarms the unit, and teaches them how to disassemble it. And our team has to work fast because Negan has sent a team to Alexandria (they know this from listening in on the walkie-talkie Jesus snatched while in The Sanctuary) and a horde of walkers are headed towards them. Of course they finish up just as the horde reaches them, but how in the hell did neither Michonne nor Rick get scratched up while they were playing patty cake with the walkers? BTW, aww snap, Rosita! Sasha speaks to her, and Rosita’s claws come out. She lets Sasha know in a not so kind manner that she does not like her and to leave Rosita alone.
On to the most awesome scene we have had in a long ass time. All the dynamite has been removed from the cable – which is still attached to two cars. Who would not jump in these cars?! Bonnie and Clyde, I mean Rick and Michonne, hop in the cars and take off, making that cable one hell of a melee weapon! They go slicing through hundreds of walkers shuffling down the highway. Oh what a site! And then Rick looks over to Michonne, locking eyes and making sure she is fine and can keep up with him.

Rick’s crew gets back to Alexandria just in time. As a matter of fact, Stanley and a gang of Saviors come revving up just before they get the gate shut. And, as they search the community with Rick in the lead, they go into the storage shed. Which is absolutely empty. Gabriel did not even leave a single cracker packet! They come up with a story to tell The Saviors because instantly Stanley thinks they have hidden all the food. When the Saviors leave and our crew are scratching their heads as to where their food went and why Gabe is missing, Rick goes through Gabriel’s notebook. The last page says a single word, and one word was all the was needed. That word was ‘Boat’. BINGO! I WAS RIGHT, Y’ALL. Those mysterious boots watching Rick and the crew were apparently worn by Leslie. As in the sign-maker aka SignDick aka the owner of the boat in the middle of the walker pond. I’m just trying to figure out if Leslie is good or bad. Did Leslie approach Gabe kindly and scheme up a genius plan, a plan involving hiding all of the food? OR is Leslie an evil asshole who threatened the place if Gabriel did not bring all of Alexandria’s supplies back to his boat?
Rick and the crew head back to the boat, find boot prints, and follow the tracks. Suddenly, they are in a clearing. I must mention just how gorgeous and vivid all the greenery is here! Of course you can never walk out in the middle of a clearing in the zombie apocalypse without another crew popping out of the woodwork surrounding you. I couldn’t tell whether or not they were all female? Are these the folks from Oceanside? In the trailer on The Talking Dead, we see that the biggest smile imaginable spread across Rick’s face as they are surrounded and overrun. Maybe Gabriel comes out with this crew. That is the only thing that makes sense to me. Unless Heath comes out with them?
Naturally, they left us hanging. Until next time DeadHeads.
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TWD: Thoughts on the Mid-Season Premiere

TWD: Thoughts on the Mid-Season Premiere

My biggest obsession returns to me next Sunday. The Walking Dead returns from their break for season 7’s second half. This half will be about our team preparing for war with Negan and The Saviours and is rightly titled, “Rise Up”. The first half of season 7 showcased our team broken. Negan’s effect hit our leader (Rick Grimes) the hardest. It was a real struggle seeing Rick in such a position. He has been broken, quite a few times come to think about it, but never have we seen this type of defeat in his eyes. Or this amount of fear. I kept thinking he’s being this submissive because he has a plan in action. He needed Negan to see him as a weakling that will hold your weapon as your plunder his village. The last episode of the first half of the season however taught me Rick was just playing by ear. He did not want to lose his family so he abided… until Aaron’s beating (the straw that broke the camel’s back) and the conviction Michonne’s speech had. Then I figured out that Rick was frightened because he saw Negan had so many followers. He saw Negan’s pull and came to the realization that no matter how badass he (Rick) was, no matter who he had on his side, he and his team were nowhere near ready to take on The Saviours. Plans needed to be drawn out, rehearsed, thought through and through. Teaming up with others needed to be done. Weapons and ammo needed to be collected and made. The damaged ones (members) needed repair and needed to “Rise Up”. They all need to adapt and overcome, so I’m thrilled that the second half is about them getting up, dusting off, and moving on. And I seriously am looking forward to finding out who the hell is in those boots?! Is that ‘Leslie’? Dammit, they sure love to leave us hanging for flipping months! I bet there will be hundreds tune in just to find out who the hell that is!
I honestly do not believe we will have a big death (meaning one of the main characters) in the second half. It will be focused on the crew meeting other crews, proposing a merger (and that may takes a few meetings of begging, I’ll come back to that), coming up with a plan of action, training, and rehearsing. I’m sure it will also focus on supplies, since they are extremely critical at this stage. Getting back to the begging. We know the stance of two of the other groups – *Oceanside and *The Kingdom – neither are interested! And we know the convection of two of our members, Carol and Morgan. It appears Morgan is more torn than Carol. Carol actually doesn’t appear conflicted at all; Carol is simply done with it all. She did not like the person she became, and I personally would love to see her in a new light. Carol is my favorite character by far! She did rise up, and she certainly is a phoenix, but she took a wrong turn in Alexandria and it turned her into this numb killing machine that she was not happy with. I believe Sam had a big part in that! Carol has one hell of a mind, though, and can become our Queen when she gets through being in the dumps. And Morgan is slowly (like molasses in the winter) coming around. He’s been through a lot. Morgan lost what Rick is afraid of losing. Morgan, like 98% of our crew, snapped. Then came around and did a 180 when he meet the cheesemaker. I am waiting to hear him say, “All life is precious, but some need to end”. I see glimpses of him taking in the fact that there is this giant grey side instead of black or white, and the Kingdom is a perfect place for both of them to comes to terms.
I sooooo look forward to Maggie stepping up and taking her position. I mentioned before about her being a phoenix (just like Carol) so “Rise Up” is very appropriate! I also look forward to Rick persuading Ezekiel to stand and fight Negan. Ezekiel’s role in the Kingdom is unique, and I am looking forward to how he will approach telling his followers to take a stand and fight as well. Will the choir be singing on the battlefield? LOL Shiva alone could take out a slew of Saviours with the swat of one paw! OH I want to see that so bad, now! And will it be Tara busting out about the team of women she came across, or will someone else (Carl isn’t in the house again) stumble upon the village and run back to tell Rick? Wouldn’t it be completely badass if the ladies from Oceanside team up with our ladies at the Hilltop?! :O
Now I mention Eugene possibility doing intel while in the Sanctuary. Now with the title “Rise Up” I’m feeling that he will also find his courage once and for all and fill in his spot as a team member.
Rosita surely is thrilled to death that they will now stand. I am wondering if she will fall into another relationship or go solo for awhile. I want to see her solo, want to see her learn her worth!
And what about Tobin? Will he go to Carol once he finds out where she is? There are questions to be answered. Apparently Carol and Ezekiel did not hit it off; well, she did say she was a fan of chocolate not fruit and he brought that pomegranate. I’m thinking Carol teams up with Ezekiel but not in a romantic way, but yet it’s still over between her and Tobin.
And for the love of all that is holy, please give Gabe more kill scenes! I was floored when he gave that Savior a blessing then shot him! Completely boondocks man! And completely badass!! DO IT AGAIN!!! And I love the fact that Father Gabriel freaked Negan out! GOOD!! We have that in our pocket, then!
This whole second half of the season promises to be awesome. Andrew Lincoln is quoted as saying, “I promise you, there is one beat in 16, I dropped my script and started punching the air and did a little jig” (16 meaning the last episode of this season).
We (DeadHeads) always have group chat while the show is on to vent with like minded people. You are going to be screaming at the television anyway you might as well join us. 🙂
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When A Spook Isn’t Spooky

Director: David Anthony Hall; Stars: Tim Elston, Joanne Samuel, Daniel Hill, Amanda Hill; Rating: NR; Run Time: 87 min; Genre: Horror, Made for TV; Country: Australia; Language: English; Year: 1988
Spook is one of those films that just doesn’t work, but part of the problem lies with the fact that it was made in 1988 as a made-for-TV movie. Thus, right out of the gate, we know that there will be very little gore or monster shown, taking this movie from horror into family drama with a hint of thriller. Another problem is realism. In Spook, a well-to-do architect (Tim Elston), his wife (Joanne Samuel), and their two kids (Daniel Hill, Amanda Hill) rent a dilapidated shack for a vacation retreat.
The cabin – just like home
It seems unlikely that a wealthy family would be satisfied with a location more at home in Mother’s Day, but Dad convinces them it’ll be fine with some wood and nails. Here is another problem. Although Dad is a prestigious architect, he acts as if he is thoroughly used to the manual labor aspect.
A hammer and a few nails will fix up this place.
Okay, we will give him the benefit of the doubt, but we wonder why he insists on wearing khaki pants and button downs. Why is Mom in a skirt in the wilderness? Why are the kids in their jumpers? They’re roughing it!
Who doesn’t play golf in the Australian bush?
Back to the story. Apparently there is an Australian version of Sasquatch known as Yowie (in itself a hilariously funny name), that haunts the area of the Blue Mountains where they’re staying. Naturally this means they will come in contact with said monster – though viewers are tossed a red herring in the form of a degenerate local who likes to watch.
The red herring – pervert in overalls
Though both Elston (Neighbors) and Samuel (Mad Max) are accomplished actors, their talents seem misplaced and strangely out of sync with the story of the family terrorized by a Yowie. (Honestly, it’s hard taking the monster name seriously.) With a clunky story, subpar production, silly monster, corny music, and illogical choices, Spook makes for less of horror film and more of an irritant.
4/10 claws – Yowie!
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RECAP: TWD, S07E08, Hearts Still Beating

RECAP: TWD, S07E08, Hearts Still Beating

By Tammie Parker
Well they sure do know how to go out with a bang, huh! Well…a stab.
Negan had me laughing out loud! He SHAVED! And had the audacity to sit the straight razor down right there in Carl’s reach. He cooked! He cooked for Rick and his family?! WOW. Having Carl make rolls from scratch! Actually, how to make make from scratch could come in mighty handy in the apocalypse. Then, when setting the table, he has Carl add another setting for Rick. Then was sitting there waiting! I mean… Damn! lol The whole event was hilarious to me. Negan is evil as shit, yes, but I love his sense of humor. I may not like his taste in attire, but I love his style.
Tara offers to take over for Olivia. Olivia refuses. She made a promise to Rick to watch over Judith. Olivia had a duty. I think she knew Tara wouldn’t go over too well.
Now we see why Rick is late to this special dinner. He has gone fishing with Aaron. Okayokayokay, so he’s trying to get supplies out of a houseboat. Whatever. We see that the aluminum boat on the bank in is riddled with bullet holes and has no oars. And these two must get across this walker infested pond to the houseboat. Aaron kicks the closest sign, left by this mysterious Leslie, and uses it to make oars. Looks like another Easter Egg, folks. Check out what the makeshift oars say: Rick’s says, ‘That I am died, have’; Aaron’s says, ‘Assholes’. LOL The boat takes on a lot of water, but they make it to a canoe. There was a walker in the canoe, and while they were killing her, more walkers in the water get within arm’s reach. Aaron gets taken down. Miraculously, Aaron pops back up unscathed and is able to swim to the houseboat. I was thinking this would be another Bob situation and come to find out he was bit in the water. While on the houseboat, Aaron finds a note that reads, ‘Congrats for winning, but you still lose’ and has a drawn hand flipping off the reader. …weird that he would keep that. So… Leslie the sign maker is not here on the boat dead. Hmm. Is that him lurking on the other end of the pond? Thanks for showing us boots?
Laurie (blonde female survivor) hits on Spencer; Spencer accepts. Suddenly all these gorgeous women notice him. That surely boosts that self confidence. So the saviors tell him how pleased they are with his offerings, and with that he heads to his house. Spencer cleans up also. Well well well. He cleans up his house, picks out a nice bottle of liquor, and cock-strong heads to introduce himself to Negan. Remember I spoke about how Spencer had fell, how he was going around disheveled, eyes sunk in, hair a mess, clothes a mess, dirty, slumped. And now he has pep in his step, and has cleaned up. He has a purpose again. So he introduces himself to Negan, and gifts twd-spencerneganthe bottle. One thing leads to another and the next you know they are playing pool in the middle of the street. Spencer sees that now is the time to tell Negan his plan, urging Negan to just take out Rick, kill him, and Spencer will take over Alexandria, after all he is his mom’s son, and work with Negan. HA! Negan says he doesn’t have any guts, stabs him in the stomach, slices his abdomen open so that all of his innards slip out. OOPS! I bet Spencer doesn’t have the guts to double cross Rick again. D’UH. Boy that Rosita is a BlackWidowDick!
Poor Aaron! What a beating. Why did he leave that note in there?!
We see Carol has fixed up the little house, filling it with mis-matched whatnots, odds and ends, and paintings.
Carol is left alone/not quite left alone. Morgan and Ezekiel both bring her produce, and Carol still wants to make sure Morgan is okay. She still cares. Carol does not like what she sees when she realizes what she has become. Now she just wants to be on the outside looking in. Well, here comes Richard. See, he doesn’t know what Carol and Morgan came from; he doesn’t know their past at all. He sees appearances and what the two have done since arriving at The Kingdom. It can be quite confusing. Richard even said Carol was not a fighter, and Morgan corrected him. And now here’s Richard pleading with these two to help, to talk to Ezekiel about rising up and fighting Negan. It broke my heart that they refuse and to see that look on Richard’s face when they do. The feeling of no hope at all.
Then we see Richard in the woods by himself and uncovering a camper. What is this for? Why does he have it hidden? There is no view of hidden guns, ammo, food, or gold, so what is up with that? I spied gasoline jugs, though. Maybe he has this camper hidden from Carol! So all we get is Richard looking at his empty milk containers.
So Daryl has decided he has had enough of this vacation spa. He breaks his diet as quickly as possible by snatching a jar of peanut butter, and then changes his clothes. So ungrateful, I swear! So he makes it out to the bikes again. But why did he have to take out Fat Joe? Looks like Daryl had some built up tension. Oh my. And POOF! Here comes Jesus around the corner (I called it) to get Daryl out completely. Now I wonder if Maggie told Jesus about how Glenn’s death happened. Does she blame Daryl? We will have to find out in February. At any rate, Jesus takes Daryl to The Hilltop instead of Alexandria? Now I understand Jesus was right there when Negan got in the truck to head to Alexandria, so knew he was heading that way, but Jesus had spoke about other camps when meeting Rick. My only conclusion is that when Negan gets back to the The Sanctuary and finds Daryl gone, he will be raging mad and go looking for him, so, of course, will head to Alexandria.
Speaking of Maggie, that baby is hungry! She is eating good now. She is also getting comfortable at The Hilltop and has started a list of supplies Jesus should pick up. She has been speaking to the residents, and the cogs have started to turn. She and the girls even speak lightly about her taking over The Hilltop. As soon as Maggie heads out the door, however, Enid confronts Sasha about lying to Maggie. Sasha tells Enid that it is to protect her and keep her out of harm, Enid tries to convince Sasha that she is not alone in wanting to kill Negan. Sasha is not convinced.
Now, on to Michonne. In the truck with the red headed Savior lady, Michonne tries to talk to the lady, and find out why she is on Negan’s side. This unknown woman will not say a single word and wears an ‘I’m done’ look on her face, sighing occasionally. She stops the truck on a hill, and down in the valley are a large group of people. The redheaded lady finally speaks, telling Michonne those people are some of The Saviors and that she has no idea what she is asking for. Red then tells Michonne to take the truck and head home and that there is a silencer in the glovebox… Wait, what? Shit, she’s really done! Michonne mercy kills her and does exactly as advised, turning the truck toward home! When she gets back to Alexandria and finds Rick, she has a lot to say and will be heard. Was it the conviction in her voice? Rick says, “You’re right. We must fight back.” WELL, welcome back Rick! And get a load of that kiss, huh! Those two are awesome together! Shit gonna get done y’all!
Rosita consulting Father Gabriel? Interesting. Did she want a blessing? Did she want coaching? Was she looking for someone to talk some sense into her? She tells the pastor she has no purpose since Abe is gone, and those that are single, are useful like Eugene. Gabe shocked me, though, by agreeing that Negan did need to be taken out. Oh, hey! The Chapel is complete! But, after teaching Alexandrians how to shoot and how to use a knife (no purpose, huh), here she is shooting a damn baseball bat when aiming for Negan. You have got to be kidding me! And Negan explodes because she hurt Lucille. But instead of killing her right there on the spot, he has Arat just randomly take someone out. Why Olivia? 🙁 Not cool, man, certainly not cool. Judith just has horrible luck with caretakers I swear. Well, Eugene ‘fesses up to making the bullet, and they haul him off, but Rosita begs to be taken instead of Eugene. You can hear she is crying, she lost her chance at a purpose.
I like Eugene going to The Sanctuary to be honest. Eugene had one hell of a tinker when he wants to use it. He can see how things are run there, and he can work up a brilliant scheme to put one hell of a kink (at the least) into Negan’s operations.
Our crew shows up at The Hilltop to see Maggie, complete with all the gooey warm embraces and yada yada. Maggie lets Rick know the baby is okay.twd-season7-thecrewmeetupatthehilltop After Rick and Daryl hug, Daryl hands over his revolver to Rick. Shit about to get real! Rick tells Maggie and the rest of the crew that it is time to fight, and the show ends with the gang heading in the big house.
OH! What’s this? They give us a little more after the credits. The boot wearer we saw back at the pond (I say it’s Leslie) has made it to Alexandria. Well, just when you think you have enough on your plate! It would be awesome if Heath takes him out before there is any trouble. 🙂
Mid-season break. Bingo bango bongo, that’s it folks. Until February 2017.
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RECAP: TWD, S07E07, Sing Me a Song

RECAP: TWD, S07E07, Sing Me a Song

By Tammie Parker
OMG! Carl gave me a heart attack! This kid right here, though! Talk about gung-ho! First off he’s going solo, huh? *Yells at TV* Hey, at least before Jesus jumped out he sliced through some boxes so when the Saviors pick them up the bottom comes out. PERFECT 😀 Then here’s Carl, just going to ride til the end and just start shooting huh. OMG!
And Negan’s reaction was ever so smooth. Not freaking out because someone is shooting or that his men were killed. No go ape-shit and killing Carl there on the spot. Just Mr.Calm. Negan just takes Carl into The Sanctuary and proceeds to go about his regular schedule.
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 7 / Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Pause. Check out everyone stopping what they are doing and kneeling for Negan. Not a sound. WOW. Talk about discipline. YES, Negan is the King Dingaling. Some may see it as fear, some may see it as respect, and some say both are right. Regardless, Negan is in full control, and Carl notices, which (A) Shows him how unprepared he truly was for this task and (B) is a bit of a look into the future and in the past, as far as how Rick handles leadership in Carl’s opinion.
Negan has a Harem! And here he is again, offering someone a lady for the evening. I’m sure Carl is scared beyond capabilities at this point, however! He has come to terms with what a stupid move he just pulled and is noticing he had no clue the full Negan effect. The boy just had his first kiss and didn’t even pause to enjoy that.
Now back to respect/fear! Negan has a sit down with Carl in his room.
Fat Joe comes in bringing him Lucille. Negan gets completely weird, BUT I was happy to see AMC let him use more of his colorful words. Bats don’t have pussies! Back to Negan and Carl. Negan makes Carl take off his bandages and we finally see the grotesqueness that was his right eye! twd-carl-eyesocketI was feeling more pity for Carl at this point to even be disgusted at that sight. Carl is on the verge of shaking like Olivia right now. And Negan wants a performance. Carl must sing and entertain this asshole. Carl is not a singer, never claimed to be. So wtf? Carl did jump up at one point and tell Negan to jump out the window! OH, you almost had it, but you’ve gotta be quicker than that. So here we have this boy going through puberty so his voice is all over the place anyway, he is scare out of his wit, and now embarrassed and out of his comfort zone entirely and he must sing. Sing what?? Negan suggests he sing a song his mother used to sing to him. OH SURE, I bet that really helped Carl calm down. So, shaking, Carl starts singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’. If he was not nervous enough before, here comes Negan swinging his bat all around, bashing in invisible heads. Negan stops him to say that the iron is ready. Comic book gold, I tell ya!!
So Negan paces around this room of a kneeling audience while talking about respect, and rules, and the need for punishment when someone breaks the rules. Look, a handsome man here in The Sanctuary……….oh well. Looks like Negan is a little confused about what to do for face wrinkles! Mark was Amber’s (now one of Negan’s wives) boyfriend. These two had a tryst, apparently, and Negan found out.
OH hey Spencer being more of an ass. And Rosita strapping on, and reminding him who has the reigns. We will get back to Rosita in a moment. So Spencer and Father Gabriel take a ride 🙂 Spencer rambles on about not liking Rick and how much Rick has screwed things up. Now it’s Father Gabe’s turn to put him in his place. Did the pastor just say Spencer is being a shit? Then, LMAO, FatherDick has ShitDick pull over, and Gabe just walks home. That is too good!
Am I the only one who missed Eugene rambling on? It took me a minute to catch on that he was going on and on and on. LUVIT. But hang on, Rosita has blown a socket! Go easy on our tender scientist, young lady, and stop bullying. You need a time out. Well now damn, Eugene you are not helping by actually making a damn bullet anyway. Eugene, the fluffer. #FacePalm
Speaking of women, we see Michonne back out there. Oh Lort, she starts whistling. Please, no, we hear enough of that from the Saviors.
Couldn’t she have sung to get walkers attention? LOL. At first I thought she was going to make new pets, so I was really confused when she just took them out and dragged them away. Later we see Michonne has made an awesome roadblock(!), and whoever this woman is has no sense for surroundings, so she must be a Savior! What’s really ironic is now Negan is in Alexandria!
Speaking of Negan in Alexandria, he manages to get Olivia to cry. Then he offers her a mercy fuck. That gets him a slap on the face – and a real good ear ringer at that! Which Negan enjoys, OF COURSE! And here comes my favorite quote of the night, “I am now 50% more into you”! LMAO. My laughs were quickly silenced with Negan going around the house exploring. I was actually typing nononononono in our group chat last night as Negan opens Judith’s nursery door. DAMMIT! What is he going to do? I hardly ever worry too much about what is going to happen on this show, but this has me worried. After all, Judith didn’t have a chance in the comics, and Negan does like to take half your stuff! This bastard is actually sitting on the porch with scared, one-eyed Carl, sipping lemonade and talking baby talk to Judith, enjoying the evening. OMG.
Wait a minute! What are Rick and Aaron doing in the back of another truck?! Whose truck is it? How did they get in it? When did they get in it? Why? Who has the crappy handwriting and is making these lousy signs?
That some security system, I tell ya. Until the two get to the pond with the boat out in the middle, I was thinking the owner was a complete tool. But, WOW, at least he had one genius thought! The Walker/Bobbers are flipping awesome! So someone has to hop in this aluminum boat, and oar their way through walkers to get to that boat! I love it.
And we see Jesus has made it. OMG, I thought Negan figured out he was up there when they stopped. I’m glad to see he was able to get down and hidden without a sound. I do love ninjas! Wonder what his next move is? Is he going to run into Daryl while looking for Carl? I bet $100 he will be the one to get Daryl out properly!
Daryl does have the green light to go! That was the key on the back of that ‘Go now’ note slipped under his door. Negan must have forgotten to leave one of his minions in charge while he’s in Alexandria, just like he forgot Lucille when Carl showed up. D’OH!
Remember next week will be 90 minutes for the mid-season finale.
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RECAP: TWD, S07E06, Swear

RECAP: TWD, S07E06, Swear

By Tammie Parker
Finally, Tara gets the limelight! This much focus has not been on Tara since Glenn found her at the prison. And this is completely new and different. Funny how she talks about when she meet Rick’s crew. Many are like, ‘Oh! Hey, I remember Tara!’, but usually she is just ‘the lesbian’. Tara has adjusted to the apocalypse pretty well. Remember she was going into the Police Academy right when this all went down, so we already knew she was built to fight.
What a way to start the show, huh!? A beach scene? Characters we have never seen before! Hey! Watch your potty mouth, little girl! I couldn’t be the only one thinking that was Fear the Walking Dead coming on instead.
These two new faces discover this limp body washed up on the beach. Potty Mouth wants to take her out, even when they figure out it is not a walker (Oh, look! A little Carl!) but the older girl does not. Now you tell me how this girl drags that wet, limp body with double-layered soaking wet clothes through that muddy sand? At any rate, the new girl has rescued Tara and has hidden her away so she can recuperate. Then the girl comes back with water and food. Someone should have trained the girl to watch her back better. Of course Tara is going to follow her to check out the camp she comes from.

HOLY MOLY, they’re all female! :O That’s quite alright though – check out that arsenal – and these are some tough cookies, make no mistake. Their bell system is pretty clever, too. These women are excellent at communicating amongst one another without saying a word. We learn that with the looks they give one another, too. And we quickly catch on that when Beatrice was volunteering and the old lady in charge quickly snapped that Cindy was not to go, it was because Beatrice was really volunteering to take Tara far enough away from camp and kill her. Thank God Tara caught on just in time, too, and easily escapes the two women’s horrible shooting skills.
Here again comes Cindy to the rescue. I do completely understand why Cindy has Tara swear not to tell those back in Alexandria about the women’s camp, though. For one people can be tortured for information, and Negan loves torturing people. For another that will cause drama about whether to go to their camp and take their arsenal or not. I do like the idea of Tara going to The Hilltop and telling Maggie, however. 🙂 I would much rather see a gang of women go back to Oceanside and haggle and the groups connect!
Now as far as Heath is concerned, they really played with my head in this episode. Because when we see Tara and Heath first fighting the walkers on the bridge – ‘The Walking Mummies’ – they show Heath leaving Tara. And for that reason I was done with Heath. But when Tara returns to the bridge at the end and is remembering back to when she fell off the bridge, she remembers Heath was there protecting her until she fell off the bridge. Something is missing. I was nervous for Heath, though. I was thinking, ‘Poor, poor Heath if these Amazons find him’. But there at the end we see tracks where a vehicle spun out as Tara picks up Heath’s smashed glasses. Tara also smiles broadly when she picks up a keycard with PPP. What the hell does PPP stand for? PeePeePants? I’m wondering if those numbers we see on her wrist at the beginning are a map, for instance, the first set of numbers represent this hall, then the next set represent the next hallk and so on. And this keycard is to get into that place, and PPP is a section? I bet we will not find out until the next half of this season.
Until next time, folks.
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RECAP: TWD, S07E05, Go Getters

RECAP: TWD, S07E05, Go Getters

By Tammie Parker
Well, we caught the birth of a phoenix, aka Maggie Rhee. It was a powerful scene, seeing her waking up in a sunlit room and first things she sees are the tiny flowers left by Jesus. That scene said so much. I was shocked to hear the baby was okay! I hope she is able to carry full term. I was overjoyed to see her come out of the clinic trailer looking pretty good. It was heart warming to see Sasha sitting there waiting for her as well. Remember, Sasha and Maggie were having a moment and watching the sunset when Aaron introduced himself, so these two have grown pretty close. And throughout the episode we see Sasha pleading for Maggie and willing to bend over backwards to keep her at Hilltop.
Now Maggie asks Sasha to take her to Glenn’s grave. It was a clever move burying Glenn and Abe at The Hilltop instead of Alexandria. That has given the crew back at Alexandria an opportunity to dig some empty graves to store much needed items and unaccounted for weapons, and Negan and his crew will be none the wiser. Jesus finds the ladies here and explains the meaning behind the color of the flower. Green, which is the color of the hydrangeas for the graves, he tells them, means release. Again a very powerful statement. And at that moment it seemed Maggie exhaled for the first time since this all happened. When Jesus explained the flowers, I instantly thought of the green balloons floating up. Green = go on. Then, in this important moment – the first time Maggie has visited Glenn’s grave – as Maggie tries to let go, say good bye, and move on, here comes Hilltop Dick Gregory to piss on some graves. Pretty much. He’s fuming mad that Maggie is even there because, after all, this is all her fault. And he doesn’t believe there should even be any graves because they burn their dead. Finally, he gets Sasha mixed up with a Hilltopian and commands her to get back to her work. WELL, he couldn’t be any more mixed up! LOL It is starting to feel as thought Gregory is going out of his way to make a point of forgetting who is who. In other words, he’s as much as saying you are beneath me, so who you are does not matter. These girls will be remembered; that’s for sure.
That night, during this episode’s musical, Maggie gave us a peek at what it would be like with her in charge. The Saviors had all doors barricaded or jammed somehow, giving the walkers time enough to come through that open gate. We see Maggie climb on top of her trailer, yell for Jesus to go help Sasha, and command some other Hilltopians to go do who knows. Then she pulls the greatest stunt of all!! Keep in mind Maggie’s physical and mental states right now, how weak she is (she just came out of the infirmary), and now consider that she probably used up any energy she had to spare to pull herself up on top of the trailer. But, OH, don’t count her out! She is too damn smart and has too much gumption! Maggie goes and gets the biggest wheeled tractor imaginable and plows down that sweet old Gremlin! You see, a real ruler has brains and the bronze to pull the mission through! This also gives us another look into her wild past. We had not heard anything about it since they were on the farm and Maggie was talking about coming home from college and Beth finding her birth control pills. So Maggie had experience crunching a car, huh?! I say rolling over a boy’s car is better birth control then those little pills anyway!
Maggie’s prayer with the girls shows she has faith in the future and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Her prayer was the ending of a Thanksgiving poem by the great Ralph Waldo Emerson:
“For this new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, for love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends, Father in heaven, we thank Thee.”
Next,we find ourselves in Gregory’s study, and he’s still going on about the girls leaving. Sasha steps up and says there has to be something to make them stay. This is when that sleaze Gregory came out. He looks Maggie up and down, like a sleazedick would, and in his sneaky-ass way put on his professional tone and states they could meet in private to determine if there was, in fact, something that could be done. Maggie’s lip actually curls at the statement and he snaps, “Go to hell.” Well, there goes their Rhubarb preserves! Damn. Now, make no mistake, even if Sasha had let this scum crawl into her bed, he would still throw her under the bus at the first opportunity. So, now The Saviors show up and Gregory tells Jesus to hide the girls in the closest. I actually loved seeing The Saviors arrive. Gregory has his quarters all dolled up with Chippendale furniture and elaborate art, and here trots in these sweaty, greasy, grimy Saviors. I truly was hoping they had at least a few cans of spray paint. 😉 Maybe next time. What did happen was equally as entertaining. Simon’s demeanor has Gregory on the edge, man. He looked like he was about to squeal and run for the hills! Now, to me, he was surely playing when he seemed uncertain regarding whether or not to show Simon what was in the closet. And LOL what a great scene!! He looks right at Jesus and sees him shake his head with a “No” look on his face. He should have listened. LOL. Then Simon takes the whole box, even the single bottle Gregory was holding. HA! And he has his men take Gregory’s prized painting. WELL, DAMN! And just when you thought Simon was through knocking Gregory down, he makes Gregory kneel to him in front all everyone in the quarters. Could you see the smoke coming out of Gregory’s ears? So, once the Saviors leave, Gregory storms off to find Jesus to give him a “what have you” only to find Jesus letting the girls out of his own bedroom closet. HILARIOUS! Well, he should have been more specific. Now we see Jesus stepping up even more. That’s not good enough. Maggie knows what he needs: a punch right in the face! All Gregory could do is hold his sore jaw (well, really what else could he do?) while Maggie takes back her father’s pocket watch that he helped himself to, and, while she is in his face, she reminds him of who she is.
Jesus stands back while all of this is going on. He’s been throwing hints out here and there and giving the eye. Jesus is able to see that Maggie is perfect for the leader role, and I think he is preparing and greasing up the cogs for it to happen. That is part of the reason he was so eager to jump when Sasha asked him to find out where Negan was. Jesus is perfect for that sneaky job, too.
Now, about his riding companion… There were a lot of scenes with Carl that spoke volumes as well. At the beginning, when he was throwing darts at the dartboard, not a single dart even landed on the board.
At first I laughed, then it hit me as to what that means. Our sharp shooter has only one eye now. It’s not even the eye he used. Back to the drawing board or, in this case, the dartboard. He should go out with Michonne to practice. There are also some WHOA moments with Enid and Carl. We see him driving for the first time, and he’s just as bad a driver as his mom. We also get to see these two getting to be kids again.
The two of them skating down that desolate road was such a powerful image. They were free, they were alone, and they were happy for the first time in a very long time. The constant burdens on their shoulders were momentarily lifted. We are also treated to Carl’s first kiss. It was good timing in that it happened after their skating adventure.
It was bad timing in that they kissed right outside of the Hilltop, and Carl’s attention was drawn to other things as a result. That kiss had so much potential, but here in the Apocalypse everything is a quarter of its potential. So Carl hops aboard a cargo truck. The fact that Carl’s blind ass is able to sneak around The Saviors AND Jesus really says a lot for these klutzes.
I would like to talk about talk about another kiss that did not get enough mention, a kiss that was even longer and more passionate than Carl’s. Rick’s parting kiss. When Rick goes to kiss Michonne bye on the cheek, Michonne was having none of that! She grabbed her man’s face, brought it down, and planted one right on the kisser – staying there until she was satisfied that she started a fire deep within him! Michonne was reminding him of what he has to come home to. She was also ensuring that he went on light-hearted with a little bit of his worry gone.
Finally, Sasha sharpening that knife with Abe’s cigar in her mouth was quite a sight! Wouldn’t it be awesome if she grew a red Fu Manchu? 😀 That was interesting to see. What is Sasha becoming? Where does she go from here?
Until next time…
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RECAP: TWD, S07E04, Service

RECAP: TWD, S07E04, Service

By Tammie Parker
Man, I really wanted this episode to be called “The Fell”. Get it? The two before this were “The Well” and “The Cell”, and our team have definitely fallen at the moment! They truly did fall.
We start off seeing a sad, sad Eugene pouting and tinkering. His bff is gone. And he is desperately trying to show that he can still be useful without coming out of the woods and taking up post. Seems like they were making a point of him not even considering making bullets.
Let’s move on to the fallen Spencer. I want to take note as to what has happened with this guy both visually and spiritually.
Spencer, like Maggie, has watched his entire family die – mother, stepdad, and brother – only in his case, he had not had a nice helping of the real world to toughen him up and all deaths were close together. Before Rick’s crew, Spencer was royalty and an over-aged bratty ‘princess’. His fantasy started fading when Rick’s crew showed up, and when Alexandria’s walls came down, so did the remaining shreds of the world he knew. His attempt to be a hero wasn’t ill-thought and only got him in deeper trouble. And he had to put his own mother down. See how Carl grew-up, Spencer grew out (out of his fantasy). It didn’t help in the least bit that Rosita had no problem telling him the only reason he was warming her bed. And you see it when you look at him. He looks completely beaten. Did a walker steal his comb when they busted in? His eyes are sunken and his clothes always disheveled.
Speaking of Rosita, boy, isn’t she just disgusted?! Her love was brutally killed by Negan. Her new found shadow (Spencer) is just so weak and completely opposite from Abe. She isn’t happy at all with this ‘maybe’ charade Rick and the others are putting on, and is ready for war. Then here comes Dwight to taunt her and push her around. (Dwight doesn’t like that pretty face because his pretty faced wife was taken from him, and his face isn’t so pretty). Every flipping thing has her disgusted and aggravated! I’m surprised she hasn’t flipped the script already. Now it is she who reminds Eugene that he has the ability to still be a useful part of the crew.
Then there is sneaky Michonne! As soon as she took her first shot at that walker, I figured out what she was doing. Michonne is a samurai; she doesn’t have a clue how to use a gun! She needs to learn and quick. Guns are a lot easier to hide on you than a katana. And what do you do when your sword is taken away from you and there is no spare junk metal to make a makeshift one? She kept a pretty calm head on her shoulders when she confronted Rick about giving that unaccounted for rifle over to Negan. That was one odd way of getting it out there that he knows Judith isn’t his. I mean I saw him telling Michonne before anyone else, that is his woman and certainly his better half. And I knew the moment they showed the new Judith in Alexandria which way the story was going – she looks just like Shane! He just had to come around the roundabout, long ass way to make any sense. I was thrilled to see her back out there and attempt it again. I shouted, ‘Otis is gonna shoot you!’ when she approached the deer. LOL. Loved how she plopped it down for Negan’s men when they were leaving.
My heart went out to Olivia. Speaking of no survivor skills. Can someone PLEASE start taking her out on missions? Just leave some necessities with Carl or someone while gone. She was actually whimpering for crying out loud. Olivia needs a chance.
Now, how about that Father Gabriel? 😀 I was ROTFLMAO at his personal introduction to Negan. HA! I thought I wouldn’t stop laughing at Negan’s reaction. “You’re one creepy son of a bitch!” Well, played Gabe! Loving you more and more each showing.
Now onto our HERO Rick. I really don’t know (my guess is as good as yours on this) how much of the comics they are going to follow when it comes to Rick’s fight with Negan. Hell, they take a left here and go cross country when it comes to the script. I FEEL that Rick is as submissive as he needs to be to get from A to B. And with those empty graves, I see he does have a plot or two. Rick is pretty infamous with burying and hiding weapons. He also has faith that Morgan will bring his Super Spy Carol back to him. There are also those at the Hilltop, Ninja Jesus for one, and another that is raising from the ashes that I will not name. Plus, Heath and Tara should be coming back soon. Now I do believe he went way too easy on Spencer. For one hiding the guns, for another that aweful remark he made about Abe and Glenn. I would have whipped his ass right there, then again knowing Rick he has something planned.
Last but not least, LucilleDick! OMG. having Rick hold the still bloody Lucille as Negan goes around Alexandria is such a head game. I mean he took out two of his beloved crew, two men, no less, with that bat. And holding your enemy’s weapon while he plunders your village would screw with anyone. And coming early and taking whatever they damn well pleased…I mean, DAMN we didn’t like the arrangement in the first place, but shit that is what we got prepared for. Taking the mattresses THEN burning them on the side of the road. Crucial. And Negan leaving with ‘my dick down your throat’…
OOOOH that Negan! He’s such a card!
LMAO He has so many members in my group, and so many of my friends pissed. All the while I am over here like ‘HELLO? He is the bad guy. You are suppose to be pissed at him’. Negan just makes it so much more entertaining. And JDM is playing the peepee out of that role.
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