New poster for Valley of the Sasquatch

COMING SOON: Valley of the Sasquatch

Valley of the Sasquatch

By Dixielord

New poster for Valley of the Sasquatch

Valley of the Sasquatch

The horror keeps coming in 2016 with the release of Valley of the Sasquatch on February 20th by Devilworks. Yeah. I have a thing for Bigfoot movies, have ever since seeing the Legend of Boggy Creek as a kid. So I'm a bit excited about Valley of the Sasquatch. I had hoped to catch it when it played at the Fear Fete convention last year in Biloxi, MS, but work interfered and I missed the screening. So now I am waiting with all the other Bigfoot fans and am happy to learn it will get a release this year.

Valley of the Sasquatch is directed by John Portanova. It stars Jason Vail, Bill Oberest Jr, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, David Saucedo, and D'Angelo Midili.  Oberst and Vail are perhaps best known for the surprisingly good Asylum film, Abraham Lincoln Vs Zombies.

Bill Oberst, Jr in Valley of the Sasquarch

Bill Oberst, Jr in Valley of the Sasquatch

The plot involves a man and his son who lose their home and are forced to move into a secluded cabin. The two don't have the best relationship to begin with, and the move strains it more. When two old friends arrive for a hunting trip, the familial tension increases. Unfortunately, on the hunting trip they run into a tribe of territorial Sasquatch.

Valley of the Sasquatch

Early art for Valley of the Sasquatch

The film made the festival circuit in 2015 and early 2016, winning multiple awards and garnering several good reviews before an official release was announced, and word of mouth has been very good so far. Sasquatch films can be very effective if done right, and they can be done right on a small budget, as Boggy Creek showed us many years ago.

While the Sasquatch can be played off as a mean SoB, like in Night of the Demon, or as a more sympathetic, just minding my business till you piss me off like in Exists, the Sasquatch in the trailers looks like he is willing to kick some ass in Valley of the Sasquatch. From the synopsis, though, there's a possibility the hunters do something stupid to gain his anger.

Like I said, I'm a sucker for Bigfoot films and really looking forward to Valley of the Sasquatch. We need more quality entries in the Bigfoot genre, and this looks to be decent to at least. We wont know for sure till it's available in a couple of weeks.

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Bill Oberst Jr. (@billoberstjr)


Thank you for the very kind mention and for helping to get the word out on VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH. John Portanova has made a Bigfoot movie which treats the creatures with integrity while still being fun and scary. I was happy to be a part of it.

Appreciate all you guys at do to keep horror alive!


Bill Oberst Jr.

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