Hereditary (2018)

MOVIE REVIEW: Hereditary (2018)

HereditaryIn the new film, Hereditary, written and directed by Ari Aster, viewers are given a well-written, well-acted experience watching as a grieving family falls further into tragedy and terror. At first, Hereditary seems to be a psychological horror film, but Aster has done a phenomenal job in writing something that the viewer will sink into expecting it to go one way, and finding that it turns a different direction. Now, before I continue with my review, within the horror community, Hereditary has been receiving mixed reviews from it being fantastic to people being bored, these are my personal views, any problems with them feel free to discuss them with me. In addition, this review will have some spoilers.

Hereditary (2018)Back to the film… Toni Collette as Annie, delivers a masterful performance as a woman whose mother has passed away and while grieving, her young daughter brutally dies, having her head knocked off in a tragic car accident while her son is driving. Creating division in the family and leading to Annie hating her son, for a moment the film feels as if it has fallen into the drama category of a family coping with loss, but then Annie meets a woman, who has also lost a loved one (her grandson) and been reunited with him through séances. At first terrified, Annie quickly decides to try it out herself in an attempt to reconnect with her lost daughter Charlie. This is where the film takes another turn, shifting rather well I might add, to a supernatural horror film with some Rosemary’s Baby-esque elements to it.

Hereditary (2018)So as to not ruin what I found to be a spectacular ending, I’ll be stopping with these final remarks. Toni Collette was beautifully haunting throughout the film, as a bereaved mother her desperation was clear and her inability to get past the accident incredibly convincing. Surrounded by a fantastic cast and with phenomenal writing that has me wanting to watch the film again to see what I missed, I highly recommend it. However, as said above, the film is not for everyone, some will not enjoy it, but just because some people don’t like it does not mean you shouldn’t give it a chance.
Hereditary (2018)

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