Lovely Molly

MOVIE REVIEW: Lovely Molly (2011)

By Amy Mead

Lovely Molly movie poster

Directed by: Eduardo Sanchez

Starring: Gretchen Lodge, Johnny Lewis, and Alexandra Holden

Lovely Molly begins with a girl filming herself apologizing to everyone for her actions and attempting to slit her throat on camera... The next time we see this girl, it is on her wedding day and she seems much happier.

Soon after her small, quiet wedding, newlywed and former junkie Molly Reynolds moves into her childhood home with her new husband Tim. All too soon painful and terrifying memories begin to surface and Molly becomes haunted by some unseen event of the past and strange things are happening in the house.

Something tragic happened to Molly and her sister Hannah in this house and it's almost as if Molly's presence in her father's old home has awakened something. It's never outright spoken but it is alluded to several times that maybe Molly and Hannah were molested and/or beaten by their father, who was apparently, a very sick man. It is also hinted at that perhaps Hannah was forced to murder him to protect Molly and herself.

Something ominous, mysterious, and increasingly terrifying is taking shape, and taking hold of Molly. And whatever it is seems bent on destroying the life that Molly has worked so hard to rebuild after her addiction and multiple relapses. A malevolence seems to be stalking her, building in its intensity and shredding her fragile hold on sobriety and sanity, endangering all those she cares about. And herself.

Her husband Tim's work often takes him away for fairly long stretches and Molly is left alone in the old isolated house. She begins hearing things. Voices and whispers and footsteps, which sends her into a rapid decline of madness, psychosis, and depravity. She claims her father is still in the house and that he talks to her.

Every aspect of her life is soon affected by these events. She loses her job after being shown by her boss some CCTV footage of herself in what looks like a full on sexual assault...but she is completely alone.

Every day, Molly's behavior becomes more and more erratic. Culminating in violence and murder and a very unnerving final image and the disappearance of Molly.

The audience is left to wonder if these things were actually happening to Molly or if it is all a product of a delusional and broken mind...


There is much to like as this film as there is to NOT like but surprisingly, I rather enjoyed it. I am generally not a fan of what can be considered lazy, haphazard filmmaking but there was just something about this and Sanchez's direction that really worked for me. There is a feeling of intense creepiness and for the entire run of the film, I found myself unable to relax. Most of that, however, is due to the acting talent of Gretchen Lodge who truly shines in the titular role.

Love it or hate it, I am a huge fan of The Blair Witch Project, so when I heard about this newest Eduardo Sanchez film, Lovely Molly, I was totally in. And much like with The Blair Witch Project, I was sucked right into the storyline and spent more hours than I care to admit trying to decipher any and all hidden meanings within the film. Sanchez made me feel as though there were many.

Many people have railed against this film because of the open ended climax that leaves much to the viewer's interpretation but I rather enjoy all the questions I had in my head after the credits rolled. Every time I watch the film, I find something, some little tidbit, that I missed on the first couple of viewings. This is definitely one I couldn't get out of my head and I have watched it several times just trying to catch all the little nuances and subtleties within the film.

While I really enjoy this creepy little horror mystery and found it to be right up my alley, it is definitely not for everyone. If you did not enjoy any of Eduardo Sanchez's other horror efforts, you might do well to stay away from this one.

I give it 7/10 Horse Head Demons

Posted by Alan Smithee

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