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MOVIE REVIEW (SHORT): Shriekfest: Blood Sisters (2017)

Blood Sisters (2017)

Venue: Shriekfest

Directors: Caitlin Koller, Lachlan Smith; Writer: Hannah White; Stars: Emma Gladwell, Hannah Vanderheide; Rating: UNK; Run Time: 11 min; Genre: Short, Horror; Country: USA; Language: English; Year: 2016
Blood SIsters (2017) / Fair us doctrine.
Hello, fiends! Still working my way through the Shriekfest shorts, and this one, Blood Sisters, is by award-winning director Caitlin Koller and Lachlan Smith. Two best friends plan a carefree night of TV watching and, oh, some witchcraft. It’s all just silly fun; however, they soon learn that some things are best not meddled with. When your movie ends with a massive blood puke, you earn a special place in my heart. However, Blood Sisters just happens to be amazingly written, directed, and acted. Blood Sisters manages to take a paper-thin plot and make it work on different layers. It's high spirited fun and a gross-out. Most importantly, the comedic elements really hit the mark without feeling hammy or corny. Blood Sisters relies solely on two actors, and both (thankfully) do a fantastic job carrying the film.

Both Emma and Hannah have a natural ease in front of the camera, and the chemistry between the two is very believable. On the technical side, the film is well crafted with sharp editing, nice camera work, and has a healthy dose of visual flair to further give it polish. Blood Sisters is an outstanding horror comedy short which delivers devilishly good laughs and lots of red kroovy in equal measures. Koller and Smith know how to manage a well-balanced script that doesn’t outstay its welcome and also have a keen eye for creating a mood. Horror comedy is tricky to pull off but Blood Sisters does it extremely well. I cannot wait to see what else these talented filmmakers might puke up in the near future.

Posted by Mike Vaughn

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