Staff - EvilLynnHorror films have always been a major influence in my life since my early teen years. I firmly believe that this passion developed from my childhood adoration of Halloween. I grew up loving many elements of this holiday and decor, the spooky stories by the fire, the crunchy leaves, night chills. and always yearned to know more. During my angry teen years, my spooky obsession glided me right into the world of horror films and music like a fantastic demon gripping its massive hooks into me. I loved every minute of it.
The first gory movie that I ever had the pleasure of viewing at the ripe age of 15 was Dead Alive> by the almighty Mr. Peter Jackson - way back before many people know his name. And, oh man, the amount of gore in that film was so massive that it became hilarious. Quickly after that, I began consuming every gory movie that was either suggested to me or something I was lucky enough to stumble across at the local video joint(s). All thee years later, my love for horror, especially the gore and vile films, has not and will never demolish; I think it's perfectly safe to say that it's no longer a phase but rather a way of life.

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