Staff - Scarlett OScarlett O is my pen name because I have been told I bear a resemblance to Vivienne Leigh, for whom I have deep admiration. I am not sure that it is necessarily due to an aesthetic likeness as much as it may be for the bitchy demeanor of Scarlett O' Hara's character, but I'll take it either way! I have two degrees in English & American Literature (because I'm a nerd like that) and have had some poems published here and there. My master's thesis was written about William Faulkner's themes and characters in The Sound and the Fury, but I also have an obsession with the works of John Milton and William Blake. I've taught multiple courses at the secondary and post secondary levels in writing, reading, literature, and speech communications but consider myself a forever student. I also have an intense fascination with anything paranormal and the afterlife, whatever that may be, especially as it crosses paths with mortals, which I firmly believe it most certainly does.
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