Staff - Tabitha HarveyMy name is Tabitha, and I am a 30-something hard core horror fan with special interest in the paranormal. I began having experiences with spirits at a very young age, which continued frequently throughout my teenage years and into my early 20s. I never spoke about these experiences; instead, I sought knowledge about it in my preteen years the only way I knew how - which was through horror films and books - and I simply fell in love with horror both because of the escapism and also because of the connection I felt watching and reading horror novels and ghost stories. On this journey into the world of horror, I found a strange fascination for slashers and monsters as well. There are so many levels to the horror genre in general, but if you believe in "impossible" things, it is all the more fun to experience these creepy things, macabre events, and fantastic ideas brought to life through films, books, art, and our own imaginations! I'm honored to join the House of Tortured Souls family.
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