Staff - Woofer McWooferson
Woofenstein “Woofer” McWooferson is a writer and Editor-in-chief for House of Tortured Souls.

A werewolf from birth, Woofer had an otherwise normal childhood. Woofer grew up in a suburban home and found more friends in books, movies, and television than at school. In college, Woofer undertook an honors degree while majoring in English with a minor in criminal psychology. Woofer later earned a Master’s degree in English, focusing on the modern British novel and then pursued a degree in Metaphysics at Miskatonic University.

Woofer was a contributing author for William Castle Presents: Scare It Forward: “Angel Island” (2010) and an editor for Blake Petit’s Opening Night of the Dead (2012) and Claus Holm’s Dreams and Awakenings (2014) and Tempus Investigations (2016).

Woofer likes to read, camp, watch movies, listen to music, and spend time with Big Dog, alpha and mad scientist.

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