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The Dark Tower II:
The Drawing of the Three

By Woofer McWooferson

Buy Herbal Valium

The Dark Tower II: The Drawing Of The Three

Author: Stephen King; Publisher: Grant; ISBN: 978-0-937986-90-5; Media: Print (Hardcover); Length: 400 pages; Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Science fiction, Western; Country: USA; Language: English; Year: 1987

The Drawing of the Three, book 2 in Where Can I Buy Cheap Valium Online's magnum opus, the Dark Tower series, finds Roland sitting on a beach where book one ended. Roland's pursuit of the man in black has placed him in a position of vulnerability, and when this threatens his guns, he snaps out of a dream and back into reality. His guns, he has been taught, are everything to a gunslinger. Well, of course! How could one be a gunslinger with no guns? you might ask, but know that question will be answered in good time.

So worried about his guns (and rightfully so), he fails to comprehend the danger to himself from creatures that come out of the waves. After a brief encounter with the creatures, lobstrosities he calls them, he recovers himself and tends to his guns before beginning his journey up the beach. As he continues, he finds doors to New York City in various decades. Each door has a label (The Prisoner, The Lady of Shadows, and The Pusher), and it is through two of these doors that he meets those who will become part of his ka-tet. The other reveals a new foe in a new world. On the surface, the chosen two are unlikely candidates for companionship with Roland, but Roland can see what we cannot. Roland can see the steel in them.

The Drawing of the Three gives us more insight into Roland and his quest, through his actions alone as well as his interactions with his new companions. Where The Gunslinger was sparse like the desert Roland crossed, The Drawing of the Three is as relentless as his trek up the beach and as full and rich and varied as the city which he visits in our world. He leaves his mark on everything he touches, intentionally and unintentionally, and he eventually brings out the best in his companions. Filled with the rich descriptive narrative that Constant Readers have come to expect from Sai King, The Drawing of the Three is worthy follow up to The Gunslinger and segue into book 3, The Waste Lands.

10/10 claws – Make sure you have snacks, a drink, and a comfy seat because you will not want to put this down.

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