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WiHM9 Blood Drive, PSA #28 – The Newish Testament

Valium Where Can I Buy

Good evening and happy twenty-eighth night of Women in Horror Month, and House of Tortured Souls is proud to present the final entry in this year’s Women in Horror Month Blood Drive.

Tonight’s PSA comes from Buy Herbal Valium.

The following may be offensive to some, but in the immortal words of mister John Cleese, “Some people deserve to be offended”….

Without further ado, behold the wicked final Blood Drive PSA of Women in Horror Month:

The Newish Testament

By Jamie DeWolf


An irreverent romp through the Garden of Eden, on a quest for the origin of the First Blood.
Directed, shot, written and edited by Jamie DeWolf and Sharkey Stiletto


For this short, we wanted to confront widely held fairytales through a critical eye.
This lead us down some zany paths, on a quest of what makes blood magical and what makes it absurd.


A.J. Kirsch as Adam
Sadira LadyLiquid as Eve
Jordan Ranft as God
Asher Kennedy as Sampson
Zoë Rountree as Delilah
Jamie DeWolf as Joseph
Nazelah Jamison as Mary
ChaCha Burnadette as Goddess
Dre AKA Duke Bossman as Jesus Christmas


JAMIE DEWOLF is a writer, performer, film director, show producer and circus ringmaster from Oakland, CA. A filmmaker since his teens, DeWolf wrote and directed his first feature film Smoked, a “fast paced, smart, witty dark comedy crime caper” about a botched Cannabis Club robbery in Oakland. The film is described as “Mean, bloody and demented. It’s also piss-your-pants hilarious, maddeningly nihilistic…and an insanely energetic romp.” Smoked was picked up for international distribution by Indican Studios, who also released the cult film Boondock Saints.
DeWolf’s original short films, known for their provocative and boundary pushing subject matter, have won multiple awards from “Best Acting Performance” (A Girl and a Gun Briefs 2013), “Most Terrifying Storyline” (U Turn Scream 2013), “Best Cinematography” (Ricochet in Reverse Scream 2014), and “Best Writing” (Rio Grind 2014). His short films Hey Baby Hey and OK Monster! both won the Grand Prize Audience Award the year of their premiere. His shorts Double Agent and Black Out were both chosen to be featured at the CineKink Film Festival in NYC. His short U Turn was selected for The Invoking 2, a feature length horror film anthology franchise by Ruthless Pictures. He was voted “Best Film-Maker” by the East Bay Express in 2016.
DeWolf has made a dedication to intertwining cinema and social activism, shooting and directing over 32 films for the Bigger Picture Project, an acclaimed, statewide series of films on the youth prevention of Diabetes. The series was featured in the NY Times, the PBS NewsHour, Colorlines and KQED. He’s helmed national film campaigns for the Raise Up Project focusing on the high school drop-out crisis, the Write Home Project which was coupled with a writing program on youth homelessness, and the Off/Page Project in partnership with the Center for Investigative Reporting. The Off/Page Project resulted in the trilogy Whispers from the Fields, This is Home and Locked (in), acclaimed for creating a new hybrid of “lyricism and facts”. His films have accumulated over 5 million shared views across the world, winning the Real Food Media Grand Prize two years in a row with the films Thin Line and Home Flavored, and received the Spirit of 1848 award from the American Public Health Association. He continues to direct and shoot a variety of projects from documentary, music video and narrative films.
Currently DeWolf hosts his variety show Tourettes Without Regrets every First Thursday in Oakland, tours with NPR’s storytelling series Snap Judgment and is writing his next feature film. You can find his CD Vaude Villain featuring his comedy performances on Itunes .

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