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August Underground Trilogy Part 3 of 3: Penance (2007)

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In August Underground’s Penance, we are introduced to the final and, in my opinion, the weakest film of the trilogy. Following the found footage style of the first two films, we encounter Peter and Crusty on more of their sadistic ventures. Beginning with a man who attempted to escape Peter and Crusty’s clutches, he does not get very far before the couple kills him. Afterwards, Peter and Crusty go about town doing various normal activities including watching some fireworks. For a moment, it even seems that they have progressed past their serial killing phase. Of course, the film then cuts to the basement again with Peter harassing and torturing a man who they have hammered multiple nails into various parts of his body.
Buy Herbal ValiumAfter this small stint of torture, Peter and Crusty find themselves under a bridge where they first harass and torment a homeless man, before cutting open a man to disembowel him whilst he is still alive. The juxtaposition between sadistic violence and “normal” behavior occurs again with Peter and Crusty at a party. The next scene occurs at Christmas time with Peter and Crusty invading a home of three where they proceed to celebrate Christmas their way. This first involves Peter bludgeoning the father with a hammer and then murdering and attempting to rape the mother, but is unable to get himself hard so he gives up. At this point, while he is attempting to rape the mother, the daughter of the couple comes down the stairs witnessing the atrocities unfold. Crusty, quickly tackles the girl and strangles her to death. She then opens up a few presents for herself and goes to sleep between the two corpses.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Valium OnlineFairly similar to the other films in that there is a number of murders through bludgeoning to death, Penance does not really stick out until near the end of the film when we first see Peter bludgeoning a man with Crusty drinking some of the blood as it pours from the man. Not terribly shocking with how these two are and with some of the acts that they perpetrated in Mordum (remember that penectomy scene where Crusty performs fellatio upon a severed penis?). The film then cuts to the next scene, which shows Peter carving open a pregnant woman and removing the fetus from her. This is where Peter and Crusty begin to break down and when Peter fails to comfort her, he rapes her.

The film ends rather quickly with Peter getting drunk, abusing a woman and passing out. Once he is asleep, Crusty takes the camera with her to the bathroom where she does her “penance” by killing herself, which is where the film concludes. Overall, as I said at the beginning it was the weakest of the trilogy, and after Mordum, it seems that Vogel had run out of sadistic ideas to bring his trilogy to a conclusion.

I have to give August Underground’s Penance a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Buy Diazepam Online Legally UkDirector: Fred Vogel; Writers: Allen Peters (characters), Fred Vogel (characters), Cristie Whiles (as Cristie ‘Crusty’ Whiles), Fred Vogel; Stars: Cristie Whiles, Fred Vogel, Shelby Lyn Vogel; Rating: Unrated; Run Time: 84 min; Genre: Horror; Language: English; Year: 2007

August Underground Trilogy, Part 2 of 3: Mordum (2003)

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Valium Online CanadaIn August Underground’s Mordum, Fred Vogel’s second film of the August Underground trilogy, the viewer is assaulted by some of the most grotesquely atrocious acts of violence and depravity known to man. A found footage film, we are first introduced to characters Peter, Crusty (his girlfriend), and her brother Maggot. The first scene certainly sets the tone with Peter running the camera and catching his girlfriend having sex with her brother. Enraged Peter erupts into a nonstop barrage of verbal abuse towards Crusty, who then quiets him down by taking a jagged piece of glass and carving into her stomach with it, which in turn arouses Peter. To say this is fucked up is an understatement as we are quickly taken to the next scene in a crack house where they proceed to murder the owner with a hammer, but it is when our group of sadomasochistic serial killers return home that things escalate to another level.

Buy Roche Diazepam UkI won’t bother to delve into every act of violence that is perpetrated on the screen, but I will say that it is certainly an extreme film up there with the likes of A Serbian Film and Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh & Blood. The film includes everything imaginable and then some, some that I found to be rather creative in a sadistic sort of way. This includes forcing a man to perform a penectomy (never knew there was a word for removal of the penis) upon himself with a pair of cuticle scissors and disemboweling a woman alive and fucking the slash wound in her corpse. I guess with that being said, I should issue a strong warning that August Underground’s Mordum is not for the faint of heart. Being done as found footage, one feels as if they are truly there watching some snuff film that just happened to be lying on the street. The camera work is what one would expect from a pseudo snuff film: the camera moves erratically, the picture can be grainy at points, and you can see where they had to change “tapes” while filming their exploits.

Overall, I found August Underground’s Mordum to be rather entertaining and engrossing at points. However, I cannot emphasize enough that this film is not for everyone. One of my friends took it upon herself to watch it and made it about twenty minutes before having to stop because it disturbed her so much. I did find it disturbing at points, but not because of the brutality so much as the realism and the possibility that there are people out there who truly do commit these sorts of acts. That having been said, if you like extreme found footage films that are pseudo snuff, then give it a go!

3.8 out of 5 stars

Can I Order Valium OnlineDirectors: Jerami Cruise (as Cruise), Killjoy, Michael Todd Schneider (as Maggot), Fred Vogel (as Fredenstein), Cristie Whiles (as Crusty); Writers: Killjoy, Cristie Whiles (as Crusty), Fred Vogel (as Fredenstein), Jerami Cruise (as Cruise), Michael Todd Schneider (as Maggot), Fred Vogel (film August Undergound), Allen Peters (film August Undergound); Stars: Cristie Whiles, Fred Vogel, Michael Todd Schneider (as Michael T Schneider), Jerami Cruise, Killjoy; Rating: Unrated; Run Time: 77 min; Genre: Horror; Language: English; Year: 2003
August Underground Trilogy, Part 1 of 3: August Underground (2001)

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Being a fan of the more extreme horror films, when the opportunity presented itself for me to purchase copies of each August Underground film, I could not in good conscience turn it down. Hearing of the notoriety of the trilogy itself, especially Mordum, I wanted to watch and critique each film. This is the first part of my run critiquing this trilogy, so without further ado, here is August Underground.

Get Prescribed Valium OnlinePart of the found footage genre, August Underground revolves entirely around Peter (Fred Vogel) and his buddy as they go about a rape, torture and murder spree. Very early on, we are confronted with the sadistic violence that is what gave August Underground its question, “The sickest film ever made?” on the cover of the special edition DVD release. At the start, Peter invites his buddy manning the camera to follow him to the basement where a woman named Laura is tied naked to a chair. Quickly, it is revealed that Peter has already slaughtered and even castrated Laura’s boyfriend, whose remnants are in the bathtub in the adjacent room. The torture that we are given a front row seat that involves smearing feces over the poor woman, including over where her nipples had once been until Peter and company decided to slice them off her.

Following our introduction to Laura, Peter and his unnamed cameraman pick up a female hitchhiker whom Peter forces into performing oral sex upon him and even begins raping her before he beats her to death. The film then cuts back to the basement with Laura being tormented by Peter and his friend. During this scene, Peter decides that it would be funny, much to the horror of Laura and the viewers, to take a toe off her boyfriend’s corpse, force it into her mouth, and duct tape her mouth shut. Progressing from there, the pair go out for the evening and return to find that Laura has finally died, much to their rage and frustration.

Buy Diazepam Online CheapShortly thereafter, the duo go on a road trip, which ends at a tattoo parlor where they assault, kidnap and ultimately torture and kill the twin brothers who run the parlor. The last part of the film has our duo doing cocaine with two prostitutes. Fast forward and once the cameraman is through having sex with his prostitute, the two venture into the basement where Peter is beating the other prostitute to death with a hammer while sodomizing her. The film abruptly ends when the duo chase the other prostitute and the camera is dropped.

Overall, I found August Underground to have some shocking moments to it and certainly some grotesque moments, but to answer the question on the cover of the DVD case, I did not find it to be the sickest film ever made. It certainly reflected some elements similar to that of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, but with a much lower budget. As an independent underground film, though, I must say that they do very well with the small budget that they have to use. I would have to give is 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Buy Diazepam PillsDirector: Fred Vogel; Writers: Allen Peters, Fred Vogel; Stars: Fred Vogel, Kyle Dealman, Casey Eganey, Dan Friedman; Rating: Unrated; Run Time: 70 min; Genre: Horror; Language: English; Year: 2001
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