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RECAP: TWD, S06E04, Here’s Not Here

Cheap Valium Online Uk, Buy Diazepam From Mexico


By Nicole Robinson

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The Walking Dead slowed things down this week with the 90- minute fourth installment of the AMC zombie drama’s sixth season. Here’s Not Here changed the pace after the last three back to back intense blood bath episodes, focusing on the backstory of how Jedi-Zen master Morgan (Lennie James) and his magic walking made it to Alexandria to reunite with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). We were introduced to Morgan’s Yoda, Eastman played by the always outstanding John Carroll Lynch.

When we were first introduced to Morgan in season one’s pilot episode, he seemed to be a calm man, mourning over his zombie wife and protecting his son Dwayne. When he and Rick parted ways at the end of the episode, non-comic readers probably forgot all about Morgan and his son. As a major player in the comic series, readers knew he would pop back up eventually, which he did in the season three episode Clear.

In Clear we found Morgan had gone a little cray cray after watching his wife turn his son into a Walker snack. Despite being offered the chance to join Rick at the prison, he turned him down because he still needed to Clear. Here’s Not Here picks up right after the encounter. We find Morgan is continuing his self-destructive path, killing every Walker or man that he meets, even if he doesn't have to.

In the midst of this kill-everything-and-everyone adventure walk through the woods, Morgan happens upon an isolated, peaceful cabin with a goat out front and tries to steal it. Instead of getting away with the goat, he is captured by Eastman, who may be the only person in the apocalypse that wants to HELP other people instead of killing them.

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Turns out Eastman is a former forensic psychologist who worked with some of the most deranged prison inmates, perhaps at the former home of Rick and friends. His goal is not to hurt Morgan, who is sitting in a cell in the cabin, but to rehabilitate him. The question remains…. Is Morgan too far gone?

Eventually Eastman opens the cell door—or rather reveals the door had never been locked. Morgan exits and of course attempts to kill Eastman but he just can’t allow that to happen. Eastman uses his Jedi powers to hand Morgan his a**, and the defeated, distraught Morgan slinks back to the cell of his own volition, closing the door that does not lock as if to lock himself in. At this point, Eastman goes about his business, although still trying to engage Morgan in conversation.

Most characters in The Walking Dead have come close to or already have succumbed to the dark side. Eastman’s characters is a refreshing change from the usual kill now question later attitude that comes with the apocalypse. He is the most unambiguously good character we’ve had on the show since Herschel (RIP) and holds on to the mindset most of humanity held dear before the world crashed and burned, All Life Is Precious, even the most evil of people . Life matters to him so much that he has his own Walker graveyard complete with names taken from ID cards etched onto wooden grave markers.

The amazing part about this respect for life that Eastman holds is that he not without his fair share of suffering. Over dinner he tells Morgan his own story about the man who killed his family before Walkers had eaten most of mankind. After ruining the man’s chance at parole, Eastman’s wife and children were violently murdered by him. The man broke out of prison just to kill the Eastman family and surrendered to the cops covered in their blood. Eastman built the cell for the man, taking him from his prison highway flower planting job and throwing him in to let him starve to death over 47 days, after which he swore to never take another life.

We Cannot Be Comfortable With Killing. They all heal, some more, some less.

After a bit of violence and lot of prodding from Eastman, Morgan eventually settles into a master/apprentice relationship with his new buddy, practicing Aikido, becoming a vegetarian and generally re-learning how to be a merciful person while tending to Tabitha, the goat. Eastman’s experience with violent criminals turns out to be a very handy skill during the process of bringing Morgan back from insanity, otherwise known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is intelligent, kind, observant, and most importantly, patient. And while he seems to be a generally good-natured guy, there is a sense that the apocalypse is getting to him. He needs Morgan just as much as Morgan needs him. He needs a companion, and he needs a project. Morgan provides him with both.

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The first mistake Eastman made was trying to be the voice of wisdom on a post-apocalyptic TV show. He dies of course, having been bit during magic walking stick practice. This brings us to the moment when we find out the meaning behind some of the items Morgan had on his makeshift-alter at Father Gabe’s church in season 5. The lucky rabbit’s foot belonged to Eastman, given to him by his dead daughter, which he gives to Morgan as a parting gift. The Goo Goo Clusters were Eastman’s favorite, which he points out to Morgan during the episode.

Here’s Not Here gave a sense of calm that was much needed after the last three intensely violent episodes. Sometimes we need a break from chaos when more is on the way. Don’t forget the Mega Herd is STILL coming. This season has offered us some edge of our seat moments and more are on the way. The calm episodes will be few and far between, enjoy them when you can.

Sadly viewers are going to have to wait a little while longer to find out the fate of Glenn.....possibly longer than they expect. Did anyone else notice that Steven Yuen’s name was removed from the opening credits this week? The herd is still on its way to Alexandria and that means at least a few people are going to die. Morgan has a Wolf locked in cage. The RV won’t start. The death count is already high so far.


In lighter news, The Walking Dead and Talking Dead have both been renewed for season 7! AMC announced a new reality series starring Norman Reedus on a motorcycle currently titles, Ride With Norman Reedus. The show will feature Reedus traveling to places around the US, exploring exciting things like tattoo parlors and bike shops. Seems kind of hard to film both. Perhaps this is a clue to the demise of Daryl Dixon at some point this season? Stay Tuned.