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RECAP: TWD, S06E03, Thank You

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By Nicole Robinson

Last night’s Thank You, episode 3 in the sixth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, had viewers screaming at the small screen and jaws dropped as they watched one the longest surviving members of Rick’s group possibly die in front of their very eyes. They warned us! No one is safe!

****SPOILER ALERT! If you have not watched the episode yet, why are you reading this?!****

Last night’s episode, Thank You, left most viewers either horrified or confused by the end, curious about the fate of our favorite pizza delivery guy. Most of us are sitting here wondering “Did he really just DIE?!”. It is possible that the blood and intestines we saw the walkers snacking on was not Glenn. It could have been Nicholas who knocked Glenn into the heard after shooting himself in the temple on top of the dumpster they were trapped on. Looks like Nick may have just killed Glenn after all.

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But first, maybe we should go ahead and recap a little of the events from the rest of the episode so it looks like an honest review before we go through this whole Glenn dead or not dead thing...

This episode takes place during the events of last week’s blood bath. We catch up with Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Sasha, Daryl, Abraham, Glenn, Nicholas, and the rest of Alexandianites that are trying to deal with the giant mega herd that is STILL heading right for home. It has become really obvious to all of the viewers at this point that not everyone is going to survive this. Rick even says he knows this, and he seem to be totally cool with it. He pulls Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Glenn (Steven Yuen) aside, and flatly tells them, “Try to get the others back home, but not all of them [meaning the Alexandrians] are gonna make it.” Michonne and Glenn—who know how the zombie apocalypse works—are still kind of horrified to hear Rick say it out loud. But, Rick is still right.

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Sadly, it is obvious how bad the Alexandrites are at killing walkers. Even the wounded ones tell the others to go on without them. They already know.

Rick splits off from the group to go get the RV so he can use it to redirect the horde. Glenn and Michonne take the survivors and head towards Alexandria. Sasha, Daryl, and Abraham lead the part of the horde that was not distracted by the horn to the drop point. Rick’s hand is wounded on the way to RV while fighting some walkers. He pushes forward, killing more walkers and making it to the RV only to be attacked by wolves inside.

Attacking Rick Grimes is probably no a smart thing to do. These Wolves find out, dispatched as quickly as they attacked and Rick finds three more wolves sneaking up the side of the RV. The threat is short lived as he shoots them through the wall. Problem solved except now the RV won’t start. Anyone else miss Dale?

Glenn and Michonne’s group of Alexandrites with one bitten and one wounded, get trapped and Glenn’s idea to save the day is set a feed store on fire to distract the herd away. He takes Nicholas (Michael Traynor) with him and the two get cornered by the herd in an alleyway leading to being trapped on the dumpster.

Is Glenn Dead?

Considering that we did not actually see Glenn die and he was not on the “In Memorium” on Talking Dead, one could question if he really did get brutally eaten by the walkers. Yes we saw blood…. A lot of blood.

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We saw walkers eating SOMEONE. It would take a miracle to get out of an insanely large group of walkers like that and if Glenn did survive the buffet, there better be a really good storyline as to how. Nicholas could have fallen on top of Glenn and shielded him from the herd. Maybe Glenn was able to shimmy under the dumpster to hide while they ate poor Nick. Or maybe Nick actually ended up being the one who kills Glenn after all. It appears we will be waiting awhile to find out. Next week’s Morgan centered backstory episode will finally be showing us how the Jedi master zen came to be with his magical stick. If Glenn is dead, chances are Maggie will turn up pregnant in the near future. This also leaves open other story lines from the comics that are highly anticipated to bring about the demise of other character’s in Glenn’s place. Or just good old fashioned great storytelling.

No matter what the case, this season started with an adrenaline rush that has not let up yet. Three back to back intense, gut wrenching episodes into season 6 have shown us that this is shaping up to be the best season yet of the zombie drama. We certainly do have something to fear this season…