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MOVIE REVIEW: Found (2012)

Buy Diazepam Uk 2Mg, Buying Valium Online Is It Legal


By : John Roisland

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July of 2012 brought to us an independent film that has been loved, adored and feared by horror fans everywhere, I bring to you Found.

Director and screen play writer, Scott Schirmer,  brings the novel , written by Todd Rigney to life.

Before continuing, I want to let everyone know that this is a spoiler free review and with good damn reasons, AND, with that said, this is also the hardest review I've have done yet. I love this film, and have trashed and rewritten this now three times! So I hope you enjoy my view, of what I think is one of the greatest horror films made.

Filmed in Bloomington Indiana, Found is the story of Marty , played by Gavin Brown ( The Impersonators)  , a middle school aged boy and his older brother Steve, played by Ethan Philbeck.  The two brothers live in your stereo typical dysfunctional family.  Everyone seems to be fake to each other, almost to as if give off the image of being a happy family. This is the furthest thing from the truth.

Found is the profound look into the dark side of the middle American family. The struggling young Marty battles the everyday fights of todays youth in trying to fit in. Finding himself at the wrong end of the cool stick, he keeps to himself, stays home a lot, and starts to explore in to his brothers room where he find a bowling ball bag deep in his brothers closet, containing a human head of a local boy  in it. Marty had been previously warned by Steve to stay out of his room,...well, Steve picked up on that someone had been in there, and had uncovered his secret. Being as how his parents hadn't jumped his shit , he knew it was his brother Marty.


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Marty , scared, swore to secrecy to his brother not to mention this to anyone...until. Until one day, when in an attempt to keep a friend, Marty invites a classmate over to his house to hang out. The two boys watch a horror movie that was found in Steve's room called Headless. The story of a skull faced killer named Headless , played by Alex Kogin, who enjoys, torturing , sexually abusing, murdering, decapitating , oh and lets not forget, fucking his victims heads in a way, I must admit, I've never seen in any movie! The entire time the boys are watching this film, Marty is envisioning his brother as the killer, so when the film is over, his so called friend makes fun of Marty, because hes a bit out of sorts from his thoughts of his brother, so the boy assumed he was scared of the movie.

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In attempt to prove he wasn't scared, he ended up showing the boy, the severed head. The kid freaked , and on his way home he went. When Steve found out about what had happened...well...lets just say it was then two heads in the bag. Steven killed the boy, and took his head as a trophy.

Marty's fear for his brother grew, and things got worse in the household, parent yelling at both the brothers constantly until one day  Steve and his father get into a fight in the garage, and Steve splits. This is when things get really bad for the family.

Sadly enough...this is where I leave you. I honestly can't  and don't want to go any further with the story, as I fear I may run on and on and tell you the ending... and that just cant happen!!

The ending to Found , is one that will leave you with your jaw on your lap. It is truly an ending of all endings. I do warn you, it is very disturbing, but the way Scott Shirmer did it, ...incredible!

Brought to you by the great folks at Online Prescriptions Valium, I cant stress to you enough , that if your ass hasn't seen this film yet, you need to fucking do it!! And when your done with it...go see only makes sense, right?!?


Keep it Evil



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