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Celebrities in Horror #1

By Tammie Parker

I don't know about you, but every time a horror movie comes out featuring a well known actor, I'm wary. Can they pull it off? Will their fame ruin the entire thing? I certainly watch each one as soon as possible. I just have to find out if they can pull it off. I am impressed with quite a few, I must say!

Here is my inaugural Celebrities in Horror list, the first in a series:

1) How about we start off with Johnny Depp and his role in A Nightmare on Elm Street! Did you forget that was him? How many didn't even know that was him? OOOH boy, that hair, and LMAO that shirt!

Celebrities in Horror 01-johnnydepp-nightmare

2 - 7) One of my all time favorite celebrity horror films is Stir of Echoes.

Celebrities in Horror 02-kevinbacon-stirofechos

OH, my Lord! Kick off your Sunday shoes!! Not only is the main character Kevin Bacon, but pretty much everyone in this film was well known, or became well known afterwards. I mean, seriously, that's Kathryn Erbe (Law&Order: Criminal Intent) as his on top, “I'll just carry the baby monitor with me to the party” wife, and the sister/hypnotist Illeana Douglas (stroll back to the beaten nurse in Cape Fear). The neighbors, Kevin Dunn (Mississippi Burning, the Dad from Transformers!) and Conor O'Farrell (Dark Skies, NYPD Blue) and, last but not least, let's stop and think who could be that creepy moving thing? (This is where my mother card kicks in and I yell at the TV, "You stop walking backwards, right now, young lady!”) It is most certainly Jennifer Morrison (you know, from House, Once Upon a Time, and How I Met Your Mother!) This movie is INCREDIBLE! Hands down to the writer and the director of the film for opening a new creepy door.

8) How about The Amityville Horror remake? Maybe you forgot all about the fact the Ryan Renolds debuted as that chirpy fresh face in Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Joint.

Celebrities in Horror 03-ryanrenolds-pizza

And around the bend, BOOM! He turned into this:Celebrities in Horror 04-ryanrenolds

Next you will be telling me the Seth Rogan has a Disney film out!!

9 & 10) Another OMG movie is What Lies Beneath.

Celebrities in Horror 05-whatliesbeneath

Han, I mean seriously, Harrison Ford! Excuse me, Mr. President! What did you do Indy? And I certainly didn't see that coming out of Michelle Pfieffer!! I am impressed!! Applause.

11 – 13) Moving right along to Halle Berry in Gothika.

Celebrities in Horror 06-halleberry-gothika

What a freakish movie, huh? And Halle should win an award for that panting/scared stance she pulled off several times in this movie. And... wait for it.. John Carroll Lynch (Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show, the cheese maker and care giver to Tabitha on The Walking Dead) in another scary role! And how dare you Mr. Charles S. Dutton (also American Horror Story: Murder House, and Alien 3), you are grounded!

14 & 15) Hide and Seek. Who thought Robert DeNiro had that in him??

I must confess, I first watched this because of Dakota Fanning! She can turn eating breakfast into a living nightmare with only her facial expressions! This was another story I thoroughly enjoyed.

Celebrities in Horror 07-hideandseek

16 & 17) Did you forget John Lithgow (3rd Rock from the Sun and Harry and the Hendersons) once has our eyes bulging by his role on Ricochet? I mean GOOD GOOGLY what a transformation!! How do characters like that coexist inside in the mind??

Celebrities in Horror 09-johnlithgow-ricochet

Celebrities in Horror 08-johnlithgow-3rdrock

Speaking of Ricochet; that was Denzel Washington's beginning as well remember. I know Denzel went on to play several suspenseful roles, but have you seen Fallen? Now, for the rest of the day you will bust out singing, "Ti-i-i-me is on my side..." Denzel has that 'shocked' portrayal down pat!

Celebrities in Horror 10-denzel

There are many many more (I think I will do an entire article on John Goodman, who played Roseanne's husband Dan) but this article has grown quite lengthy. I want to leave you with the Wahlberg brothers...

18) Did anyone else catch that the cop role in Saw II, Saw III, and Saw IV was that 'spunky rebel' from New Kids on the Block, Donnie Wahlberg!! :O!!!! #MindBlown

Celebrities in Horror 11-donniewahlberg-saw

Celebrities in Horror 12-donniewahlberg-nkotb

Or that he played Bruce Willis' killer in The Sixth Sense?

Celebrities in Horror 13-donniewahlberg-6th-sense

19) And his little brother (You know... that Calvin Kline underwear model.) Marky Mark turned into Mark Wahlberg and went on to play a science teacher in The Happening.

Celebrities in Horror 15-markwahlberg-happening

Feel free to leave comments about other celebrities in horror movies.

Posted by Tammie Parker in STAFF PICKS, 1 comment