History of Horror in October

History of Horror in October

By Woofer McWooferson

Join House of Tortured Souls as we celebrate significant dates in the history of horror in October. Click on thumbnails for full images.

October 1 – 7

10/01/1968 – Night of the Living Dead (1968)
released theatrically
19680110_Night of the Living Dead / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
19741001_The Texas Chain Saw Massacre / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/01/1974 – The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) released
10/02/1959 – The Twilight Zone (original series) premieres on television
19591002_The Twilight Zone / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
19971002_Castlevania: Symphony of the Night / Cover art. Fair use doctrine.
10/02/1997 – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night released on the PlayStation and Sega Saturn in the United States
10/02/2001 – Tremors 3: Back to Perfection released theatrically
20011002_Tremors 3: Back to Perfection / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
20021003_Darkness / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/03/2002 – Darkness released theatrically
10/04/2002 – Red Dragon released theatrically
20021004_Red Dragon / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
20041004_Zombie Honeymoon / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/04/2004 – Zombie Honeymoon released theatrically
10/04/2005 – Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow released on the Nintendo DS in the United States America
20051004_Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow / Cover art. Fair use doctrine.
19191005_Donald Pleasence / © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
10/05/1919 – Donald Pleasence (actor in many horror films) born (d. 1995)
10/05/1952 – Clive Barker (author, director, and artist) born
19521005_Clive Barker / Photo by Jean-Paul Aussenard - © WireImage.com - Image courtesy WireImage.com
19621005_Tod Browning / Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images
10/05/1962 – Tod Browning (director of Dracula and Freaks) dies (b. 1880)
10/05/1999 – Angel premieres on television
19991005_Angel / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
20011005_Joy Ride / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/05/2001 – Joy Ride released theatrically
10/05/2005 – Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis premiers on television
20051005_Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
20051005_Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
10/05/2005 – Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave premiers on television
10/06/2006 – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning released theatrically
20061006_The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
18491007_Edgar Allan Poe / Public domain.
10/07/1849 – Edgar Allan Poe dies (b. 1809)
10/07/1994 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation released theatrically
19941007_Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.

October 8 – 14

20011008_Castlevania Chronicles / Cover art. Fair use doctrine.
10/08/2001 – Castlevania Chronicles released on the PlayStation in North America
10/11/2002 – Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance released on the Game Boy Advance in the European Union
20021011_Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance / Cover art. Fair use doctrine.
19891013_Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/13/1989 – Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers released theatrically
10/13/1998– Fallen released theatrically
19981013_Fallen / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
20061013_The Grudge 2 / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/13/2006 – The Grudge 2 released theatrically
10/14/1944 – Udo Kier (actor in many horror films) born
19441014_Udo Kier / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
19941014_Wes Craven's New Nightmare / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
10/14/1994 – Wes Craven’s New Nightmare released theatrically
10/14/2005 – The Fog (2005) released theatrically
20051014_The Fog / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.

October 15 – 21

19811015_The Evil Dead / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/15/1981– The Evil Dead released theatrically
10/16/1987 – Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II released theatrically
19871016_Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
19921016_Candyman / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/16/1992 – Candyman released theatrically
10/16/1998 – Bride of Chucky released theatrically
19981016_Bride of Chucky / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
20031017_The Texas Chainsaw Massacre / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/17/2003 – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) released theatrically
10/18/1976 – Burnt Offerings released theatrically
19801018_Motel Hell / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/18/1980 – Motel Hell released theatrically
10/18/1985 – Re-Animator released theatrically
19851018_Re-Animator / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
19961018_The Dentist / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
10/18/1996 – The Dentist released theatrically
10/18/2002 – The Ring released theatrically
20021018_The Ring / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
20051018_Day of the Dead 2: Contagium / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
10/18/2005 – Day of the Dead 2: Contagium released on DVD
10/19/1990 – Night of the Living Dead (1990) released theatrically
19901019_Night of the Living Dead / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
20041019_Zombie Planet / Box artwork. Fair use doctrine.
10/19/2004 – Zombie Planet (1963) released theatrically
10/20/1889 – Bela Lugosi born (d. 1956)
18891020_Bela Lugosi / Image courtesy mptvimages.com
19421020_Night Monster / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/20/1942 – Night Monster released theatrically
10/21/1988 – Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers released theatrically
19881021_Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
20031021_Castlevania: Lament of Innocence / Cover art. Fair use doctrine.
10/21/2003 – Castlevania: Lament of Innocence released on the PlayStation 2 in North America
10/21/2005 – Doom released theatrically
20051021_Doom / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.

October 22 – 28

19821022_Halloween III: Season of the Witch / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/22/1982 – Halloween III: Season of the Witch released theatrically
10/22/1988 – Monsters premieres on television
19881022_Monsters / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
20041022_The Grudge / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/22/2004 – The Grudge released theatrically
10/23/1942 – The Mummy’s Tomb released theatrically
19421023_The Mummy's Tomb / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
19591023_Sam Raimi / Photo by Steve Granitz - © WireImage.com - Image courtesy WireImage.com
10/23/1959 – Sam Raimi (creator of the Evil Dead series of films) born
10/23/1987 – Prince of Darkness released theatrically
19871023_Prince of Darkness / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
19981023_Brimstone / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
10/23/1998 – Brimstone premieres on television
10/23/2001 – Thir13en Ghosts released theatrically
20011023_Thir13en Ghosts / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
19621024_Eyes Without a Face / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/24/1962 – Eyes Without a Face released theatrically in the United States
10/25/1978 – Halloween released theatrically
19781025_Halloween / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
19931025_Vincent Price / Photo by Gabi Rona - © MPTV - Image courtesy mptvimages.com
10/25/1993 – Vincent Price (actor in many horror films) dies (b. 1911)
10/25/2000 – Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem released on the Nintendo GameCube in Japan
20001025_Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem / Cover art. Fair use doctrine.
19791026_When a Stranger Calls / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/26/1979 – When a Stranger Calls (1979) released theatrically
10/26/2001 – Bones released theatrically
20011026_Bones / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
19891027_Shocker / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/27/1989 – Shocker released theatrically
10/27/1989 – Castlevania: The Adventure released on the Game Boy in Japan
19891027_Castlevania: The Adventure / By Judgesurreal777. Fair use doctrine.
19951027_Vampire in Brooklyn / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/27/1995 – Vampire in Brooklyn released theatrically
10/27/1998 – Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 released theatrically
19981027_Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
19511028_Joe R. Lansdale / By Materialscientist. Fair use doctrine.
10/28/1951 – Joe R. Lansdale (winner of six Bram Stoker Awards for horror fiction) born
10/28/2005 – Saw II released theatrically
20051028_Saw II / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
20051028_Masters of Horror / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
10/28/2005 – Masters of Horror premieres on television

October 29 -31

10/29/1920 – The Golem: How He Came Into the World released theatrically in Germany
19201029_The Golem: How He Came Into the World / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
19731029_Return of the Blind Dead / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/29/1973 – Return of the Blind Dead released theatrically
10/29/1993 – Return of the Living Dead III released on VHS
19931029_Return of the Living Dead III / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
19931029_Demon Castle Dracula X: Rondo of Blood / Cover art. Fair use doctrine.
10/29/1993 – Demon Castle Dracula X: Rondo of Blood released on the PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 in Japan
10/29/2004 – Versus released theatrically
20041029_Versus / Image: IMDb. Fair use doctrine.
20041029_Saw / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/29/2004 – Saw released theatrically
10/30/1938 – The War of the Worlds radio adaptation airs
19381030_The War of the Worlds / Image: Daily News. Fair use doctrine.
19811030_Halloween II / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/30/1981 – Halloween II released theatrically
10/31/1961 – Peter Jackson (director of Bad Taste and Braindead) born
19611031_Peter Jackson / Photo by Tim Whitby - © 2012 Getty Images - Image courtesy gettyimages.com
19741031_Phantom of the Paradise / Theatrical poster. Fair use doctrine.
10/31/1974 – Phantom of the Paradise released theatrically
10/31/1991 – Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan
19911031_Castlevania II: Simon's Quest / By DASHBot. Fair use doctrine.
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MOVIE REVIEW: Holidays (2016)

MOVIE REVIEW: Holidays (2016)

By John Roisland


Holidays is a 2016 horror film i just checked out. I want to say i liked it, but it’s not one that I think I’d add to my library.

Holidays is another anthology film set much like the ABCs of Death, in that they gathered up a handful of writers and directors, and instead of them pulling letters out of a hat, a calender was thrown in the mix and each was given a holiday to make a short on.


Holidays tackled include:

  • Valentine’s Day (a nerdy swimmer in high school cutting out a team member’s heart to give to their coach)
  • St. Patrick’s Day (a woman giving birth to a snake with a pompadour)
  • Easter (a deformed half Easter bunny and half Jesus)
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Halloween
  • Christmas ( Seth Green puts a smile on your face)
  • New Year’s Eve


The New Year’s Eve segment, directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, who brought us Some Kind of Hate in 2015, stole the show.
Ending the year and the film was New Years Eve

The big name throwing his hat into the ring is Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith who brought us Red State in 2011 and Tusk in 2014 and countless non horror films. Smith brings us a rather different event for my personal favorite holiday, Halloween… webcam porn. I’m gonna leave it at that for you to check out, but i will tell you that it IS in Smith style and one other thing, i clinched!

All writers and directors added their own dark twist and flare on not only the holiday, but added a bit of folklore into some of them as well. Some pieces I obviously enjoyed more than others, as I’m sure you will as well. Some were moved along, some tended to drag, others honestly made me wonder just what the HELL did I just watch!?!


I for one am a huge fan of anthologies, maybe because if one sucks, you know its not going to be much more than 10-15 minutes long, or maybe its because my brain can only comprehend for that amount of time. Regardless, i enjoy and welcome them.

Holidays is worth a watch and is currently on Netflix. Run time is about 1 hour and 45 minutes, and the film actually is not rated. But, no, this is not one for the kiddies!

I give Holidays a 6/10


Keep It Evil..

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House of Tortured Souls LIVE episode 2

House of Tortured Souls LIVE episode 2

Episode 2 of the House of Tortured Souls LIVE, with your Hosts John and Allen (Lord Dixie). This week they discuss Horror news, what’s new on the shelves including Clown produced by Eli Roth and Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 1. There’s also a recap of the Scares That Care’s weekend. Halloween is coming! And so are interviews, read all about them.Also get filled in on new movie premieres and more!

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By John Roisland & Woofer McWooferson

Join House of Tortured Souls as we celebrate significant dates in the history of horror in August. Click on thumbnails for full images.

August 1 – 7


Lon Chaney, Sr. born
The Omega Man released theatrically
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives released
Resident Evil released on the PlayStation in Europe

Silent Hill released on the PlayStation in Europe

Wes Craven (director of Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street) born
The Sixth Sense released theatrically
The Others released
Signs released theatrically
Piranha released
White Zombie released theatrically
John Saxon born
M. Night Shyamalan (director ) born
0806_250px-Silent Hill 3_boxart
Silent Hill 3 released on the PlayStation and PC in North America

August 8 – 14

Matthew McGrory (Played Tiny in The Devils Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses) died
Chaos (2005) released theatrically
Stuart Gordon (director of Re-Animator and Dagon) born

City of the Living Dead released theatrically
A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child released theatrically
System Shock 2 released on PC

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941) released theatrically
Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge released on the Game Boy in Japan

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, KBE, born

The War of the Worlds (1953) released theatrically
Friday the 13th Part 3 released theatrically
Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday released theatrically
Alien vs. Predator released theatrically
The Rocky Horror Picture Show released theatrically

August 15 – 21

The Fly (1986) released theatrically
Manhunter (1986) released theatrically
Event Horizon released theatrically
Freddy vs. Jason released theatrically
Bela Lugosi died (born October 20, 1882)
Robert De Niro born
Donnie Wahlberg (actor in The Sixth Sense, Dreamcatcher, and Saw II) born
Roman Polanski (director of The Fearless Vampire Killers, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Ninth Gate) born
Edward Norton (actor in Red Dragon) born
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master released theatrically
Dead & Breakfast released theatrically
H. P. Lovecraft born
The Seventh Victim released theatrically
An American Werewolf in London released theatrically
Blade released theatrically

August 22 – 28

Night of the Creeps released theatrically
Mimic released theatrically
Takashi Miike (director of Ichi the Killer, Visitor Q, Audition) born
Darkman released theatrically
John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars released theatrically
Zombi 2 released theatrically
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow released on the Nintendo DS in Japan
Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 released for the PlayStation 2 in Europe

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe
Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest released on the Famicom Disk System in Japan

August 29 – 31

Ingrid Bergman (actress in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)) born
William Friedkin (director of The Exorcist, Rampage, The Guardian, and Bug) born
Joel Schumacher (director of The Lost Boys) born
Resident Evil: Survivor released on PlayStation
Basket Case released theatrically
Halloween (2007) released theatrically

Keep it Evil

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MOVIE REVIEW: Hellions (2015)

MOVIE REVIEW: Hellions (2015)

By John Roisland


So what do you do on 4th of July when its shitty weather out and even the local fireworks have been postponed? You watch a horror film! Today’s choice from the never ending line-up of endless shit on Netflix is Hellions.

The basis of Hellions is that a young teen who just found out she’s pregnant must survive Halloween night alone. Okay, doesn’t sound too bad, kind of cliche (survive until morning), nevertheless, I’ll give it a go.

From the get go, I felt that this one isn’t going win any Oscars, yet something about Hellions just kind of dragged me in. Our young maiden Dora Vogel, played by Chloe Rose… (Wait. First off, I’ve got to say this: every damn time I heard someone say or start repeating her character’s name in the film, all I could think about is that loud bitch DORA the EXPLORER…..FUCK!!!) Anyhow, Dora finds out she’s knocked up, goes home, and waits and waits and waits for her boyfriend to pick her up for a Halloween party. ‘Cause going out to a party is what you’re supposed to do when you find out you’re prego! Soon a knock on the door brings what appear to be children in, yes, kind of creepy costumes, screaming, “Trick or treat!” When their bags are opened to fill with candy, Dora’s old man’s head is in the bottom of one.


From this point on I’m expecting a typical but possibly cool Halloween home invasion flick. What I ended up with is a cross between Michael Doughetry’s Trick r Treat and a heavily dosed acid version of Rob Zombie’s The of Lords of Salem…. sorta.

From this point until about the last three minutes of the film, it’s entirely shot in this soft pinkish-purple hue. And it’s nauseating as hell! The film unfortunately fell flat where I personally think it could have been great!

To me a good Halloween-based film is always a good thing, and this one really had something different. There was no axe- or butcher knife-weilding escaped mental patient on the loose, slashing and hacking at teen girls – not that that is a bad thing – but this was somewhat original. Our little demons asking for candy were actually some kind of Halloween spirits that were there trying to take the unborn child to sacrifice.

The film was released in 2015, directed by Bruce McDonald who also brought us Pontypool (loved that one!) and co-stars Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgement Day) as a local police officer. (My guess is he owed for a favor and got stuck doing this role.)

Sorry guys, but this isn’t one for the personal library.


Keep It Evil.

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Blumhouse and John Carpenter Are Making Halloween Scary Again

Blumhouse and John Carpenter Are Making Halloween Scary Again

All New Halloween Film? Yes, Please.

By Jonathan Patrick Hughes


In 1978, we were introduced to what has become one of the most amazing franchises to ever smack us in the face, and it’s coming back in a huge way.  Earlier this week, the media received good – no, great – news. Halloween has landed in the  arms of Blumhouse Productions with the master of horror also known as John Carpenter, father of the franchise, to executive produce and possibly compose the music with his Lost Themes band.

Halloween 11: Carpenter and Spawn

Carpenter and Spawn

The Halloween films have forced us to know his name – Michael Myers, his mask – Captain Kirk, his theme, his disturbance, and his immortality.  The Halloween film franchise was started in part by Carpenter, Debra Hill, and Moustapha Akkad in 1978 and has since has spawned ten films (eight sequels as well as two remakes by Rob Zombie) generating a total of nearly $400 million in worldwide box office. This new film will mark the 11th entry to the franchise. As of now, Halloween is in early development, but Carpenter confirms it is happening and has stated that he will help to bring about the scariest Halloween film since the original.

Halloween is one of those milestone films that inspired everyone at our company to get into the world of scary movies,” says Jason Blum. “The great Malek Akkad and John Carpenter have a special place in the hearts of all genre fans and we are so excited that Miramax brought us together. We cannot wait to find and collaborate with the right filmmaker to give Halloween fans the movie they deserve.”


Miramax, which holds worldwide distribution rights, will determine its theatrical distribution partner at a future date. David Thwaites will oversee the reboot for Miramax with Carpenterm and the company’s planning to immediately go out to filmmakers and fast-track the project. Although no release date has officially been locked, it was revealed at the announcement event that a Halloween 2017 release is quite likely. Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Hush, Before I Wake) is set to direct.

Halloween 11: John Carpenter - The Master's Eye

As a devoted fan, I for one cannot wait for this to come to life. This is like a birthday/Christmas present wrapped in bloody wrapping paper with a big orange bow at the top.

What do you think? Let House of Tortured Souls know below.

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P.J. Soles

P.J. Soles

By John Roisland

Before the month gets away from us, I must take a moment to cast my vote for Women  in Horror Month: the lovely P.J. Soles. This hasn’t been an easy choice with so much great talent in the industry!

From Scream Queen legends Jamie Lee Curtis and Danielle Harris to academy award winning make up  artist Vee Neill to the twisted minds behind the camera -Sylvia and Jen Soska, there are legions of talented women in horror. In fact, there are too many names to list here, but P.J., for me, comes with a personal reason.

P.J. Soles, born in 1950 in Frankfurt, Germany, got her first major part in the 1976 Brian De Palma film Carrie, an adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. As Norma, the ballcap wearing and wisecracking pigtailed cutie, P.J. won the hearts of many…I was 4. Since then, P.J. went on to many other roles, such as John Carpenter’s Halloween and Stripes, and all with her trademark pigtails. She was at the convention supporting her role in Rob Zombie’s The Devils Rejects, and as I mentioned, mine comes with a story.

P.J. as Lynda van der Klok in the 1978 classic John Carpenter's Halloween.

P.J. as Lynda van der Klok in the 1978 classic John Carpenter’s Halloween.

A few years ago, my wife Stephanie and I were living in Florida and attended Spooky Empire, an incredible horror convention in Orlando. P.J. was on the celebrity guest list. After wandering around and taking everything in, we headed into the celebrity room on a mission to meet P.J. Just as we got thru the threshold of the ballroom door, I literally bump into her, look at her, and say “Oh hi. You’re leaving? She gave me a worried, almost brokenhearted look, like a mom whose kid wanted to hang out with her as she was leaving for work, and said, “Honey, I’m just running out to grab a sandwich for lunch. Come see me in an hour…PROMISE ME?!” She laughed, gave me a hug, and off she went, disappearing in the ocean of fans that filled the halls.

P.J. as Susan with Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects.

P.J. as Susan with Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects.

We wander around for a while, and about an hour or so later we made our way back to P.J.’s table. As we did, she saw us, stood up and said IT’S ABOUT TIME!!” With a big smile on her face, she came around the table and gave us huge hugs. We talked for a good 40 minutes, the room at this time wasn’t busy, or I wouldn’t have taken up so much time. But since we were the only ones there at the moment, and we were all really enjoying ourselves, why not?!

She talked with excitement in her eyes. We talked about her family, John Carpenter, Bill Murray, Rob Zombie and sandwiches…she likes a good sandwich. We took a few pictures, hugged, shook hands, thanked her for her time, and asked kindly how much we owed her for her time. She smiled and simply said, “Go enjoy the show, and stop by or wave if you come back through.” And that we did. Every time we were in the area, and she just smiled and waved as if we were family.

Not charging us is not the reason that I put P.J Soles at the top of my list. I put her there because of her heart, how she treated us, and how she made us feel. She took the time to make a difference with the fans.

I’ve met a good number of celebrities, some nicer than others, but none have ever treated me quite like this – like a person, not rushing through with a fake smile and quick to collect your money. P.J. was genuinely appreciative. Let me just add that John Carpenter was the headlining guest at this show and his table was also next to P.J.’s table. Those of you who know me know that Carpenter is my favorite. He was a bucket list for me.

We went and met with the legendary John Carpenter, but we went back to the always lovely, P.J. Soles.

Congratulations P.J. Soles, on this well deserved recognition for Women In Horror Month.

Keep it Evil.

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Halloween on the Small Screen?

Halloween on the Small Screen?

Michael’s World – Slaughter On! Excellent!

By Woofer McWooferson

Michael Myers staring downstairs.

Michael Myers staring downstairs.

Michael Myers, one of the most recognized and beloved horror icons, may be moving to the small screen if rumors are true. Since Dimension Films lost control of the Halloween franchise, there has been much speculation as to what will be next for the iconic character. Halloween Returns, which was to be the next step in the Halloween franchise, has been shelved indefinitely and it its place come rumors of a limited series on television. (A limited series is one with a planned number of episodes rather than being open to continuing until nobody watches any longer.)

Michael Myers in the Closet

A closet won’t stop Michael Myers.

According to Fangoria, who quote a European filmmaker who wishes to remain anonymous, the European Film Market may have been passed over to allow a limited series to be produced. Rumors are that it would be a three to five season series and would enable much more to be added to the Halloween story. The Fangoria article goes on to state:

“…as budget horror becomes a more and more of a rarity in Hollywood, Halloween’s studio search might not have gone as smoothly as planned as Malek Akkad & Trancas still aim to keep up the franchise’s costly, old-school production value; in other words, a micro-budget, day-and-date Halloween film might be off-the-table, which could give way to a Halloween series that could carry that cinematic production value.”

Everything is still unconfirmed, but speculation abounds. Will it be a backstory? Will it be in between stories? There is a lot of room in the Halloween universe for Michael to maneuver, and we hope he takes full advantage of this.

Michael Myers looks down on everyone.

Michael Myers looks down on everyone.

Still, rumors of a Halloween television series is great news for fans of the 1978 classic (and its sequels, reboots, and retoolings). Despite not saying a word in the original Halloween, Michael Myers is one of the most well known horror and respected icons, and Halloween remains one of the most watched franchises in horror movie history.

House of Tortured Souls is ready for more Michael Myers on any screen. Are you? Let us know what you think. Is the small screen big enough for Michael Myers?

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REMAKES : The Never Ending Battle


By : John Roisland

For a few years now, more and more recently a huge topic has been a large debate amongst horror fans new and old, REMAKES! Now, I’m not hear to end any arguments, nor do I have the power to do so. But I am here to try to discuss this never ending battle between good and bad!

Such classic and iconic horror films have been remade:

Maniac, Psycho, The Omen, Evil Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Thing, Mother’s Day, Last House On the Left, Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street, Fright Night, Carrie, Dawn of the Dead, I Spit On Your Grave, The Hills Have Eyes, The Fly, The Town That Dreaded Sundown , My Bloody Valentine, The Fog  and the list goes on, and on and on,  not to mention foreign films that are becoming bastardized by American film makers with Old Boy, The Ring,  and coming soon Martyrs (which has been label by many as the best horror film ever!

All these films listed above, are pretty much all house hold horror names, which is  why everyone kept asking the same one worded question: WHY!?

Some argue that some remakes are better than the originals. Maybe some of them are…I personally don’t think so, although there are those that with newer technology, and possibly a larger budget, that are presented as a better film. But my issue is wheres the artistic value in remaking something that someone else has already put their name on.

Some directors  claim they love the original film and wanted to share their vision of how they saw it. Case in point is Rob Zombie’s remake of John Carpenter’s classic Halloween; of which Zombie said he wouldn’t make the film without Carpenter’s blessing. Well he got it,  and the film made boo-coo bucks at the box office, and has seemingly made its own new Halloween franchise. Some it seems to jump on to a known franchise just to make a few dollars off of a sure thing. Others sadly  seem to be to afraid to show the world their own original visions of horror to the big screen, so they hide behind someone else’s work,  and do a remake.

My own personal favorite The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, done and redone…supposedly done again. I’ve actually lost track of what was called a remake, and what was called a continuation. But some I’ve enjoyed…others I was ashamed and almost embarrassed to say it was part of the franchise. But that’s only my opinion.

I can’t say I welcome a remake  with open arms, as I would much rather watch something original  but some I have enjoyed and have appreciated their views and their concepts.  A few I have thought were actually good enough to have stood as its own film, if not having been a remake. Which is a shame, because imagine what it could have been if it was an original. Others fall far from even crossing the finish line.

untitled (2)

A Few remakes I have enjoyed and  I have almost been ridiculed for some, such as A Nightmare On Elm Street. When the remake came out in 2010, I enjoyed a more serious approach to the film, and loved Jackie Earle Haley’s portrayal as Freddy Krueger, not saying anything bad against Robert Englund, Just thought Haley’s approach to the role was scarier and less comedic. Something I enjoyed…but again, that’s just my opinion, and I suffered greatly for it.

While with others, some have agreed with me. 2013 Evil Dead remake, while the original is a true cult classic, many have felt that the remake was an incredible horror film, one that could have been its own, and was also a huge success at the box office.

This is a discussion that will carry on for years. It’s like figuring out who has the better pizza: New York or Chicago. It will never end, and those who are putting their artistic vision in a remake… don’t. We want your original thoughts, your dreams, your NIGHTMARES!

A remake to me, is just about the money. No matter how many, and how big the names are that you get to star in them, it’s still a remake, its still someone else’s original work. It can be good or it can be bad, but  the horror community is a very close, very tight knit family and are very loyal…make a bad movie, they will respect you more, because its yours!

…But this is just one guys opinion.

Keep it Evil

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images (2)

By: John Roisland

If you’re anything like my family, we have Halloween/horror movie décor decorating our house year round. For years we always looked forward to finding all the new items covering the shelves come Halloween season . These items aren’t so much items that we use for the front yard to scare and amuse local trick or treaters with, but more for personal use.

A talking, life-sized Pinhead standing in the corner, over sized coffee mugs that read poison or witches brew on them. Zombie playing cards, Frankenstein and Bride of  salt and pepper shakers; the list goes on and on.  Every room in our house, from bedrooms to living room, kitchen and bath included, all have something from our finds in our holiday haunt shopping.

Major name holiday stores would come into towns, and rent out buildings that once housed a semi large store,  and set up a Halloween mega store. They hang a huge banner on the outside of the building , and it’s business as usual. I used to leave work early to go I was so excited! I was like a kid in a candy store! I didn’t need December 25, this was my Christmas!

The props, the outfits, the animatronics, and knick-knacks were overwhelming. We could and would spend hours in these stores that shall remain nameless.

Over the last few years, the shelves are less and less stocked, and the product is and has become a lot  more lackluster. The quality has dropped and it just seems to be so…generic. The thrill was dwindling and our collecting started to slow down.

The quality of the products was becoming more and more cheaply made. The look of mass production definitely had seemed to take over. And the animatronics, granted some were cool…or could have been, just seem to be loud and annoying! Where they once had full size animatronics of horror icons,  i.e. the headless horsemen, Frankenstein, Pinhead, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Hannibal Lecter, Freddy Kruger…you’re now given clowns or zombies…that seemingly wiggle and scream thru small very distorted speakers.

We did  stop by one of these mega stores and took a look around. My hopes were high…but still didn’t expect much, and good damn thing. The prices are honestly, ridiculous. I have no problem paying for good quality items, but when they are cheaply made, cheaply colored, and horribly packaged, then I have an issue with that. The economy is in the shitter as it folks, fuck corporate America, give the people a break and they will respond and support you a lot better! By the end of our trip, we had spent way too much on way too little. If not for a coupon that they had sent me via email, for $10 off our purchase, I would have been kinda pissed. Considering the best thing we bought was a Friday the 13th Jason pint glass for $10.00 .

Overall I walked away happy that I got to see all the Halloween stuff, but at the same time I was so disappointed at what they had. Even half of the items were the same things I had seen for the past few years. It doesn’t really give me much hope for the future. Funny thing, is I had even contemplated doing this piece since Halloween, and had actually just deleted the pix and videos I had taken while visiting the store, really wish I had them to share with you so you could see my points.

Now, would running or working at one of these places seem like a dream job, YES…would I still love to have half of their inventory?? YESSS. Who in the mind wouldn’t love to be surrounded by all of it, even if for just a few months out of the year!?! But from a consumer’s stand point, especially one with kids, and one who respectfully collects this year round, I sure as hell hope they see this message and reconsider before ordering their mass produced shit to stock the shelves with, because to be honest, I’m finding better quality items at places like Walgreen’s and even Dollar Tree!

These stores do bring many smiles and joy to many who believe that Halloween is but once year, as opposed to everyday like myself and so many others, it’s just disappointing to see what the inventory was to what it has become.

Keep it Evil


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By : John Roisland

It seems the latest trend in horror viewing is on the small screen, ie. television. From Ash vs. Evil Dead, American Horror Story, Bates Motel, and Tremors is even in the works. Now one  of the Masters of Horror, and my personal all time favorite director, the legendary John Carpenter is jumping on the small screen bandwagon.

According to a recent  pod cast from the folks at Killer POV podcast who recently interviewed Sandy King, John Carpenter’s producing partner and loving wife, made mention of the two putting out four television series, that god bless them, are all in the horror realm!

John Carpenter, as you know, has put out such legendary classic titles like , Halloween, The Thing, Christine, The Fog, They Live, Prince of Darkness, Big Trouble in Little China, and my personal favorite, Escape from New York. All movies Carpenter has for the most part written and directed…and added his known signature score to most as well.

Now, I’m not a TV person…at all! I’ve seen a few episodes of most horror series that are out, and for the most part, I enjoyed what I had seen. But I just don’t do television, I’m strictly a movie guy. Years ago I had a TV theory as a matter of fact. I would see the ad for a new TV series starring a well known actors name. Well, it always seemed that the show usually didn’t do so well, and the said actor wasn’t heard much from after that. So my thoughts were, when you hit the small screen, you were usually headed out. Seems maybe times have turned around. For Mr. Carpenters sake, I do hope so. Not that I don’t have faith in the man, but I would hate to see this be his final show.

Carpenter is said to direct all four pilots as well as produce them all with his wife King. No other information is available at this time as far as actors or even what network the shows will air on. But we will keep you filled in as the news unfolds.

Having met Mr. Carpenter a few years ago at a Spooky Empire  Convention in Orlando Florida, where my wife Stephanie and I presented Mr. Carpenter with a one of a kind , hand made  R.J. McReady (The Thing) doll, made by our dear friend Toy Mangler, which was one of the highlights of my career, I want to wish the best of luck to you Mr. Carpenter!!




Keep it Evil

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COMIC REVIEW: Trick ‘r Treat: Days Of The Dead

COMIC REVIEW: Trick ‘r Treat: Days Of The Dead

By Nick Durham

Trick or Treat Days of the dead

No one loves Trick ‘r Treat more than I do. The best horror anthology to see the light of day in well over a decade (and still is), Trick ‘r Treat is one of my all time favorite films of any genre in the history of ever. That’s right, I said it.

Anyway, in an effort to sate us Trick ‘r Treat fans until we finally get the long-awaited sequel, we get this comic which offers up four separate stories that revolve around different points in Halloween history. The stories themselves come from creator Michael Dougherty, as well as his Krampus cohorts Todd Casey and Zach Shields, along with some additional input from comic veteran Marc Andreyko. Opening tale Seed revolves around witches and magic in Ireland in the 1600s, Corn Maiden revolves around betrayal on the frontier between the evil white-man and Native Americans (and kind of, sort of gives a maybe-kind of origin to Sam), Echoes is a 1950s noir-style detective story, and the closing Monster Mash finds a closed-minded small town get their comeuppance when monsters attack on Halloween night.

The stories are basic, but mostly effective, even though they range in terms of quality. Seed is interesting, Corn Maiden is the best of the bunch, Echoes is a near-unintelligible mess, and Monster Mash is fun. The various artwork, featuring contributions from Saga‘s Fiona Staples, along with Stephen Byrne, and Zid is all well and great, but Stuart Sayger’s work on Echoes left me perplexed as to what the fuck is happening from panel to panel. I don’t mean to shit on the guy’s work so please don’t think I’m knocking him, I just think his style isn’t all that well-suited. That aside, the story itself didn’t make a lick of sense, so it’s not like the art hurts it that much to begin with.

So yeah, Trick ‘r Treat: Days of the Dead is a quick and relatively fun read. It’s contents are a mixed bag but it features enough interesting moments to whet your appetite until we finally get the sequel to Trick ‘r Treat that we’re still fucking waiting for. That being said, check it out and give it a whirl. It isn’t anything special in the least, but you can always do a lot worse in terms of horror comics than what this offers.

Rating: 3/5

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DOC REVIEW: The American Scream (2012)

DOC REVIEW: The American Scream (2012)

By John Roisland

American Scream

In 2012, a documentary was released that gets repeated viewing by this guy! The film, The American Scream, was directed by Michael Stephenson and released by Brainstorm Media and Chiller Films.

The film takes place in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and surrounds the daily life preparations of three local families as they set up for Halloween. For most families, prepping for this holiday simply means hanging a cardboard cutout of a ghost or a black cat in the window, a bag of candy dumped in a bowl for trick-or-treaters, and call it a night! That’s not the case for our three families.

You see, our families – the Manny Souza family, the father and son team of Mathew and Richard Brodeur, and the Victor Bariteau family – have a certain love for the holiday that makes them stand out in the community.

Our films shows the in depth preparations they each take making their yards and homes into open haunts for Halloween trick-or-treaters to enjoy. Each of the three families do know of each others work thru the community, but each keeps to themselves while constructing their new haunt.

untitled (4)



Manny Souza’s and the Brodeur’s approaches are both very similar in that they reuse a lot of previous props while constructing minor new attractions out of donated and found scrap to make for a pleasant time for all families to enjoy.

However, Mr. Victor Bariteau’s approach is much more passionate. His approach is that Halloween is a year round event, and he is constantly designing, constructing, and building new props all the time. His home, garage, attic, and basement are full of Halloween stuff. Victor is a bit of a perfectionist, and it shows in his work and his attitude with those who help him in the final few days of construction – including friends and family. You can see the amount of stress that builds up on Victor as he wants everything to be perfect! Victor’s family sacrifices a lot for his passion, as he openly admits, and they share and support him and his passion. They are all very active parts in this production, from helping with costumes to baking goods for staff members to munch on. They are all very important!

Finally, the big night has arrived, and each family lets loose with what they have all worked so hard for. The enjoyment spills over into the streets, literally, as thousands of combined family members visit the three homes and take in a good Halloween treat that has been selflessly given to them!

The end of our show offers us a glimpse into someone’s future. Victor took it upon himself to go professionally as a haunter. His ambition and desire is one that I personally admire, and has been a bit of an inspiration to me. Victor has since opened up Ghoulie Manor Haunted House in Taunton, MA.

I wish Victor all the best in the world in his venture, and hope to one day be able to visit him and see the world he has made! Please feel free to check out Victor’s work at WWW.GHOULIEMANOR.COM or visit their Facebook page as well.

untitled (5)

All in all, this is a fun 92 minutes that may not only get you more active on our beloved holiday but may also inspire you in other ways.

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By Dixielord

Satan's Little Helper poster with Katheryn Winnick

Satan’s Little Helper with Katheryn Winnick

Satan’s Little Helper is a movie that should be regarded as a Halloween classic. Set on Halloween, mask wearing, trick or treating, and other Halloween traditions figure in heavily in the movie. It also stars the most annoying kid this side of The Babadook. Meet Dougie, and believe me he is one annoying little shit. But just like in The Babadook, it’s the child’s annoying habits and personality that help propel the movie along.

Directed by Jeff Lieberman (Squirm), Satan’s Little Helper stars Amanda Plummer (Pulp Fiction) and the gorgeous Katheryn Winnick (Vikings), along with Alexander Brickel as Dougie. Now little Dougie is obsessed with two things, going Trick or Treating with big sister Jenna (Winnick) and playing his favorite video game – Satan’s Little Helper.

Halloween for Dougie goes wrong almost from the start when Jenna comes home from college, bringing along boyfriend Alex. This spoils his plans for a night out alone with his sexy sister, and a big kibosh on his plans to someday marry her. OK maybe that’s a bit weird, but let’s roll with it. Dougie in a snit storms off. Then things seem to look up as he runs across a man in a demon mask positioning dead bodies to appear to be Halloween decorations. Dougie mistakes the man as Satan from his video game, but actually he’s an psychotic lunatic, and asks to tag along and be his helper for real. As Satan and Dougie wreck havoc across town, it’s all good Halloween fun in the kid’s eyes. Until he takes Satan home.

I really love Satan’s Little Helper. It’s a horror comedy that takes itself just seriously enough to work. It has it’s silly moments, and a couple of scenes that push your ability to suspend your belief. However, if you accept that little Dougie is a naive, annoying kid with horrible judgment and just go along for the ride, it works.

Even though it’s a horror comedy, all the actors play it straight and the comedy comes from Dougie’s horrible decisions and trust. But it does something that a lot of horror comedies don’t manage. It manages to actually be a horror movie. There are some scenes that are down right skin crawl creepy. And when Satan reveals just how evil he really is to little Dougie, the laughs stop.

Sexy Katheryn Winnick in Satan's Little Helper

Katheryn Winnick in Satan’s Little Helper

Amanda Plummer plays Dougie’s mom, and she’s awesome as usual. Her character seems to be supportive of Dougie’s love for Halloween, but really she’s just too wrapped up in herself to pay any attention to what he’s doing. Ninety percent of the mayhem in Satan’s Little Helper springs from the fact no one is really paying any attention to Dougie. Even when he starts palling around with a tall man in a Satan mask. Katheryn Winnick is stunning as big sister Jenna, and she shows some moments of true tenderness to her irritating little brother. If you are a fan of The History Channel’s Vikings, you wont want to miss the future Lagertha in this early role.

The star of the show, though, is Satan. He steals scenes over and over with his comedic gestures and sense of humor, even as he’s committing bloody murder. He’s just fun to watch. Not as fun as Winnick, but he’s a hoot.

Satan's Little Helper

Satan’s Little Helper

There are some gory and intense moments, so don’t let the horror comedy moniker catch you off guard. There are also some hilarious turns that will have you splitting your side. Note to the religious, there are some scenes that could be considered blasphemous or sacrilegious. This all leads up to an ending that you will probably see coming, but that doesn’t stop it from being effective.

So have a Happy Halloween everyone, enjoy the festivities, watch Satan’s Little Helper, and don’t let your son hang around with mysterious masked devils.

HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Pregnancy is scary

By Margeaux DeMott

Rosemary's baby poster

Pregnancy is scary. There’s the whole body changing thing like you’re in some kind of body horror movie lite. Seriously, do a Google search of the things people don’t tell you about being pregnant. While your body is changing, it can also turn against you with a number of things – aches, pains, crazy hormones, acne and even extra saliva. It’s kind of like puberty on expert mode. Oh yeah and then there’s the fact that you have a HUMAN cultivating inside of you. It seems like a really weird time in a woman’s life.

Now if you have all of that insanity going on and you add in a bit of I think my neighbors want to sacrifice my baby to Satan, you’re going to have a bad time. Especially when your husband stops listening to you about your worries, and you slowly start to realize that everyone around you is in on it. Oh, and then you find out how insanely selfish and inconsiderate your husband is. Guy was trying so hard for the worst husband in horror award.

Rosemary’s Baby is one of my favorites because it’s so well done. The acting is amazing. Every time I watch it I always talk shit to the husband [Guy]. There’s a part in the movie when he’s trying to convince Rosemary that their neighbors were not doing Satan Coven things by saying, “Dr. Shand happens to play the recorder”. BULLSHIT, Guy! No adult plays the recorder unless specifically doing it for Satan. [The same reason children play the recorder.]


John Cassavetes [Guy] plays a smug, self-centered ass hat a little bit too well. Mia Farrow plays the timid house wife Rosemary perfectly. She portrays Rosemary’s worries and terror so well that you feel like you’re watching her actually going through it. Ruth Gordon plays the elderly neighbor, Minnie Castevet, and Sidney Blackmer plays her husband, Roman Castevet. Together they make the most inconspicuous elderly couple. You would never know they were Satanists. In the end when it finally comes out Minnie [Ruth Gordon] is so blasé about it that it is kind of comical. Roman [Sidney Blackmer] however, gets a little out of hand with his GOD IS DEAD, SATAN LIVES exclamation. Which are the exact two different ways I think a Satanist [devil worshipers not LaVey’s] would react to being discovered.

[Extra tidbit Mia Farrow was the one who cut her hair that short, not Vidal Sassoon.]

*I’m guessing, it seems scary to me.

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The Walking Dead Recap S06E02 JSS

The Walking Dead Recap S06E02 JSS

Carol is Done Making Casseroles

By Nicole Robinson

The Walking Dead: JSS

Enid creates some carnage of her own
The Walking Dead pulled no punches with Sunday’s shocking and violent second episode JSS. Despite the absence of some of the group’s strongest members, Carol proved to us why is she considered one the most badass characters on this show. We also came face to face with the Wolves and were introduced to Pete’s replacement, Dr. Denise Cloyd, bringing Emmy winning actress Merritt Weaver, to the show.

***As Always Read At Your Own Risk.
Spoilers Ahead***

After last week’s action packed premiere, the expectation of another high adrenaline episode was low. Seemingly confirming a low key delivery this week, JSS started out very low key with a wordless opening showing a flashback of Enid (Katelyn Nacon) on the road with her parents only to be forced to watch as they are eaten by walkers. Enid devours a tortoise directly from the shell in true walker style before we return to a present day Carol (Melissa McBride) putting dinner in the oven and setting the timer to 60 minutes.

Carol warned her neighbor Shelly that smoking would kill her someday and she was right. While watching her smoking a cigarette, a machete wielding “Wolf” comes from out of nowhere and slashes her across the torso, then hacks open her skull. Sorry to say, but it looks like she is never going to get that pasta maker. Carol wastes no time heading to armory after telling Carl to stay in the house and protect his sister, proving that someone can actually make Carl stay in the house.

The “Wolves” are attacking Alexandria, brutally murdering every person that they find. Carol notices quickly there are no guns in their hands. Knives, axes, machetes, and spears is what these Wolves are armed with. She need to be armed, and fast. She lowers her head and kills whoever she can on the way, leaving a body count behind her.

Carol impersonates a Wolf

The absence of Rick, Daryl, and Michonne is felt stronger in this episode because of the carnage taking place inside the walls at the hands of the Wolves. At the end of last week’s episode, along with Sasha, Abraham, and Morgan who was told to go home by Rick. At last glance, a loud horn was blowing drawing the herd back towards ASZ presenting a bit of a problem.

We learned the source of the horn was the Wolves truck driver who took a nose dive onto the horn after being shot by Deanna’s son Spencer, despite being, much like the rest of Alexandria, unprepared to combat the invasion. We also learned that Aaron left his backpack behind last season, including the picture of ASZ, for the Wolves to find, making this pretty much all his fault. For now, let’s hope that stays between him and us.

Morgan dispatches the driver with his stick, leaving Spencer to guard his mom in the truck while the Wolves slaughter everyone else inside. Stepping inside, Morgan is welcomed home by a man with an axe. A disguised Carol in ninja style shooting his would be attacker saves him and Morgan tells Carol she doesn’t have to kill people. “You don’t like it,” he tells her.

Morgan faces off with a Wolf

Meanwhile Carl and Enid, who came to say goodbye, are protecting Judith. Enid’s opening scene for this week’s episode showed us a flashback of her watching her parents get eaten so it probably is no surprise when she oddly says, “They’re just people”, to Carl while they were sitting back to back. JSS turns out to be her motto, meaning Just Survive Somehow. There has been speculation that Enid could be a Wolf spy. Wolf spy or not, she has some serious issues to work out as a result of her time alone on the road.

Next door, Jessie and her youngest son are hiding from the wolves in a closet, using the bolt lock on the inside (could this be the hideout closet for when Pete would get drunk and hurt them?) Gun pointed at the door she worries about her oldest son Ron who is outside as she hears Wolves in the house. Outside Ron is chased by a Wolf that is shot by Carl before being attacked. He turns down Carl’s offer of protection and goes home.

Inside the house Jessie tells her son to lock the door and stay quiet so she can check the house. She finds Ron trying to get in and yells for him to not come in the house, exposing her location in the kitchen. Jessie, perhaps channeling all the retribution she never got to direct at Pete, dispatched her attacker with a handy pair of scissors while Ron looked on.

Jessie makes her first kill

Outside, Carol gets to the armory. The Wolves do not have guns. This is the critical weakness that is becomes their downfall the moment she opened the doors to the weapons. Now that Carol is armed and arming the Alexandrianites, the Wolves do not stand a chance.

As Carol racks up the kills, Morgan Jedi masters his way through the community using his magical stick, knocking out a few Wolves. He’s focused on psyching out the leader, convincing him there is a sniper rifle trained on him as they speak. “It’s gonna happen any second now, unless you get the hell out of here and you don’t ever come back,” Morgan says. “You keep choosing this life, you will die.” To which the head Wolf replies, “We didn’t choose”, and the remaining attackers run out the gate. One stops to pick up a gun off the ground on his way out. Bad move, Morgan. You shouldn’t have let that go. This gun in the hands of the Wolves is going to have consequences later. Morgan’s final face-off with the Wolf he met last season, was interesting because of its suggestion that there may be something more than mere decency behind Morgan’s mercy. Can Morgan actually kill anyone? Apparently with an apology he can as this Wolf found out.

The Wolves are defeated but it is not without loss. Dr. Denise Cloyd failed to save Holly even with the help of Tara and Eugene, and there were many other members of ASZ that died at the hands of the Wolves as well. As Morgan and Carol walked around the damaged safe zone, they find each other and walk in opposite directions without saying a word.

The timer goes off and Carl pulls dinner out of the oven. Thank goodness it was not burnt. You can’t fight the Mega Herd on an empty stomach.

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INTERVIEW: Alex Wer – The Man Who Carves Awesomeness

INTERVIEW: Alex Wer – The Man Who Carves Awesomeness

Alex Wer:
The Man Who Carves Awesomeness

By Machete Von Kill

The Pumpkin Geek carves awesomeness

Since 2009, Alex Wer, aka The Pumpkin Geek, has been carving far more complex jack-o-lanterns than then average carver. Then again, Wer is far from average. After carving a pumpkin for his wife’s office open house, Alex discovered he could make money with his pumpkin art.

He’s carved pumpkins for celebrities like Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, American Horror Story), Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager, Dracula 2000) and Ming-Na Wen (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Prom Night). Wer has carved everything from logos to an impressive battle scene between an Imperial Star Destroyer and X-Wing Starfighters. He’s been hired by Netflix for a social media campaign, by Legacy Entertainment for a few movie premiers, and, most recently, Wizard World Comic Con.

The Pumpkin Geek carves awesomeness Friday the 13th

I recently got the chance to interview The Pumpkin Geek. Having been a fan since seeing a Joe Mantegna pumpkin posted on the actor’s Twitter account a few years back, I was stoked to be able to speak to the 2014 Geekie Award winner. The following is that interview:

House of Tortured Souls: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me! I know you started doing conventions 7 years ago, but when did you discover you had so much talent carving pumpkins?

Pumpkin Geek: I always enjoyed carving pumpkins & simply started getting more intricate over the years. Wanted to be the cool neighbor on the block! My wife asked me to carve her company logo for an Open House in October, so I decided to try carving on “craft” pumpkins sold at Michael’s. They last forever so I thought the office could use it each year. It was a simple design, but everyone was impressed & I got 35 orders that night, all by accident!


HoTS: Were you taught/trained by anyone or was it a series of trial and error?

PG: I was really into Comic Books as a kid and spent hours drawing & tracing Spider-Man…that’s pretty much the extent of my training. Simply came from a love from superheroes.


HoTS: How long did it take you to start getting exposure and making money with them?

PG: Well, the first night at the Open House, obviously. But, as I improved over the next year, I decided to try selling my work at a Star Trek Convention in Vegas. I was pretty nervous I wouldn’t sell anything, but realized, my main goal was to get exposure for what I did. Surprising, I did really well at the convention, and had several Trek actors, including Zachary Quinto, come to my booth to check out what I did. Some of the celebs actually ordered carves & starting posting about me…Talk about geeking out!

HoTS: Did you set out with the goal of making a profit or was it just a bonus that came along with the hobby?

PG: Originally, it was just for fun, but after doing my first convention, I realized that people were really into my work. Since I do everything custom orders, people were really able to celebrate their ultimate fandom at Halloween.


HoTS: How many pumpkins would you say you carve in an average October? Do you carve them year round or only in the fall?

PG: Between June and October, I carve about 175 or so, depending on my schedule. I do carve year round, but much less “off season”.


HoTS: How many would you guess you have carved over your lifetime?

The Pumpkin Geek carves awesomeness Freddy

PG: I would say over 1,000 in the last six plus years, for sure. Never gets old doing it…too much fun!


HoTS: Any favorites? Any that you’d really love to carve but haven’t been asked yet?

PG: Spider-Man, because he was a childhood hero & Heath Ledger’s Joker (which is on my business card), because his performance was so amazing. But there are many others. Anything new, that introduces me into a new fandom that I hadn’t discovered yet. The villains & horror carves are always fun, because they really stand out at Halloween.


HoTS: Do you get a little star struck with some of your more famous clients? Any favorite or stories you’d like to share?

PG: I have been VERY fortunate in meeting many celebrities because of what I do. I wouldn’t say I am star struck, but I am VERY humbled that they want to meet ME. Jeri Ryan & Ming-Na Wen have been the 2 kindest, and coolest, celebrities to me over the years. They post about my work, use their carves as avatars on Twitter, and have even requested meeting me.


HoTS: Any celebrities you’d really like to carve for?
PG: So many! I’m hoping to be the “carver to the stars” eventually!


HoTS: How much do you love Halloween? Would you say it is your favorite holiday?

PG: Halloween is certainly a favorite because of what I do. Mostly because I get to make a lot of people happy with my work. I guess I’m the Orange Santa in October. Although, I do love Christmas probably a bit more.


HoTS: Do you still carve pumpkins for your own Halloween decorations or do you skip that now?

PG: I try to carve a few for the family each year but have been getting too busy the past few years. I need to make time.
The Pumpkin Geek carves awesomeness Pinhead


HoTS: Favorite conventions you’ve been to? What’s your favorite part of the convention scene?

PG: Well, my favorite would have to be Wizard World Comic Con. I did their con last year in Portland and ended up getting HIRED by them to be their National Sales Manager! They loved the fact that I had been doing cons for several years, and I had a background in sales, so got hire that weekend. Not only did I have a great con selling my carves, back came back with a job where I get to find vendors & artists to do Comic Cons now.


HoTS: What are you working on now?

PG: I was hired by Rancho Obi-Wan (the largest Star Wars museum in the country), to do a large number of carves for their Gallaween event this year & they are actually having me as a guest of honor! Also, ESPN hired me to do the Sunday Night Countdown crew & World Series. Other than that, custom orders, including a few weddings and proposals!


HoTS: Where can people stay in touch with you, follow your work and commission you for custom jobs?

PG: I’m always on Twitter or can be reached via email at alex@thepumpkingeek.com.


HoTS: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

PG: I really appreciate everyone that has admired my work over the years. I have a LOT of supporters on social media that have always cheered me on, encourage me, and been so excited with my success. It’s very flattering to know that people really enjoy what I do.


HoTS: And finally, since I ask everyone this and you are no exception, Freddy or Jason? Who’s the bigger horror badass?

PG: Freddy. Aside from being a badass, he’s got a great sense of humor.


Thanks again, Alex, for taking the time to speak to me! Happy carving and happy Halloween!

The Walking Dead Recap: S06E01 First Time Again

The Walking Dead Recap: S06E01 First Time Again

By Nicole Robinson

TWD herd

The Walking Dead returned to AMC on Sunday with an intense 90 minute premiere entitled “First Time Again” that still has fans talking. In the first 60 seconds of the start of the mega hit zombie drama, we found our fearless leader, Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, standing in front of what can only be described as a mega herd trapped in a quarry not far from where our survivors our laying their heads at night. Surrounded by new and old faces, the group watches as one of the 18 wheeler trucks blocking the herd into the quarry falls off the side, leaving a path wide open for the herd to escape.

*WARNING: If you have not seen the Season 6 Premiere of The Walking Dead. STOP reading now. Spoilers ahead.

In an interesting twist on the storytelling, the season premiere used flashbacks in black and white to show us on what our survivors have been up to since we left them back in March after Rick shot Pete. Rick and his group have taken matters into their own hands to protect the Alexandria Safe Zone. With the new blessing of a grieving Deanna, (Tovah Feldshuh) the survivors have been given carte blanche over the future of the town and its inhabitants.

Not all of the residents of Alexandria are quick to allow Rick to start setting up shop as the leader of the Safe Zone. Carter (Ethan Embry), an outspoken resident, clearly does not trust Rick or his plans to lead the mega herd away. Carter quickly learns that screwing with Rick Grimes is a terrible idea after putting a gun in the face of everyone’s favorite mullet. Rick gladly offers him some friendly words of advice and everyone goes back to playing nicely. Carter was sparred… For now.

TWD Embry

The crap your pants moment arrives when Daryl slowly creeps his motorcycle as the massive horde of decaying flesh eaters trial behind him like a redneck pied piper. Even Daryl looks a little scared right then. Over the course of the seasons we have watch as the walkers slowly decay in front of our eyes. This mega horde of walkers puts in front and center just how disgusting they have gotten over 6 seasons and we cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us in the first half. And bravo at the ping pong walkers, bouncing off the steel walls. Seeing those exploding heads gave us all that warm and fuzzy feeling that we missed all summer.

After weeks on the rode out on a supply run, Heath returns quickly finds himself herding the dead with our group of survivors, showing his potential to be a valued member of the group in episodes to come. Teaming up with Glenn and Nicholas, who seems genuinely sorry for trying to kill Glenn last season, Heath takes out a store full of walkers successfully preventing the noise from drawing the mega herd off the chosen path. So far so good.

It wouldn’t be an episode of The Walking Dead if everything went as planned. First, after admitting Rick was right after all and making the mistake of redeeming himself during the apocalypse, Carter gets a kiss on the cheek from a walker. Screaming in terror as his face is being bitten off, he draws the mega herd off the road towards him. Thankfully Rick comes along and sticks a knife into his skull, allowing the group to redirect the herd back on track. Just when they thought the plan had worked, an obnoxiously loud horn starts going off from the direction of Alexandria turning the mega herd back where they came from.

TWD flares

We will have to wait until next week to find out how Alexandria handles itself against the massive walker horde. Most of the people living inside the walls have been there from the start and are not well equipped to defend themselves. Those steel fences are strong but not strong enough to keep a herd of that size from ripping it down.

Next week will also be exploring the even more of the relationship between Morgan and Rick. Morgan is clearly trying to get a read on the new Rick as well as dealing with everything he has been through on his own. He started as a man trying to protect his son Duane and grieving for his wife, then he slipped into madness after Duane’s death at her walker hands. Now, he’s a ninja warrior, with a six-foot long stick, the deadly use of which was taught to him “after”, he says. These are two men who have been profoundly changed since they first met, and need to completely rebuild their relationship. We assume that means Morgan’s going to be a big part of this season, which is great because Lennie James does a wonderful job with the character, and that stick…



By Nick Durham


One of the films that always finds its way on my TV is Near Dark. While most tend to think of The Lost Boys as an 80s vampire film classic, I, in all honesty, have never, ever liked that fucking movie. Call it blasphemy or what you will, but no, The Lost Boys doesn’t mean shit to me.

Near Dark does.

Released in 1987 and directed by Kathryn Bigelow before she became an Oscar winning, Hollywood darling with films like The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty (and even before she directed action favorites like Point Break and Strange Days), she directed this nasty little gem written by Eric Red (The Hitcher). Starring a variety of James Cameron vets (and Aliens stars) including Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, and Jeanette Goldstein, Near Dark tells the story of Caleb (Adrian Pasdar) whom, in the process of chasing a girl (Jenny Wright), falls in with her group of vampires. Yeah, it sounds almost exactly like the plot of The Lost Boys, but minus the Corey duo and ups the ante on blood and nastiness…and it also has ten times the heart.

Now I keep making the Lost Boys comparisons because while that film was a massive hit, Near Dark definitely was not. It had some time on VHS before disappearing to obscurity, only to be released on DVD for the first time ever a decade or so ago by Anchor Bay, and was thus rediscovered by many. Now recognized as a cult classic and unique to the vampire genre for a number of reasons (the V-word is never said once, there’s no typical vampire-lore stuff, and the blend of horror and western elements is just plain awesome), this is something I pop in every October like clockwork.

If you’ve never seen Near Dark, I can’t recommend it enough. Granted some elements of it haven’t aged all that well as the years have gone by, but this is my go-to vampire movie for the Halloween season year after year. You should make it yours too.

Rating: 5/5


HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Angel Heart (1987)

By Dixielord

Angel Heart DVD cover

Angel Heart

My first selection for required Halloween viewing is Angel Heart, a supernatural detective story set mostly in my favorite city, New Orleans. It features Micky Rourke as Harold Angel, a sleazy, down and out New York private detective. Angel is approached by an attorney for a wealthy potential client, offering him a job he should probably refuse. The job, track down missing musician Johnny Favorite, who owes the client a debt of some sort. The client Lou Cypher, played by Robert DeNiro, sends Angel off to find Favorite, or find proof he is dead. The trail leads him deep into the world of New Orleans voodoo, into the arms of Lisa Bonet and maybe into insanity.

While Angel Heart is a detective story, it is heavily rooted in the supernatural. It also is one of the best horror movies dealing with voodoo. The fun is trying to figure out exactly what is going on, what’s the deal with Johnny Favorite, and why is everyone around Harold dying a gruesome death.

I love this movie and watch it almost every Halloween, and honestly every chance I get. When I’m asked to suggest a horror movie, this is high on the list. There is a heavy, dark foreboding that runs throughout the film. It feels hot and sweaty, just like New Orleans in the summer, or the fall for that matter. It’s never gets extremely gory, most of the deaths take place off screen, but it has a sense of dread, a sense that something bad is always just around the corner, and bad shit keeps happening. Every clue seems to lead to another corpse and dead end.

Angel Heart is also worth watching because of its 19 year old co-star, Lisa Bonet, known best as being one of the Huxtable clan from the Cosby show. In fact, it’s heavily rumored, and believed by most that her performance in Angel Heart cost her the job on Cosby. Long before the current Cosby rape allegations, this was the most controversial sex scandals involving the show. Bonet’s love scene with Rourke was one of the hottest, and most talked about sex scenes in a major film of the 80s. The love scene was also the bloodiest thing seen on screen in Angel Heart. The scene was so wild, that at least ten seconds of the sex had to be cut to keep the movie form getting an X rating.

There’s just so much I love about Angel Heart. A lot of people familiar with Rourke’s later movies might not realize he was once a handsome leading man. This was before his dalliance with the boxing ring lead to numerous facial injuries, and a botched plastic surgery left his face “a mess”. Then there is DeNiro, who comes across as a very subtle and sinister…..,well look at his name, Lou Cypher, I shouldn’t have to tell you who he is really playing. He plays it with a casual aplomb, that is way more frightening than the usual cackling prince of darkness.

Then there is Lisa Bonet. Wow. Bonet was at the prime of her beauty. She is smoking hot and her sexuality bleeds from her skin like sweat in the hot New Orleans sun, If you are a fan of the Huxtable’s and Denise, you might feel a little dirty every second she is on the screen. It’s okay, I wont tell, I felt that way when I first watched it.

The Cosby Show's Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart

Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart

Then there is the story itself. A detective film with a Faustian element, and dripping with the trappings of voodoo. There’s a bit of a twist, but it’s what’s makes Angel Heart special. I figured out what was up about five minutes before the reveal, and I spent those five minutes yelling “No” at the screen. It’s not a cheat or cheap move, and director Alan Parker littered clues throughout the movie. After it’s over you feel like you should have known all along. The ending is so dark, I was just left cold. And I felt that way the second, third, and fourth times I watched Angel Heart.

That’s my first selection for this Halloween. If you haven’t seen it, I urge you to check it out. It’s a great little detective horror film, and it’s a throwback to a different time. A time when Micky Rourke’s movies were scarier than his face, and most scandalous thing about The Cosby show was seeing Denise topless.

Angel Heart was directed by Alan Parker, based on the novel Falling Angel, written by William Hjortsberg. It stars Mickey Rourke, Robert DeNiro, Lisa Bonet and Charlotte Rampling. Now go watch it!

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