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MOVIE REVIEW: Heidi (2014)

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Haunted doll movies are hit or miss. There are no mediocre horror movies about dolls. They’re either great or they suck. There’s not a lot of middle ground for creepy doll movies, and the same can be said about found footage films. Combining the two is a risky proposition. Heidi attempts both and succeeds in some areas while failing miserably in others.
First off, why do all possessed dolls need to look evil? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being evil? Evil works best when you don’t know it’s there. I’m about tired of these unsuspecting people coming across an obviously evil doll and then acting all surprised when it eats a dog and starts offing the neighbors.
As far as spooky doll movies go, Heidi is an excellent attempt although the story is mostly straightforward and predictable. The doll is creepy, but not over-the-top creepy. The characters are believable and annoying.
My biggest issue with Heidi isn’t the uninspired story or the questionable actions of the characters; it’s the acting. Terrible, terrible acting. Even by found footage film standards it’s bad, and that’s saying something. I love the found footage genre, but it’s not known for Oscar-worthy performances.
The movie starts by introducing two annoying teenage boys (is there any other kind?) who enjoy pranking people and being obnoxious. One of the boys ends up working for a neighbor, and while rooting through her house, finds the demon doll. As far as I’m concerned, they deserve whatever bad things happen since they went snooping where they shouldn’t have. It’s all downhill from there, with things slowly escalating from doll related hijinks to full blown pet murder, and beyond.
Heidi takes a bit to get going, and the end drags on a longer that it needs to, with a ham-handed scene that jumps between the beauty of life and the grisly details of death. The final scene is worth it though.
The movie is filmed very well, with very little of the “shaky cam” that one would expect from this type of film. There’s also a fair amount of tension with scares being well timed and spaced perfectly throughout the film. Also, there are almost no cheap jump scares, something so many lower budget movie rely on.
Ultimately, Heidi is one of those movies that has an amazing amount of potential but falls short due to an uninspired story and awful acting.
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COMING SOON: The Boy (2016)

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By Dixielord

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The Boy

The Boy, which was originally titled The Inhabitant, is scheduled for release in January of 2016. Unfortunately, the name change may confuse viewers with the recently released Buy Diazepam Belfast, directed by Craig William McNeil and starring David Morse and Rainn Wilson, but with which is has no connection. This one is directed by William Brent Bell and stars Lauren Cohan.

Cohan is best known as Maggie on Buying Valium In Phnom Penh. William Brent Bell is probably known best for the infuriating The Devil Inside and its incredibly dumb ending. Before that he directed the lame Stay Alive, but then in 2013 he gave us Wer, one of the best werewolf movies in recent years. Wer, sadly didn't get the wide release of The Devil Inside, and was woefully underseen and underrated.

Early rumors were that it would be very similar to James Wan's The Conjuring. However with the release of the official plot it looks more like Annabelle, possibly with a little Gremlins mixed in.

The plot of Valium Order Online Ukhas Cohan playing an English nanny hired to babysit a life-sized doll. The couple who own him treat the doll as a real boy and use him as a coping mechanism for the loss of their son. Cohan as Greta, is given a specific set of rules to follow, which she fucks up of course. This leads to spooky happenings, leading Greta to believe the boy might actually be alive.

I really want to trust Bell after Wer, but the memory of that final scene in The Devil Inside still haunts me. That and this seems a hell of a lot like a cheap attempt to cash in on the success of The Conjuring and Annabelle. Still Lauren Cohan is very watchable and it looks like she will be getting to use her native Brit accent in this.


So I'm probably going to give this a hopeful, but realistic chance and check it out. Hopefully it will be more than a cheap rip off of a film I actually didn’t care that much about (Annabelle). With Cohan along for the ride it should at least be interesting for Walking Dead fans, and she is definitely easy on the eyes.

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Lauren Cohan from The Boy and The Walking Dead


What ever the outcome I'll give you my opinion after The Boy's release January 22, 2016.

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