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Bill Moseley Joins Crepitus

By Dixielord

Crepitus poster photo credit Crepitus
Crepitus poster
Photo credit Crepitus

Well it looks like Sid Haig isn't the only reject that can slap on the clown make up. It looks like his co-star from House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects, Bill Moseley has joined the cast of Crepitus, as the titular killer clown himself. Crepitus is the latest killer clown movie to surface, following Eli Roth's Clown and the remake of Stephen King's It.

The plot of Crepitus revolves around 17 year old Elizabeth and her brother Julien. Their mother is an abusive alcoholic. Things go from bad to worse after the family moves into the home of their deceased grandfather. They they learn the dark secrets of their family's history and come face to face with an ancient force, the cannibalistic clown Crepitus.

Creepitus Indiegogo photo of Bill Moseley, photo credit Creepitus Indiegogo
Creepitus Indiegogo photo of Bill Moseley
Photo credit Crepitus

The Indiegogo page for Crepitus describes him as an ancient demon who subsists by feeding on children. Devouring children allows him to remain immortal, and he dresses as a clown to lure children in. The description sounds very similar to the demon in Clown, although the story looks to be different. Now with the addition of Moseley to the cast, they have some star power. And Bill Moseley is definitely someone who can play a demonic clown.

The name Crepitus is real word with two different real world meanings, both of which are cleverly played off in the film. In medical terminology, crepitus is the popping and crackling sound made by joints and bones for various reasons. In the crowd sourcing comments, it is mentioned that Crepitus' (the character) bones pop and creak with every movement.

The other meaning of Crepitus refers to a being, an ancient Roman deity. Crepitus in the film will be a ancient force playing on this meaning if the word. However, this deity doesn't have the same regal standing as Apollo, Venus, or Vulcan. Reportedly, Crepitus was the Roman god of flatulence. That's farts for those not familiar with the terminology. Which could be a totally different explanation for why he pops when he moves... yeah. It's thought Crepitus wasn't actually a being worshiped but was possibly a product of Christian satire. So blame Christianity for the first fart jokes.

I love Bill, but hopefully he's not passing gas in the film. What the hey, I'll see it anyway. Clowns are creepy, clowns can be terrifying, and it seems they are all over the news right now - from Eli Roth's Clown to It to sightings of creepy clowns around the country. I don't think we have hit the saturation point yet, and this film could ride high on the clown craze.

Crepitus, directed by Haynze Whitmore, also stars Lance Paul, Raiden Moore, and Caitlin Williams. If you want to support the film, you can do it here. Crepitus is set for a 2017 release.

COMING SOON: Family Possessions (2016)

By Dixielord

Mark Patton, star of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, heads back to horror this year in the new film Family Possessions. Director Tommy Faircloth and his Horse Creek Productions have enlisted Patton and genre favorite Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) to join the cast of his latest film. Faircloth most recently directed the film Dollface, that did the festival circuit under the name, Dorchester's Revenge: The Return of Crinoline, before being tagged with a shorter name for its DVD and VoD release. Before Dollface, Faircloth directed Generation Ax, and the prequel to Dollface, Crinolinehead.

Mark Patton from Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and Family Possessions

Joining the more familiar names in the cast will be a host of talented younger actors, many of whom have starred in other Horse Creek Productions projects. Jason Vail Starred in Dollface, as well as Abraham Lincoln versus Zombies and the upcoming Valley of the Sasquatch. Along with Jason, Lizzie Mears, Leah Wiseman, and Andrew Wickum from Dollface are cast in Family Possessions. Morgan Monnig from the Horse Creek short The Cabin rounds out the film as Jason Vail's wife Sarah.

Felissa Rose from Sleepaway camp
Felissa Rose from Sleepaway Camp

The official synopsis describes Family Possessions as a paranormal slasher. It is the story of Racheal (played by Wiseman), a young girl who inherits her grandmother’s mansion. Since her family is struggling financially she moves them into the house. Once there, she starts having paranormal encounters, and learns a secret that her parents have been keeping from her.


Leah Wiseman of Family Possessions
Leah Wiseman of Family Possessions

Family Possessions will be all practical effects, with no CGI, which is unusual for a modern paranormal type film, but it's very refreshing. Come on, who out there isn't tired of the thing black wispy CGI ghosts and demons? Tony Rosen is the man in charge of those practical effects. Tony is perhaps best known as the creator of the Annabelle doll from the films Annabelle and The Conjuring. Tony also did the effects in the popular Indie film Pieces of Talent.


Jason Vail from Dollman and Family Possessions
Jason Vail from Dollface and Family Possessions

I became a fan of Horse Creek Productions when I caught Dollface at a film festival. It's a fun, bloody horror movie with some great moments and great laughs and is one of my favorite Indie films in recent years. I'm excited to see this new project. With Family Possessions, Faircloth promises a more serious film with less comedy than Dollface, which is great for those who don't care for horror comedies.



Lizzie Mears from Dollface and Family Possessions
Lizzie Mears from Dollface and Family Possessions

Family Possessions is in post production now and director Faircloth is hoping for a release sometime around October. The Indidegogo fundraising campaign is still open if anyone wants to chip in and support independent horror.

COMING SOON: Plank Face (2016)

By Dixielord

I will be one of the first people to tell you that the horror genre is littered with far too many sub-par films. So it's really refreshing to see new filmmakers with a commitment to produce new horror films that are original, thought provoking, and dammit, just good, solid films. That's whats up with Bandit Motion Pictures, and they are readying their newest film Plank Face for release later this year.

Plank Face is coming from Bandit Motion Pictures
Plank Face is coming from Bandit Motion Pictures

Bandit Motion Pictures hasn't been around long, but it's quickly developing a great track record. The founders of Bandit, writer/director Scott Schrimer and producer/cinematographer Brian K. Williams, were already making waves before they formed their own production company. Schrimer's controversial Found was one of my favorite films of the last few years - and also one of the most disturbing – having been banned for a while in Australia and is still unavailable uncut in Britain. Williams has also developed a name and a following in Indie horror with films like Found, A Time to Kill (not the Sam Jackson one), Plank Face, and The Legend of Wasco.

The first film from Bandit Motion Pictures was the trippy, erotic Harvest Lake which starred the sexy Tristan Risk of Plank Face and American Mary fame. If you expected the duo to play it safe and release a conventional horror film as a follow up to Harvest Lake, Plank Face lays that fear to rest. There's not a lot out beyond the trailer and a couple of different posters, but that's all you need to know this will be another strange one.

From the official IMDb synopsis, Plank Face is the story of a man trapped by a feral family who are determined to transform him into one of their own. Once again eschewing the horror norm of having a female kidnapped as breeding stock. Still this film looks to be way more than that line reveals. Check out the trailer and judge for yourself. This isn't going to be your average slasher flick.

Found from Plank Face director Scott Schrimer
The creators of Plank Face don't do average horror as Found proved.

Plank Face is due to be released in toward the end of August, so it's not too long of a wait. You can even pre order now from the official pre -release crowd funding for Plank Face. It's the best way to guarantee that it's in your hands as soon as possible. It also helps the filmmakers because it takes money to make films. Seriously, and without big studio backing it can be a challenge. So do yourself a favor, check out Harvest Lake, check out Found or A Time to Kill, and then pre-order a copy of Plank Face.