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Tales of the Unexpected
Series Two, 16 episodes
1 March 1980 to 14 June 1980

By Woofer McWooferson

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Below is a list of episodes from Series Two, along with a brief description and thoughts on each. As with many of the first series (season) episodes, many plots are predictable and it is the execution of the stories that elevate or destroy them

In keeping with the original numbering system, the shows are numbered consecutively starting after the last number of the previous series (season). Many of these episodes can be found online at YouTube.

Title: Royal Jelly
Episode: 10
Air Date: 1 March 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl
Director: Herbert Wise
Claws: 5
Observations: A Bee-keeper (Andrew Ray), concerned that his baby daughter is ill and losing weight, decides to alter her diet a bit unbeknownst to his wife (Susan George). Interesting piece, but there're better bee/wasp tales in cinema. Also, the baby noises were genuinely annoying.

Title: Skin
Episode: 11
Air Date: 8 March 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Robin Chapman
Director: Herbert Wise
Claws: 5
Observations: Artist and tattooist Drioli (Derek Jacobi) now an old street-beggar, discovers that his old friend Soutine (Boris Isarov) became a famous artist. Drioli has an original Soutine tattooed on his back by the artist himself. The best part was Derek Jacobi. The story was interesting but predictable.

Title: Galloping Foxley
Episode: 12
Air Date: 15 March 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Robin Chapman
Director: Claude Whatham
Claws: 6
Observations: William Perkins (John Mills) sees a man (Anthony Steel) on a train who, he is convinced, is responsible for the bullying he received while at boarding school 60 years ago. A very English tale. The end is one that has far less impact for non-English.

Title: The Hitch-hiker
Episode: 13
Air Date: 22 March 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Robin Chapman
Director: Alistair Reid
Claws: 7
Observations: When cocky American Paul Duveen (Rod Taylor) gives an elderly Irish man Michael Fish (Cyril Cusack) a lift in his new BMW, he picks up more than he bargained for – a fact that becomes crystal clear when stopped by a traffic cop (John Forgeham). Secondary to the characterization is the story. Taylor and Cusak are entertaining foils.

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Title: Poison
Episode: 14
Air Date: 29 March 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Robin Chapman
Director: Graham Evans
Claws: 7
Observations: Set in India during British colonialism, Poison focuses on Harry Pope (Andrew Ray) who, while drying out, is trapped in bed when he discovers a krait, one of the deadliest snakes, in bed and on his stomach. Pope's roommate Timber Woods (Anthony Steel) fetches Dr. Kunzru Ganderbai (Saeed Jaffrey) to assist. Dr. Kunzru eventually becomes the focus of Pope's anger and frustration. Interesting and entertaining. The viewer feels many different emotions toward Pope – and every one of them is appropriate. Anthony Steel is especially endearing as an aging lothario.

Title: Fat Chance
Episode: 15
Air Date: 5 April 1980
Writer(s): Denis Cannan, Robert Bloch
Director: John Gorrie
Claws: 8
Observations: Pharmacist John Burge (Buy Diazepam 10Mg Online Uk) is having an affair with Frances (Sheila Gish), a friend of his overweight wife Mary (Miriam Margolyes). Burge decides to use his pharmaceutical knowledge to rid himself of his weighty problem. Because the story is one of infidelity, it's clear from the start that Burge's plan will not pay off in the manner he wishes. However, it is interesting enough to want to watch it unfold. John Castle, who expertly played Prince Geoffrey in Online Prescriptions Valium, is in fine form and the highlight of the cast.

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Title: Taste
Episode: 16
Air Date: 12 April 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Ronald Harwood
Director: Alistair Reid
Claws: 7
Observations: Mike Schofield (Antony Carrick) wagers that his friend, snooty wine connoisseur Richard Pratt (Ron Moody), that Pratt will not be able to deduce the dinner wine's vineyard. The crux of this episode revolves around wagering and just how far one will go to win.

Title: My Lady Love, My Dove
Episode: 17
Air Date: 19 April 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Ronald Harwood
Director: John Rosenberg, Herbert Wise
Claws: 7
Observations: When Pamela (Elaine Stritch) and Arthur Beauchamp (Shane Rimmer) invite friends for the weekend, Pamela convinces Arthur to install a hidden microphone in the guest bedroom bfore Sally (Lisa Eichhorn) and Henry Snape (Douglass Lambert) arrive. Be careful when you eavesdrop, you may find out more than you care to know. Props to this episode for bugging a bedroom.

Title: The Way Up to Heaven
Episode: 9
Air Date: 19 May 1979
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Ronald Harwood
Director: Simon Langton
Claws: 7
Observations: Mrs Foster (Julie Harris) fears being late, and her husband (Roland Culver) enjoys making her late. However, his most recent attempt doesn't quite go as planned. Another one that was better than anticipated.

Title: Depart in Peace
Episode: 19
Air Date: 3 May 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Ronald Harwood (Based on the short story by Nunc Dimittis.)
Director: Alan Gibson
Claws: 7
Observations: Lionel (Joseph Cotten), a wealthy art collector, woos Janet (Maureen O'Brien) while Gladys (Gloria Grahame) works to win his affections. Fun piece with a happy little twist.

Title: The Umbrella Man
Episode: 20
Air Date: 10 May 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Ronald Harwood
Director: Claude Whatham
Claws: 7
Observations: On a wet afternoon, an elderly con-man (John Mills) strikes up conversations with passers-by, eventually selling each a stolen silk umbrella for cab fare. Interesting story with a fun con-man. He makes the story work. It wouldn't if he weren't half as charming. Watch for a pre-Harry Potter Order Valium Online Canada.

Title: Genesis and Catastrophe
Episode: 21
Air Date: 17 May 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Ronald Harwood
Director: Herbert Wise
Claws: 6
Observations: In 1889, after having lost three children, Alois (Helmut Griem) and Klara, an Austrian woman (Zhivila Roche), fear the child she is birthing will be ill. Period piece that is less exciting than anticipated. Nice twist. Dahl insists that the story, including names, is true even though the dialogue is, naturally, of the author's invention.

Title: Mr. Botibol's First Love
Episode: 22
Air Date: 24 May 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Kevin Goldstein-Jackson
Director: John Gorrie
Claws: 7
Observations: William Botibol (Jack Weston), obsessed with classical music, builds a concert hall in his house so that he can pretend to conduct an orchestra and play piano. Jack Weston as William Botibol is great fun. The story is a bit flat, but perks up a bit near the end.

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Title: Back for Christmas
Episode: 23
Air Date: 31 May 1980
Writer(s): John Collier, Denis Cannan
Director: Giles Foster
Claws: 7
Observations: Dr, James Carpenter (Richard Johnson) and his wife Hermione (Siân Phillips) are leaving the country for Christmas. Despite his careful planning, Carpenter's plots to murder his wife is thwarted by a Christmas gift. Another unfaithful spouse/lover gets it in the end story. A few nice touches, though, elevate this from the run of the mill cheating significant other story.

Title: The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby
Episode: 24
Air Date: 7 June 1980
Writer(s): Stanley Ellin, Robin Chapman
Director: John Gorrie
Claws: 7
Observations: Mr. Appleby (Robert Lang) runs an antiques shop full of what many consider junk. Mr. Appleby is able to retain his shop by repeatedly marrying wealthy women who are prone to falls. Fun story that will have you rooting for the “bad” guy.

Title: The Man at the Top
Episode: 25
Air Date: 14 June 1980
Writer(s): Edward D. Hoch, Denis Cannan
Director: Claude Whatham
Claws: 8
Observations: Hardy (Peter Firth), a down on his luck young seaman, kills another man in a fight and turns to his friend Diane (Rachel Davies) for help. Commendable episode with a fun twist.

Once again, the series is uneven, but every episode is worth at least one viewing.

6.75/10 claws

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