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Welcoming the Women in Horror with Alice Lowe

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Celebrating Women in Horror means so much more than just recognizing women who have been prevalent in the horror scene, it also means recognizing those who have stood out from the pack.

This month I would like to shine the light on some remarkable women and their contribution to the world of horror films. Some seem more prevalent with fans than others, so I am starting with British Comedienne, filmmaker and the all-around inspirational woman Alice Lowe.

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In 2016, when Lowe was seven months pregnant, she decided to embark on a project which would not just allow her to star in a feature film that she wrote but direct it too. Within eleven days the film was wrapped and ready to be edited before it ventured into the horror community.

Prevenge is the story of a widow named Ruth, played by Lowe, who is seven months pregnant and learning to cope with the loss of her partner. All seems well until Ruth begins to believe that her unborn child is guiding her to commit murders. From that moment on she embarks on a homicidal rampage, dispatching anyone who stands in her way.

Lowe amazingly leads the way as Ruth, supported by an inspiring supporting female cast. We watch the story unfold of Ruth’s circumstances and immediately are empathetic. She has lost what we assume is the love of her life right when she discovered she was pregnant. She is coping, but life is naturally filled with reminders of what has happened and her growing baby is a constant source of anxiety to Ruth.

We know Lowe from her role in the genre film The Sightseers and her roles on television, but with Prevenge she truly emerges as a star.
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The story comes together so well it is hard to fault, as it flows fantastically through each moment of calm and chaos so seamlessly. We see the peculiar and dramatic, as her bizarre cravings to feed the bloodlust of her baby unfold through some amazing moments. I admit this film will interest certain fans and be unappealing to others, but Lowes blending of the horrific and the humor with heart is endearing despite the insanity it leaves imprinted in your mind.

I didn’t find the deaths too hardcore or gory as such and they served well in developing the narrative pacing of Prevenge.

Buy Msj Valium UkThe supporting female cast includes Gemma Whelan (from Game of Thrones and The Wolfman), Kate Dickie (from The Witch and Prometheus) and Jo Hartley (from This Is England 90 and Eddie the Eagle). Each of these strong female performers, provide a believable and well rounded natural portrayal of their characters, alongside Lowe and the male comedic talents throughout the film.

Buy Pure DiazepamHis ability to move on causes her aggressive beginnings and her declining mental stability, causing her to feel as though the baby is ‘saying’ to enact her revenge.Ruth’s coping with her partner’s death in the film sees her hunting for the person she blames. His role as an instructor of the climbing accident in her partner’s death and the seemingly failed inquest sees Ruth triggered into taking matters into her own hands.

It was a joy watching the usually quiet and solitary Ruth become a homicidal maniac and oddly one of the most heartfelt conclusions possible.

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The Witch:

A New-England Folktale

By Dixielord

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Horror returns to the Puritan times in the upcoming horror film The Witch, which made its festival debut this year and is set for a theatrical release in 2016. It won the award for best director of an American drama at the Sundance International Film Festival. It currently has a 87 rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on fifteen reviews, making it one of the most eagerly awaited films of next year. Besides Sundance, The Witch has also screened at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, and, as I type, is scheduled to screen at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.

Set in 1630s New England, shortly before the start of the Salem Witch trials, a missing child sets the stage for accusations of witchcraft. As crops fail and more evil portents befall the family, they quickly descend into madness. But real evil lurks just beyond their farm in the wilderness waiting to take advantage of the situation.

The trailer for The Witch looks dark and brooding without giving away too much of the plot. The film appears to be straddling, and perhaps crossing, the line between psychological and supernatural horror. We wont know for sure until 2016, though, when it will debut on Direct TV before a theatrical release.

The Witch stars relative newcomer Anya Taylor-Joy (Vampire Academy) as Thomsin, in a potentially star making role. It also stars Game of Thrones alumni Kate Dickey and Ralph Ineson, and Bathsheba Garnett (Mean Girls) as The Witch. The Witch will be the first feature length film for director Valium Buy Australia, who has previously directed the shorts The Tell-Tale Heart and Hansel and Gretel.

If you need more of The Witch right now, you can check out their Buying Valium In Koh Samui. You can even follow Black Phillip, the film's goat and star of the poster, on Twitter. Look for The Witch early in 2016.

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