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HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Satan’s Little Helper (2004)

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By Dixielord

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Satan's Little Helper with Katheryn Winnick

Satan's Little Helper is a movie that should be regarded as a Halloween classic. Set on Halloween, mask wearing, trick or treating, and other Halloween traditions figure in heavily in the movie. It also stars the most annoying kid this side of The Babadook. Meet Dougie, and believe me he is one annoying little shit. But just like in The Babadook, it's the child's annoying habits and personality that help propel the movie along.

Directed by Jeff Lieberman (Squirm), Satan's Little Helper stars Amanda Plummer (Pulp Fiction) and the gorgeous Katheryn Winnick (Vikings), along with Alexander Brickel as Dougie. Now little Dougie is obsessed with two things, going Trick or Treating with big sister Jenna (Winnick) and playing his favorite video game - Satan's Little Helper.

Halloween for Dougie goes wrong almost from the start when Jenna comes home from college, bringing along boyfriend Alex. This spoils his plans for a night out alone with his sexy sister, and a big kibosh on his plans to someday marry her. OK maybe that's a bit weird, but let's roll with it. Dougie in a snit storms off. Then things seem to look up as he runs across a man in a demon mask positioning dead bodies to appear to be Halloween decorations. Dougie mistakes the man as Satan from his video game, but actually he's an psychotic lunatic, and asks to tag along and be his helper for real. As Satan and Dougie wreck havoc across town, it's all good Halloween fun in the kid’s eyes. Until he takes Satan home.

I really love Satan's Little Helper. It's a horror comedy that takes itself just seriously enough to work. It has it's silly moments, and a couple of scenes that push your ability to suspend your belief. However, if you accept that little Dougie is a naive, annoying kid with horrible judgment and just go along for the ride, it works.

Even though it's a horror comedy, all the actors play it straight and the comedy comes from Dougie's horrible decisions and trust. But it does something that a lot of horror comedies don't manage. It manages to actually be a horror movie. There are some scenes that are down right skin crawl creepy. And when Satan reveals just how evil he really is to little Dougie, the laughs stop.

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Katheryn Winnick in Satan's Little Helper

Amanda Plummer plays Dougie's mom, and she's awesome as usual. Her character seems to be supportive of Dougie's love for Halloween, but really she's just too wrapped up in herself to pay any attention to what he's doing. Ninety percent of the mayhem in Satan's Little Helper springs from the fact no one is really paying any attention to Dougie. Even when he starts palling around with a tall man in a Satan mask. Katheryn Winnick is stunning as big sister Jenna, and she shows some moments of true tenderness to her irritating little brother. If you are a fan of The History Channel's Buy Diazepam 10Mg Online Uk, you wont want to miss the future Lagertha in this early role.

The star of the show, though, is Satan. He steals scenes over and over with his comedic gestures and sense of humor, even as he's committing bloody murder. He's just fun to watch. Not as fun as Winnick, but he's a hoot.

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Satan's Little Helper

There are some gory and intense moments, so don't let the horror comedy moniker catch you off guard. There are also some hilarious turns that will have you splitting your side. Note to the religious, there are some scenes that could be considered blasphemous or sacrilegious. This all leads up to an ending that you will probably see coming, but that doesn't stop it from being effective.

So have a Happy Halloween everyone, enjoy the festivities, watch Satan's Little Helper, and don't let your son hang around with mysterious masked devils.

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