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MOVIE REVIEW: Dane Granger (2016)

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By Amy Mead 

Dane Granger emotions

Dane Granger 

A Thru the Lens Production

Directed by Stephanie Hensley and Brian Jolliffe

Starring Frankie McKay and Linda Schrader


Dane Granger is a 25 year old lesbian who left her small Indiana hometown after graduating high school to escape the tragedy of her adolescence, and the demons it brought with it. Unfortunately, Dane is still plagued by those demons, which manifest themselves as a silent, faceless man that silently watches over her, tormenting her. Dane is also haunted by an unhealthy desire to be with the love of her life, the all american hometown sweetheart, Grace Harper. 

After escaping her small hometown life, Dane becomes a well known actress but in spite of her fame, fortune and glory, she struggles with the memories of her past and the events that shattered her family when she was just a young girl. Dane's life was forever changed in an instant when her father not only commited suicide, but took her little brother with him. She has never been the same. 

A few years later, Dane is forced to return home to attend a the funeral of a very close friend who was not only Dane's roommate, but Grace's sister, Matty.  Dane of course runs into Grace and and is forced to face her past, and the faceless man who torments her, head on. Soon, Dane is spiraling out of control when she finds out Grace is soon to be married. Grace is, was, and always will be Dane's Kryptonite, her one and only weakness. Before long, Dane's descent into madness begins as she struggles to figure out who, and what, she really is. 

Dane has many demons. So does Grace. And their demons do not play well with each other. Dane and Grace truly are a match made in hell. Grace could very be the end of Dane, as her desire slowly drives her into a careless existence.

Dane Granger is a heartbreaking tale of madness, turmoil, and heartbreak. 

"Madness is the symptom, love is the disease"...

Shortly after reading Stephanie Hensley's book Buy Valium Glasgow (which I absolutely loved) it was announced that a movie was in the works. I have been eagerly awaiting the films release since then. It's no secret that I have been a champion of this project, and as luck would have it, I was asked by Stephanie herself to give the first review of the finished product, which is truly an honor. 

In most cases where I have read the book first, I am usually not particularly fond of the screen adaptations but with Dane Granger, the screenplay was written by Stephanie herself and as such, not much gets lost in translation. I was seriously blown away and FAR from disappointed with the finished product. And just like the book, I was in tears by the films end. That doesn't happen often. 

While not an out and out horror film, Dane Granger definitely has it's horrific moments and the things that float around in Dane's head are truly frightening. Watching her wrestle her demons and fight to find some peace within herself is hard to watch at times. You want to hug and comfort her while simultaneously beating the shit out of her. Dane is a beautiful, tragic mess and that in itself is horrific.

The direction of Hensley and Jolliffe was nothing short of amazing and some of the shots are simply gorgeous. This film does not look like it's the first for either one of them. Their passion for it is clearly evident and they make a fabulous team. Their work is seriously impressive and I will definitely be looking forward to seeing more from both of them in the future. The only real issue with the film are some issues with the sound, but other than that, this film is truly a work of art. 

Frankie McKay's performance as the titular character is nothing short of mind blowing. Frankie IS Dane, without question. And this comes from someone who was extremely skeptical about the casting choice. within the first five minutes I knew my initial thoughts were way off the mark. In all honesty, I don't think a  better casting choice could have been made. 

The Dane Granger indiegogo campaign recently ended and hopefully that's a sign that the film will be unleashed upon the masses very soon. I seriously cannot recommend it enough.

If you like indie cinema, drama and psychological thrills, this is definitely one you need to check out. I am already looking forward to getting my physical copy upon the films release and watching the beautiful craziness that is Dane Granger all over again. 




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An Exclusive First Look DANE GRANGER

Cheap Valium Uk

 By Amy Mead 

Dane Granger Madness

Thru the Lens Productions presents


Directed by Stephanie Hensley & Bryan Jolliffe

Written by Stephanie Hensley

Starring Frankie McKay & Linda Schrader


Back in 2014, House of Tortured Souls' very own Stephanie Hensley released her first book Dane Granger Reborn. Having been on staff as a writer with Stephanie at both Traumatic Cinematic and From Dusk Till Con, I had become a big fan of her reviews and interviews. So naturally, when she announced that she was looking for reviews of her book, I jumped at the chance.

When the book arrived, I sat down and read it cover to cover in one sitting and was in tears by the time I finished it. I loved it, and to this day it is still one of the best books I've had the pleasure of reading. The book was well received and garnered some great reviews, so in 2015, Stephanie released the follow up Dane Granger Recovered, and it was just as good.

Having loved the books so much, I was very pleased to find out that Dane would soon be making her way to the big screen, an undertaking that Stephanie, along with the help of co-director Bryan Jolliffe, have put blood, sweat and tears into. Already their efforts have begun to pay off as the film was nominated by Horror Society as one of the most anticipated films in 2016.

There are many who are eager to see this film, and we here at House of Tortured Souls were lucky enough to have Stephanie bestow us with the honor of bringing this exclusive first look to the hungry masses. 

So, without further ado, House of Tortured Souls proudly presents an exclusive sneak peak at Stephanie Hensley's first film, DANE GRANGER!! Sit back, relax and enjoy but please be advised that the video clip contains nudity and language and may not be suitable for all audiences. 

We will, of course, keep you up to date with new information on the film as we receive it. I have been asked by Stephanie to give the very first review of the film as soon as it is available, so you can look forward to my review sometime in the near future.

For more information on the DANE GRANGER film, check out the Valium Buy or the Facebook page.

And if you have not read the books, Buy Diazepam Belfast or Buying Valium In Phnom Penh, I urge you to do so immediately. Grab yourself a copy of each and enter Dane's crazy world!

Dane Granger image


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MOVIE REVIEW: House of Whores (2015)

Buy 100 Diazepam

By Amy Lynes

Valium Australia Online

Director: Paul Arnone, Tom Komisar and Daniel Murphy

Starring: Linda Schrader, Linsey McIntire,
R.J. Cecott, Maella Cai Vane, and Nurse Hatchet

Wow...Where do I even begin with this one? House of Whores was unlike anything I have seen thus far, and I have seen my fair share of shocking and unexplainable shit. It isn't often that I am stunned into silence, but this movie managed to accomplish just that. For close to a half an hour after the credits rolled, I was still sitting there, trying to figure out just what in the actual fuck I had just witnessed.

The movie starts off with sexy “Nurse Hatchet” warning that the movie could be considered graphic and disturbing by some viewers, which she underscores by dancing seductively and smearing blood all over herself.

Then it starts of with some sleazy asshole auditioning young women for his film project, Double Fisting. He has assembled three young actresses and, based on the cheesiness of his questions alone, it's obvious that he's a real dirtbag and is most likely just looking to get laid and maybe see some weird and kinky shit along the way.

The poor, unsuspecting girls are trying to get cast in this guy’s shitty spank film when three completely fucked up, psycho ass clowns (Smasho, Slasho, and Shago) suddenly bust in on them and a whole new kind of movie begins to go down.

As the title suggests, House of Whores is a sick, sleazy, and sexually violent Indie horror film, complete with new ways to rape and torture. Thanks to this film I will never look at a cheese grater, toilet brush, or a drill quite the same way again. Pain, suffering and unrelenting brutality are swiftly doled out to the unlucky ladies who had the misfortune of showing up for this casting call from hell and it is not pretty. And by the time these clowns are done with them, neither are they.

Even though its run time is only somewhere around an hour, we have a sort of intermission period every so often, a break from the carnage that allows Nurse Hatchet center stage with her sexy, blood covered dance. As much as I love her and have been a longtime fan, it seems to distract from the film and like maybe it would have been better suited as part of the bonus features as it really has nothing much to do with the storyline. I didn't really understand it, although it is nice to see her getting more exposure.

Those with an aversion to a plethora of body fluids or a weak stomach, will want to avoid this movie. I kind of wish I had. It was nauseating and, as I mentioned earlier, I have seen more than my fair share of extreme movies and nothing much bothers me. But this film? House of Whores depicts a laundry list of vomit-inducing acts, from forced rape to Dirty Sanchezes and shit eating. At one point it actually made me gag. This movie is for those who are into really sleazy and downright gross exploitation or snuff films and who aren't easily disgusted. I know there is an audience out there for this type of film. A large one, in fact. I am just not one of said audience members. Still, I give the filmmakers a lot of respect for taking on a film like this. Not all filmmakers are this brave with films such as this.

This movie spits, defecates, and bleeds all over its viewers and makes no apologies for it. Zero. But I suppose that’s part of the allure and most likely what the filmmakers set out to do with it. If that's the case, it has done its job rather effectively and this little Indie film is a raging success.

My stomach just couldn't take it. When it was over, I was nauseated, I felt like I needed to be disinfected, and I kind of hated myself for sitting through the whole thing.

And viewers beware! House of Whores 2: The Second Cumming will be on it's way soon...

Rating 5/10

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