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MOVIE REVIEW (RETRO): Mister Frost (1990)

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Mister Frost

By Woofer McWooferson

Mister Frost DVD cover

Director: Philippe Setbon (as Philip Setbon); Writers: Derry Hall (adaptation), Brad Lynch, Philippe Setbon (as Philip Setbon), Louise Vincent (adaptation); Stars: Jeff Goldblum, Alan Bates, Kathy Baker; Rating: R; Run Time: 104 min; Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller; Country: France; Language: English; Year: 1990

Mister Frost (aka Buy Valium Glasgow), the 1990 drama/horror/thriller from director Philippe Setbon, is an exercise in a movie having everything right and doing it all wrong. Mister Frost falls flat on every front, from its confused storyline, muddled direction, and terrible acting to its incompatible score and unrealistic setting.

Victims of Mister FrostThe story begins with a couple of thieves finding a corpse in Mr. Frost's Aston Martin when they break in to steal the vehicle. After a visit from Inspector Detweiler (Alan Bates), during which Detweiler is confused, then amused, and finally disturbed by Mr. Frost (Jeff Goldblum), Frost is arrested and convicted for murder. With 24 victims to his credit, Frost bounces between psychiatric facilities before ending up at the one where Dr. Day (Kathy Baker) works. Frost sets his sites on Day at once and thus begins a psychological cat and mouse game.

Mister Frost attempts to be a smart thriller but is more of a snooze drama. The horror part is missing completely. I suspect it is on the videotape that we never see. With lackluster performances by everyone except Jeff Goldblum, the movie trudges along to its predictable and disappointing end. Kathy Baker's doctor seems on the edge of tears, even when she is happy, and Alan Bates' detective comes off as befuddled and taken aback at all times. The music is so out of touch with the scene that it distracts from the imagery and dialogue. The only stand out aside from Goldblum as the titular Mister Frost is fabulous character actor Vincent Schiavelli (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) in a microscopic role as a desk clerk.

3/10 claws – Only for the die hard fans of anyone involved

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