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16 - 23 OCTOBER 2016

By The Crimson Executioner
Woofer McWooferson

The Vortexx Hosts_02


Welcome to The Vortexx where it's been ALL HOSTS ALL THE TIME FOR SIX YEARS! We've got another great line-up of shows, hosts, and movies for your viewing and chatting pleasure with an assortment of space aliens, zombies & other undead folk, vampires, and the Frankenstein Monster (or, at least, his cowboy cousin) coming your way this week to entertain you. Our hosts this week are Misty Brew, Freezer Mortis, Freakshow & the Bordello gang, Mr. Lobo, Remo D. and friends, Dave Binkley & Lisa Pierce, Mortimer Van Creep, and Arachna & Deadly Enjoy the shows and thanks for hanging out!

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Sunday (10/16) @ 9:00 P.M. (ET)

MISTY BREW'S CREATURE FEATURE presents GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE (1974). Michael Pataki stars as Caleb Croft, one of the creepiest bloodsuckers you're ever going to see. No sparkly vampires tonight, folks. This guy really means business. William Smith plays Caleb's half-vampire, half-human son twenty-four years before Wesley Snipes did it in Blade. Writer David Chase would later go on to bigger and better things with The Sopranos.

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Monday (10/17) @ 9:00 P.M. (ET)
The Vortexx premiere of

FORMERLY CRAPPICS with Freezer Mortis presents The Vortexx premiere of Riccardo Fredi's SAMSON AND THE 7 MIRACLES OF THE WORLD (1961). Freezer returns to his roots in the Italian sword-and-sandal genre in this tale of Maciste (renamed Samson in the American release) , who goes to China to rescue a princess and fight Tartar rebels. Former Tarzan Gordon Scott stars as the muscle-bound hero, while French-Japanese actress Yoko Tani plays the princess. Two capable leads, a decent director, and lavish exterior and interior sets (left over from the movie Marco Polo) help raise this film a notch above the usual sword-and-sandal fare of the early 1960s.

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Tuesday (10/18) @ 9:00 P.M. (ET)
The Vortexx premiere of

BORDELLO OF HORROR with Freakshow, Mistress Malicious, Sgt. Drizzlepuss, Ali Katt, and Marijohuana presents The Vortexx premiere of HORROR OF THE ZOMBIES (1974) aka The Ghost Galleon. This sequel to director Amando de Ossorio's successful and well-received The Blind Dead fails to measure up to the original. Its about a pair of bikini-glad fashion models aboard a phantom galleon who are chased in endless circles by eyeless ghouls wearing hoods. Turns out the ghouls are actually the skeletal remains of some excommunicated medieval Knights Templar, who were hanged and blinded for dabbling in black magic and Satan worship. In addition to the movie, Freaky will be entertaining us with musical guests The Anderson Brothers.
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Wednesday (10/19) @ 9:00 P.M. (ET)
The Vortexx

Join us tonight for our UNDEAD WEDNESDAY ZOMBIE DOUBLE FEATURE! First up is MR. LOBO'S NON STOP MOVIE PARTY: ZOMBIES! -- a one-hour special which first aired on Mr. Lobo's new distribution network OSI 74 (Outer Space International). If you love zombies (and who doesn't?) , then you're not going to want to miss this one as Mr. Lobo presents clips and trailers from zombie movies of all sorts, ranging from classics such as White Zombie and Plan 9 to modern-day thrillers such as George Romero's original Dead trilogy and Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2 and City of the Living Dead. Then stick around for more gut-munching zombie action as we present three of our favorite episodes of Kriss Hoffman's PROJECT Z: HISTORY OF THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE -- “Lt.” (the premiere episode), "Legend of the Zombie Queen," and "Ku Klux Zombies" starring our good friend Timber Wulff.

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Thursday (10/20) @ 9:00 P.M. (ET)
The Vortexx premiere of

REMO D.'S MANOR OF MAYHEM with Remo, co-hosts Dr. Montag and Kato the Black Hornet, and vault mistress Carlotta Nightshade presents The Vortexx premiere of SATAN'S SLAVE (1982). This little known cinema rarity from Indonesia was supposedly inspired by the cult classic Phantasm E. If you're expecting to see an Indonesian Tall Man, or Indonesian dwarfs, or a flying orb, you're going to be disappointed. But tonight's movie is actually a pretty creepy ghost story about a family attempting to deal with the recent death of the mother, who returns in spectral form after the family rejects their religion. A number of other folk also come back from the dead, and the evil forces at work get more and more powerful leading up to a genuinely terrifying conclusion in which all hell quite literally breaks loose. This is a "must see" for all fans of Indonesian horror, whoever and wherever they may be.

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Friday (10/21) @ 9:00 P.M. (ET)
Roger Corman's THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS (1954)

THE WEIRDNESS REALLY BAD MOVIE with Dave Binkley and co-host Lisa Pierce presents Roger Corman's THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. No, this isn't the 2001 Vin Diesel blockbuster that led to a lucrative franchise. It's a cheapo Corman production from 1954 about a man wrongly convicted of murder (future Academy Award nominee John Ireland), who kidnaps a woman (future Academy Award winner Dorothy Malone) and her Jaguar XK120 and then joins the annual Pebble Beach cross-border road race in an attempt to hightail it into Mexico. This was Corman's third film, and the first to be distributed by American International Pictures. Corman makes a cameo appearance as a state trooper, while Bruno (Fat Dave) Ve Sota, Snub Pollard (of Laurel & Hardy fame), and Jonathan (Seymour Krelburn) Haze appear in small roles as a truck driver, park caretaker, and Dorothy's rescuer. In keeping with the theme of tonight's movie, the host segments were shot at the Canton Classic Car Museum in Canton, Ohio.

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Saturday (10/22) @ 9:00 P.M. (ET)
William Castle's HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1959)

SKUNKY CINEMA with Mortimer Van Creep and special guest Dr. Sigmund Zoid presents a Vortexx (and Mortexx) favorite -- William Castle's HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1959). Vincent Price gives a stellar performance as the suavely malevolent host who offers his guests $10,000 if they can survive a night in the murderous mansion. Carol Ohmart co-stars as Vinnie's scheming wife, and Elisha Cook, Jr. plays the timid owner of the house. The eerie looking home used for the exterior shots is the Ennis Brown house in Los Angeles, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, which was later used in Blade Runner and Rocketeer.


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Sunday (10/23) @ 9:00 P.M. (ET)
F. W. Murnau's NOSFERATU (1922)

BEWARE THEATER with Arachna of the Spider People and her friend Deadly presents another gem from the Golden Age of Black-and-White -- F. W. Murnau's NOSFERATU (1922). Max Schreck plays the blood sucking vampire count in one of the first -- and definitely one of the scariest -- screen adaptations of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Arachna has taken some creative license to make this silent movie . . . well, less silent. Nosferatu actually speaks, and there are also some sound effects, different music, and lots of scary fun. This episode was a big hit with our viewers when it aired in The Vortexx last April, and we’re betting that you're going to enjoy it even more the second time round. Tonight we will also be airing a tribute to Jim (The Colonel) Klink by one of his closest friends -- Dale Kay, host of DALE KAY'S SPOOKSHOW. Jim passed away last year on October 24.


Welcome to The Vortexx where it's ALL HOSTS ALL THE TIME!

Buy Diazepam Online Uk Blue Haze"Every day is a good day that ends in The Vortexx." You can find us at and Remember folks, we're the Gooble Gobble Channel. We accept everyone. And we will keep the doors open as long as you keep coming around! If you're a horror host looking for an additional outlet for your show, email Sluggo at

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