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WiHM: Cristie Whiles

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I personally love extreme horror and want to honor some of the best or worst (depending how you see it) ladies in the genre for Women in Horror Month. The first lady I want to discuss is Cristie Whiles, you may know her better as Crusty from August Underground’s Mordum and August Underground’s Penance. I truly despise her character, Crusty, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever loathed any other fictional person quite so much. She’s an absolutely disgusting excuse for a human being. Her constant shrieking mixed with her hyena laugh grates on the soul, and her heinous acts, especially towards other women, make her despicable. I’m not easily disturbed, and an actor has to work pretty hard to provoke a real emotion in me so I applaud Cristie Whiles’ ability to do both. Although I hate her character, I’m impressed with both her writing and acting skills. She did such a convincing job as Crusty that I can’t be sure if I met her in real life that I would be able to restrain myself from verbally or physically assaulting her – again, well done, Cristie.

Before she got involved in cinema, Cristie was an artist and attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She expanded her talents to include screen printing, make-up, special effects, and filmmaking. Cristie was a co-founder of Buy Herbal Valium but stepped down in 2009 to focus on her clothing company called Sunshine Tattoo Parlor.

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Cristie had never planned on being in the film industry to begin with, but her longtime friend Michael Schneider (a Toetag alum) asked her to do some of August Underground’s Mordum’s artwork and backgrounds; she also ended up writing and directing as well. She states that the character was an idea taken from her demon paintings, and now that the films are done, she is completely purged of that character and “done with that era”. Cristie felt that Penance was made too soon after the completion of Redsin Tower but was still fairly happy with the end result. After its completion, she felt she needed to move on from Toetag.

Due to the nature of Crusty, Cristie ran into problems with sexual harassment and creepy emails. She says she created the character with “intentions to make people aware of the pain abuse causes without sugar coating a detail.” Well, I guess mission accomplished because as viewers we were spared no detail, no matter how unthinkable.

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It seems at this point we probably won’t see a lot more from Cristie in the film industry. She did say “you never know,” but her focus is more on her art and clothing line. Her character Crusty will go down in history as one of the best and most horrible portrayals of a female serial killer. If you haven’t already seen them, check out the August Underground Trilogy and judge for yourself.

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