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TV REVIEW: Tales of the Unexpected (Series Three)

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Tales of the Unexpected
Series Three, Nine episodes
9 August to 30 August
9 November to 19 December 1980

By Woofer McWooferson

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Below is a list of episodes from Series Three, along with a brief description and thoughts on each.

In keeping with the original numbering system, the shows are numbered consecutively starting after the last number of the previous series (season). Many of these episodes can be found online at YouTube.

Title: The Flypaper
Episode: 26
Air Date: 9 August 1980
Writer(s): Elizabeth Taylor, Robin Chapman
Director: Graham Evans
Claws: 6
Observations: Girls are being abducted and killed, and shy teenager Sylvia (Lorna Yabsley) feels that she could be next when she notices a man who seems to be following her. Neat little story with a twist. However, the nature of this show makes the twist less satisfying than it should have been.

Title: A Picture of a Place
Episode: 27
Air Date: 16 August 1980
Writer(s): Denis Cannan, Doug Morgan
Director: Giles Foster
Claws: 8
Observations: A junk collector (Bill Maynard) picks up a steal at a country house shared by an elderly widow (Jessie Matthews) and her son (Michael Troughton). A poetic justice-esque story that is sinfully satisfying.

Title: Proof of Guilt
Episode: 28
Air Date: 23 August 1980
Writer(s): Bill Pronzini, Johnny Byrne
Director: Chris Lovett
Claws: 7
Observations: Police are puzzled when they find a motive for George Stamford (Jeremy Clyde) to kill his father's former partner but no evidence. A true locked room mystery whose end it not so obvious. It makes you love and hate the characters at the same time.

Title: Vengeance is Mine Inc.
Episode: 29
Air Date: 30 August 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Alan Gibson
Director: John Rosenberg
Claws: 6
Observations: Tom (Bosco Hogan) and George (Julian Fellowes), out of work actors, invent a scheme to make money while reading the entertainment section. They open a revenge business. Continuing the theme of revenge, this episode covers hiring out for your vengeance. The idea is interesting, but the main characters had me wanting to hire them to punch themselves.

Title: A Girl Can't Always Have Everything
Episode: 30
Air Date: 9 November 1980
Writer(s): Tonita S. Gardner, Julian Bond
Director: Graham Evans
Claws: 5
Observations: Suzy and Pat, two struggling actresses, share an apartment together. They get lucky when a millionaire widower invests in their play. Suzy takes advantage and seduces him, but when he asks her to marry him, she is unfaithful. Pat sees a way to take revenge. Once again Joan Collins plays her patented seductress bitch, highlighting an otherwise plain story.

Title: Parson's Pleasure
Episode: 31
Air Date: 30 November 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Ronald Harwood
Director:</strong> John Bruce
Claws: 9
Observations: Cyril Boggis (How To Buy Valium In Australia), a shady antique dealer, poses as clergy to purchase antiques at a steal. John Gielgud is absolutely flawless. His portrayals of both the clergy and the dealer are as good as anything else he's done – and that says a lot. The twist is quite nice.

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Sir John Gielgud in Parson's Pleasure.

Title: The Stinker
Episode: 32
Air Date: 7 December 1980
Writer(s): Roald Dahl, Julian Symons
Director: Alan Gibson
Claws: 5
Observations: Harold Tinker (Denholm Elliot) encounters former schoolmate Jack Cutler, now a millionaire, and remembers only the bullying from school. Tinker grows suspicious when his wife finds Cutler charming. Even though this episode has both Denholm Elliot and Patricia Quinn, it lacks the punch it should have.

Title: I'll Be Seeing You
Episode: 33
Air Date: 14 December 1980
Writer(s):Robert Quigley, Julian Bond
Director: Philip Dudley
Claws: 4
Observations: Henpecked Roland Trent (Anthony Valentine) only wants to help his blind mistress to see again. When he finds out that his mistress is pregnant, he plots to get both the mistress and the money. Pardon the pun, but this one can be seen coming from a mile away.

Title: The Party
Episode: 34
Air Date: 19 December 1980
Writer(s): Doug Morgan, Chaim Bermant
Director: Giles Foster
Claws: 7
Observations: Crusty Harry Knox (Online Prescriptions Valium) has organized the Christmas party for 40 years and is doing so again. As an impending merger draws closer and the a coworker organizes a disco party for Christmas, Knox becomes anxious and angry. Robert Morley is spot on in this portrayal of a Christmas curmudgeon. Good story and fun to watch.


Robert Morley in The Party.

6.3/10 claws

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