Happy Birthday, Glenn Danzig!

Happy Birthday, Glenn Danzig!

What can be said about the mastermind who brought us the genre that merged from the early punk days, creating its very own world of mastery? Today we wish a very happy birthday to the man who, with his merry band of, dare I say…Misfits, spawned not only the subgenre of Horror punk, which lead way to many great bands over the years, but which also gave the metal world something to be desired.
June 23rd 1955 – 62 years ago – the legend was born in to this world. The parents of Glenn Anzalone probably had no clue that they had just opened Pandora’s box of inspiration and gave birth to the future leader of the underground.
It’s no secret that Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig have inspired many legendary bands and artists over the years. Not only did they inspire such bands as Metallica, Rob Zombie, and Pantera, they also influenced punk rock and hardcore acts such as No Use for a Name, Sick of it All, Hatebreed. and many, many more. The horror punk genre spun out of control causing a worldwide wave of bands such as Mister Monster, Blitzkid, The Crypt Keeper 5, The Other, Crimson Ghosts, The Spook, and countless others in the genre. It’s safe to say that the extent of Glenn Danzig’s legacy reaches far beyond any one genre as well as an outreach that has inspired people all around the world to either write music, stories, or make movies with some piece of Danzig’s legacy in mind while doing so.
The Danzig legacy doesn’t only affect the bands Glenn himself has been a part of, but, as mentioned above, has brought to the mainstream many popular punk and metal acts. Over the past 40 years, the world of underground metal, punk, and hardcore has evolved to where we can go anywhere – be it a local show full of preteens and novice musicians or a well known hardcore/Metal show, you’ll see someone representing either a shirt, patch, or cover song. It’s the norm these days to either have a Misfits or Danzig tattoo. It’s normal for even pop punk bands to cover “All Murder, All Guts…”, and it’s normal for anyone to sing along to “Mother” even if they don’t know who it is.
For someone who’s seemingly unknown to the pop scene, Glenn Danzig was brought to us 62 years ago and, believe it or not, you know this man and you’ve listened to his legacy. You may not have heard his music personally, but in the wake of his inspirational fury, you’ve heard Danzig-influenced music and you’ve showed him love by representing the countless bands he has inspired over the last 40 years.
So on this day June 23rd, do what you do, and show some respect for the man that brought you your favorite bands, the man who saw angry teens bitching about being teenagers and playing loud annoying power chords and said, “Ya know what? I’m going to write a song about Return of the Fly. I’m going to write another about Halloween. Why? Because I’m Motherfucking Glenn Danzig, that’s why!” The world would be a far different place without this genius of a man. So, Mr. Glenn Danzig, here’s to you, brother! Happy Birthday, from the whole world, that you helped create.
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MUSIC REVIEW: Danzig – Skeletons (2015)

MUSIC REVIEW: Danzig – Skeletons (2015)

We all know and love Mr. Glenn Danzig, the man behind the almighty Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig. What most suspected and read in past interviews is that he was heavily influenced by the likes of Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison. I mean, he’s like the evil version of both that’s wrapped into a ball of energy that, honestly, after seeing him live a couple of times, I think cannot be matched by a lot of people in his age bracket. So he brings us now Danzig Skeletons.
For many years we all waited for an album to come out in which Danzig would cover some of heaviest influences. Finally, as of 2015 he did, and it’s a glorious record. Listening to Glenn speak in interviews and with the unexpected reunion of the Misfits 2 Riotfest gigs, you can see he’s really getting nostalgic and so an album like this is pretty cool to have on his resume, paying homage to some things and introducing fans of his to music they may not have heard prior. A couple of tracks from some B film biker flicks really threw me off, but when you listen to the original versions, it makes sense as to why he would throw his particular style into it.
Danzig - Skeletons / Fair use doctrine.
So let’s get down to business:
Devil’s AngelsThis was taken from the theme song of an old biker movie. Straight up I had hopes that maybe he would revisit the O.G. punk rock sound of The Misfits with some of this, and this one did it. A very well done number with some throw back punk rock that made us all fall in love with Mr. Danzig.
SatanAnother number that has that old time biker film jive to it. I had never heard of this, so I researched the original and found it to be mega slow, and, I don’t know, I always thought bikers were supposed to be hard and mean, and this didn’t do it for me. However, good ol’ Glenn really threw in some of that bluesy metal vibe and smashed it. Definitely made it more convincing to the reader.
Let Yourself GoAn Elvis number that isn’t very well known unless you’re a die hard fan and not just a fair weather Presley fan. Really, there’s no difference. Danzig nailed this one PERFECTLY.
N.I.B.By far my favorite Black Sabbath song, and I’ve heard many people cover this one and even considered covering it myself. I can’t say it’s my favorite version, but it’s definitely in the top 3. It’s slowed down a bit, and Danzig puts his own spin on it, of course, and really turned it into a Danzig song. If you hadn’t known Sabbath was the original artist, you’d think it was a Danzig tune for sure.
Lord of the ThighsAerosmith… uh, yeah, you read that correctly. An older Aerosmith number that was great originally, and then Glenn gets a hold of it and adds that metal flair and really gave it some justice. I’m sure anyone who knows the original and then hears this will absolutely love it. Putting that Danzig twist to it really makes a difference in the song’s dynamic.
Action WomanAnother song I had never heard prior to this, originally recorded by some band called The Litter. I felt, after listening to the original, that if Danzig wasn’t in the punk scene, this would have been his band. No doubt about it, he took this song and again made it a tune of his own with the carried out notes and guitar squeals. It has Danzig 1 all over it.
Rough BoyWhat’s funny about this whole record is there are songs by bands that you’re not going to expect. This one is brought to us by ZZ Top. I was not expecting to hear this; again, though, it’s very well done and perfectly arranged, really paying great homage to the original. I don’t care for ZZ Top, but to see what’s up, I listened to it and found it a good representation.
With a Girl Like YouDanzig frequently can be incoherent in his lyrical projection. When I listened to this one, I thought that’s what was going on here, but nope, the original has the same vibe. I’m not so stoked about this one as the others, the distorted bass really throws off the vibe of the song and kind of gets annoying after 45 seconds.
Find SomebodyThis is another tune that sounds as if they were dying down towards the end of writing. Not very well arranged and sounds as if the whole band may be falling asleep. I’ve heard this one in original form a few dozen times, and it doesn’t really pay homage as well as they could have.
Crying in the RainOriginally recorded by The Everly Brothers, it was an amazing song then, and the way Danzig recorded it is fantastic. Light instruments and some echoed out vocals. It’s a fantastic way to end this album.
Overall, Danzig did a fantastic job with this record. A few songs could have been represented better, but who am I to say? They stayed true to a bluesy but metal style and picked songs that represented the Danzig sound.
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A Brief History of Halloween

A Brief History of Halloween

By Tammie Parker
Halloween, like another popular holiday is a conglomeration of a few different cultures’ holidays. In the case of Halloween, those are Samhain (Summer’s End), All Hallow’s Eve, and The Day of the Dead.


Samhain was a Gaelic Holiday and a mixture of celebrations in itself. It was the final feast of the year. The crops were all in and time for a celebration.
With the daylight shortening and the air cooling, we are not as active as we were during summer’s long, hot days. Even the animals are not out roaming the fields. Autumn also brings fog and mist, and, if you are a drunken pagan, spirits rising from the Underworld. So the autumnal feast was a time to remember our deceased loved ones (animals included) and to scare off the ones we do not want to linger. The answer to unwanted spirits? Costumes to scare them away!

All Hallow’s Eve

Now let’s throw in the Catholics! Since there was already such a big hoopla – and we all know there is nothing you can do about a hoopla once it becomes big – the Catholic church figured why not create a holiday on the same day, call it All Saint’s Day (to throw in a day for all of the saints who did not have their own holidays at this point)? The mass for this celebration was called All Hallows Mass (a mass for all holy).
Therefore, the day before this mass was referred to as All Hallows Eve, a name which eventually evolved into Halloween.
But what about Jack O’ Lanterns? Well, the legend began in Ireland where the first Jack ‘O Lanterns were carved out big potatoes and turnips.
When Irish immigrants came to America, they quickly began carving out pumpkins – much easier than turnips or potatoes. There is a story of a man called Stingy Jack who continually tricked the devil of his demise for several years. When Jack finally did pass, he could not get into Heaven or Hell and was cursed to roam around the Underworld for all of eternity. The Devil did help him out slightly by giving him a burning piece of coal that would always glow. Jack carved out a turnip and made a crude lantern.

Tales of The Day of the Dead
(and Sugar Skulls!)

The Day of the Dead or All Souls’ Day is actually celebrated in Mexico, Spain, Italy, South America, and The Philippines. Some people who celebrate All Souls Day actually get to pull their deceased loved one out of their resting areas for the celebrations. Some are paraded around the village, and some even are posed at the dinner table for a feast! When Day of the Dead came to Mexico, there was no money to buy the elaborate decorations to adorn the tombs, and decorate the houses. Since they were already used to making sugar statues for Easter time (lambs and angels, etc), they came up with the brilliant idea of making their Day of the Dead decorations out of sugar as well. Skulls became the most popular, so popular that people started painting their faces as sugar skulls. Now there are even figurines and dolls for purchase.
These days Halloween decorating has gone extreme for some families. There are even competitions to see which family has gone far too far. Pumpkin chucking is becoming more popular, and it’s a serious stress reliever. (I imagine it becomes extremely stressfully, decorating every inch of your property!) Sadly, the popular costumes for females in their teens and twenties are almost exclusively “sexy”, and they aren’t likely to scare off any demon.
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HALLOWEEN CONTEST: Submit Your Scary Story

HALLOWEEN CONTEST: Submit Your Scary Story


By Tammie Parker

Image: Woofer McWoofersonWe know tons of you have your own scary stories. They be actually be real story or something you went through or even something you witnessed first hand. We want to hear about them, and we’re going to publish them EVERY day between October 24th and Halloween. You will, of course, be credited. Each story will start with the title. Don’t worry – if you can’t think of a title, we will. Then your name, where you’re from, and any other introductory information your story requires.

The deadline to submit your scary story is 15 October 2016 midnight all time zones. This allows us to process the entries and communicate with the authors.

Image: Woofer McWoofersonAll entrants will become automatic Friends of the House and will have their names and stories posted on our site. From the submissions, three winners will be chosen based on creepiness (of the story, not the entrant). Winners will receive horror mystery bags.

To enter, email your scary story to us at, subject: Scary Story Contest.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to being creeped out by our fans! Winners to be announced on November 8, 2016.



By John Roisland


When someone asks you, “Who is the best horror band?”, who do you automatically think of (or, even better, who SHOULD you always automatically think of)? To me, that’s an easy question to answer: hands down it is The Misfits – the original in your face horror punk band that started the wave of horror music as we know it today.
Originally fronted by legendary vocalist Glenn Danzig, who, after leaving The Misfits, went on to form the highly acclaimed Samhain. While lyrically was similar to The Misfits, was a darker and much gloomier sound. He later went solo and started Danzig. While all three acts were very similar, they were all also worlds apart yet all had huge followings and were very influential in the music world. After The Misfits original members split up, there’ve been a lot of harsh words towards each other and hard feelings over the years amongst the members – including court cases over copyright issues.

The Misfits originally formed in 1977, and 39 years later The Misfits are still kicking ass and it seems like a dream will come true. They said it would never happen but, the almighty The Misfits will be making a return the end of 2016 at Riot Fest headlining the show with all original members – or so it was claimed. The original members have rumored that they will be using renowned drummer and former member of legendary heavy metal thrash gods Slayer the one and only Dave Lombardo. Now Dave has been rumored to be the skin smasher filling in on drums during these live performances that are being held in September.


As of now Dave’s name has not officially been announced. As a matter of fact, it’s actually just hearsay and speculation because band members of The Misfits have been hinting around that he is who the drummer will be. So by the process of elimination by hints given by Danzig and Jerry Only, Dave’s name has surfaced and is now in the limelight.

I have been a fan of both Slayer and The Misfits since I was a young teen and continue to be one to this day. Hell, I even sported the black wrist bands like Glenn for a while. So combining the two bands for me personally would be like a demonic musical orgasm! Although the styles of both bands are very different, putting the two together will be incredible, especially in a live performance.

Could this possibly be the new line up for The Misfits? Could there be a new studio album in the future with the return of the original members plus Lombardo? One can only dream.

It’s doubtful that I will be lucky enough to attend Riot Fest and get to witness the reunion of The Misfits , but if any of you readers out there are able to and if you think I’m a halfway decent guy, then help me out and get me a fucking t-shirt!

I don’t have a clue on the future of The Misfits or the possibly joining of Dave Lombardo on drums to the band, but I do promise that I will keep you guys updated as the events unfold !

Keep It Evil.

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HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

31 days of Halloween:
Halloween III: Season of the Witch

By Dixielord

My second selection for my required Halloween viewing is Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Okay, calm down, stop throwing shit at me! Halloween III is probably the most maligned film of the Halloween series. At least until Rob Zombie directed the sequel to his remake of the original Halloween. Upon released it was pretty much universally hated by Halloween fans, myself included.

How dare they do a Halloween III film without Michael Myers? It was sacrilegious! And it was definitely bad business sense for a profitable horror franchise. Michael didn’t stay gone for long, returning in Halloween 4, and the popularity of the series returned with him.

But the once hated oddball of the Halloween III series how developed into a cult hit. It still isn’t loved and adored by everyone, but a lot of one time haters have converted to fans. I’m glad to say I’m one of those fans and Halloween III is now one of my favorite Halloween horror films.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Halloween III

For those not familiar the plot concerns Dr. Dan Challis, played by living legend Tom Atkins investigating a series of strange deaths. The deaths seem to lead to the manufacture of the most popular Halloween mask on the planet, the Silver Shamrock. The masks are more sinister than we would guess and soon Dr. Dan discovers a plot to bring back the old ways of Samhain. If he can’t stop it, Halloween will once again run red with the blood of children.

People may hate on me for including this on my list instead of the original, classic Halloween. I can understand that, the original is a classic in every sense. It is a great movie to watch during the Halloween season and I don’t want to take any thing from it. But Halloween III, like the original, perfectly exemplifies the Halloween season. Possibly as much or more than the original.

While it is easy to just see the original as a slasher set on Halloween, Season of the Witchlives and breathes the season. Halloween II, set on the days leading up to Halloween, and Halloween eve. Throughout the film we see kids happily getting ready for the big night. We also see and hear that Silver Shamrock commercial that gets stuck in out head.

Those sights and sounds, as well as the tales of what Halloween was, the blood rites and sacrifices of Samhain make this required watching. It’s got horror of its own too. Every parent’s fear about Halloween, candy laced with razor blades, gets a small but bloody showcase. People get their heads crushed by emotionless animated human like “toys” (or robots whatever), a woman dies by a “misfire” of Silver Shamrock mask.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch Silver Shamrock logo

Halloween III Silver Shamrock!

In the most disturbing kill scene, a boy wearing a Halloween mask is brutally killed. We, and his terrified parents, watch him squirm on the floor and then shudder in terror as insects, worms, and even snakes crawl out of the mask. A mask that is much too deflated and small to contain a human head any longer. The end of the film keeps you on the edge of your seat in suspense as the hero desperately fights and manages to save the day. Or does he? We get a real sense that on this most spooky day the demons have won, and the land will once again run red with the blood of children.

So if you are one of those people who have heard the negatives, but never seen the film for yourself, check it out. If you didn’t like it when you first saw it, give it another shot. If you have never heard of it, what the fuck man? Get on it.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch was directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and stars Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelken, and Dan O’Herlihy.


PRODUCT REVIEW: Trick ‘r Treat Sam Action Figure Collectible

By John Roisland

Trick 'r Treat Sam action figure collectible

Trick ‘r Treat Sam Action Figure Collectible

Coming from a true horror fan of the Trick ‘r Treat movie, this little guy has been sweeping through the horror community like a plague. Sam has been expertly crafted to perfectly reflect the enigmatic character from the movie.

I so enjoy the great detail taken with Sam’s burlap, face and even in his eyes. It just makes me smile. These pieces are becoming more and more rare and expensive. So what can I say? If you can get your hands on one, do so. It would make a great addition to any horror collection.

For the uninitiated, Trick ‘r Treat is a clever little horror film written and directed by Michael Dougherty and based on his 1996 animated short film Season’s Greetings. Produced by Bryan Singer, Trick ‘r Treat was not released until 2009 although it was previously scheduled for release in 2007 and 2008. Trick ‘r Treat stars Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Dylan Baker with Quinn Lord as Sam. Trick ‘r Treat was so well received that a sequel, Trick ‘r Treat 2, is in the works. Trick ‘r Treat 2 also will be written and directed by Michael Dougherty, but no other details are available at this time. IMDb lists the film as in production, and fans of the first film are eagerly waiting to see Sam in action again.

Made by Neca Toys. Trick ‘r Treat Sam action figure collectible stands 3x2x7 inches and includes interchangeable heads, lollipop, candy bar, candy sack, display base, and two carved pumpkins.

Price is $160.00+ tax and well worth the investment. Trick ‘r Treat Sam action figure collectible is worthy of being passed down through the years.

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