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Gene Simmons and WWE’s New Horror Film to Star Wesley Snipes

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In March of 2015,news broke thatBuy Valium Glasgow had partnered with WWE to create a new venture with the goal to finance and produce horror films. The imprint, Erebus, named after the Greek mythological personification of darkness. It’s a great name for horror fans, and fits well with Simmons.

Gene Simmons of Kiss

Gene Simmons of Kiss and Erebus films

Now, just over a year after this news breaks, we have news on their first project. Erebus is now at work filming its first project from the imprint. The film, titled Temple, deals with a group of operatives trapped inside a building when it’s artificial intelligence shuts down. In side the building shit starts to go down and the team begins to experience horrific supernatural phenomena.

KISS with Demon Gene Simmons

KISS with Demon Gene Simmons

The film will star Wesley Snipes, Anne Heche, Dave Annable, and WWE star Seth Rollins. Snipes,  best known to horror, and comic book fans from the Blade series of films. Snipes did an awesome job bringing Marvel’s daywalker to the big screen and the first two films were very well received. The third film, which prehaps ironically co-starred the WWE’s Triple H, pretty much slammed the series into a premature coffin.


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Wesley Snipes from Blade and Gene Simmons Erebus films



Heche really isn’t know as a horror actress, although she did star in the remake of Psycho alongside Vince Vaughn. Which is probably WHY she isn’t known as a horror actress. I don’t follow the WWE so I don’t know much about Rollins. This is however a WWE joint venture, so I’ll assume he is the token superstar being pushed by the company. The movie,  directed by John Stockwell, director of the stupid Americans lost in the jungle horror film Touristas. Stockwell has a decent resume but hasn’t done many horror films. Horror fans are more likely to recognize him as Dennis from John Carpenter’s Christine.

Gene, known as Demon to millions of Kiss fans, has had a connection with horror over the years. Mostly from his fire-breathing on stage theatrics, to his role in the horror film Trick or Treat. In Trick or Treat, Gene Simmons co-starred along with the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. While not a major hit it has achieved some amount of cult status. Plus we can’t forget Gene and his band mates starring in Kiss Meets the Phantom, OK maybe Gene wants to forget it, but we aren’t going to let him. This, and the fact that horror films can be wildly profitable, makes it a perfect fit-for Gene.

Even though the band has changed line ups, KISS is still as popular as ever, and has a huge, loyal fan base. Likewise the WWE, who people have been predicting the demise of for years, is still immensely popular. The combination of Gene Simmons and Vince McMahon’s wrestling empire has the potential for a huge organic fan base. But will those fans fill the theaters for Temple, and as popular as the WWE brand is, it has had mixed results with its film division.

Still horror fans (me as well) are always excited about the prospect of new and original horror, and Gene Simmons really loves the genre. Plus it will be good to see Wesley Snipes back in a high-profile role. I loved him as Blade, and he’s due for a comeback. Hopefully these guys can put out a quality film that will pack the audience in.

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