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Well, this certainly looks like a game for me. I am a gamer indeed, but I am a selective gamer (as are many), and my favorite games are dreary. We Happy Few caught my attention because it favored BioShock A LOT! And a touch of Fallout which is my favorite!!! Ya know, Retro-Apocalyptic. Like the end of the world happened in the late 50s. The characters also remind me of Fallout quite a bit!
Shelter, We Happy Few
Here's the twist... It is a dystopia game; however, the characters take a pill called “Joy” that tricks them all into seeing a nice, gleeful village (rainbows, butterflies, and all that shit) and have the same big smile mask plastered to their face. They’re called “Wellers”. If you do not take your pill, then you are called a “Downer”, the Wellers can catch on, and they will kill you. So you have to convince them that you are a Weller (big grins and giggles). As you go through the game, you will learn the history of the town and the destruction of it in World War II in 1933.
You play a Downer, and there are 3 Downers total. All of the Downers stories cross, and you unlock the other Downers when you play. All the Downers, like all the Wellers, have done something horrible in the past. The Downers are reminded of their horrible deed all the time because they do not take Joy (which the Wellers created to forget it all).
Wellette, We Happy Few
We Happy Few does have a How To Buy Valium In Australia program, most of their goals have been met, with two remaining (English weather (YAY!) and Wellie-mode (where you get to play as a Weller)).
The graphics are phenomenal. The art and detailing are on point. The story line is certainly fresh! This will soon be my new obsession. 😉
Patty-Cake - We Happy Few
This lovely game, of course, will be available for all gaming systems and computer operating systems.
Just check out these trailers for the game. I'm so in love!!!

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