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BOOK REVIEW: Unmasked: Kane Hodder

Can I Buy Valium Over The Counter In India - Valium Online India

Kane Cover

Author: Michael Aloisi, as told by Kane Hodder ;  Publisher: AuthorMike Ink; ISBN: 978-0-9845801-3-2; ISBN-13: 9780985214609; Media: Hardcover, Paperback, Audio and ePub; Length: 352 pages; Genre: Non-fiction, Biography; Country: USA; Language: English; Year: 2012

In my personal opinion, Kane Hodder is  Horror Movie Royalty. He's up there with the likes of Buy Valium Glasgow, How To Buy Valium In Australia, andBuy Diazepam 10Mg Online Uk. The man is always scary and intimidating, no matter what role he plays. It doesn't matter if it's Online Prescriptions Valium, Valium 10Mg Buy Onlineor Order Valium Online CanadaBuy Valium Pills Online is a badass.  After meeting him last year atBuy Valium Roche Online Uk, I saw, quite quickly, that there is more to Hodder than the badass killing machine. But it wasn't until I read Unmasked that I saw just how much more there is to the man.

Throughout the book, Hodder describes learning the craft of Hollywood Stuntman and the sacrifices of body and mind that go along with it. He survived severe burns, an incompetent  doctor and the long painful road to recovery. And don't you think,  for even a second, that Hodder is another whiner looking for pity and attention. Far from. If anything, Hodder's recovery can be looked at as a source of inspiration for other burn victims.  He easily could have thrown in the towel and walked away from his dreams, but he didn't. Reading everything he went through just added to the extreme amount of respect I already had for Kane Hodder.

He shares with the reader, stories of his childhood. They aren't all happy hearts and flowers. He was repeatedly victimized by bullies until his family relocated to an island in the South Pacific, in his teen years. Again, Hodder isn't whining or playing the victim, but the experiences definitely had a profound impact on the man that he grew up to be. It isn't hard to get a real sense of the man behind the cinematic monsters.

Hodder isn't always Mr. Serious though. It's very apparent in the book that Kane is quite the prankster. And I can tell you from my own experience, the man is a smartass. It only adds to his charm. He shares some onset hijinks from the sets of many of his films. He and Aloisi are easily able to make you feel like you were right there.

He shares the extreme elation of being able to be Jason Voorhees, as well as the feeling of betrayal upon learning he would not be in Freddy vs Jason. You can almost feel the excitement of creating a new monster with Adam Green in Hatchet . You also get an idea of how much passion and  research Hodder put into roles like BTK and Ed Gein.

I could easily gush on about this book for days, but I'm not going to. I could tell you more of what he shares in the book, but I'm not going to do that either. What I will do is tell you to go read this book! You won't be sorry. You won't be able to put it down, either.

Final Score: 10 out of 10 Dead Camp Counselors.




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