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RECIPE: Halloween Soup

Valium Where Can I Buy

By Tammie Parker

This soup became a tradition when my twin sons were growing up. We called it Witch's Brew, but it has many names (Biohazard Soup, Stuff and Thangs Soup, Clown Soup, etc). The trick is to add ingredients that you can say are something incredibly creepy or disgusting (tomato juice is now blood for example), but use names that will go with the title of the dish. Thus, for Witch's Brew, chicken wings become bat wings and green beans become goblin fingers. For Clown Soup, cherry tomatoes are clown noses, spiral cut different colored vegs for a clown's rainbow wig, and so on. The only thing you need to know to make all of this weirdness come out tasting great is simple seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic powder, crushed red pepper-easy!) and to slow cook the soup.

fearpremiere-food-biohazardstew2I'm having a TWD Premiere Party (if that wasn't drilled into your head yet from previous articles 😉 ), so my soup will contain a lot of shredded or ripped body parts (hearts, guts, limbs - thangs Lori!) and blood.

Here's a list of examples to help you out (I hope you make Clown Soup 😀 because this is the perfect year for it!)NOT ALL OF THESE GO IN ONE PARTICULAR THEMED SOUP (for instance if you are making for a TWD party, there wouldn't be any Dragons' Tongues. That's InShane!! :

  • Tomato juice (1 large can – sufficient for the soup base) = Blood
  • Stewed tomatoes (1 can) – partially rip apart by hand = Hearts
  • Raw chicken wings (4) = Bat wings
  • Smoked oysters (1 can) = Ogre hearts
  • Hominy (1 can) = Teeth
  • Smoked sausage (1/2) (peeled) = Skinless fingers or Limbs of a goblin
  • Spiral cut vegetables (potatoes, zucchini, carrots) (1 each) = Guts
  • Spinach (to taste) = Ogre Skin
  • Pearl onions (to taste) = Eyeballs
  • Bacon (4 slices cut in half) = Skin
  • Red kidney beans (1 can) = Rat hearts
  • Baby Carrots (1 pkg) = Dragon’s tongue
  • Ribs (small package) = Guess
  • Hot dogs (1 pack cut in fours) and spaghetti noodles (2 per hot dog quarter) broken in half. Poke four noodle through each hot dog (THIS IS TO BE ADDED AT THE END) = Zombie virus
  • Angel hair pasta (1 serving) = Hair (If you want to use noodles, please remember they will go end at the end because they will get too soggy.)

1. Combine your choice of items 1 – 13 in large sauce pan over medium heat.
2. Cover and cook for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.
3. Add items 14 and 15 if desired.
4. Cook 10 more minutes.
5. Serve.
6. Enjoy.

Servings: Plenty of leftovers.

fearpremiere-food-biohazardstewHave fun and be disgusting! 😀