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EXCLUSIVE: A Few Minutes With Robert Mukes (Video Interview)

EXCLUSIVE: A Few Minutes With Robert Mukes (Video Interview)

So a few weeks ago I ran into Robert Mukes. Actually , if I had literally ran into Robert Mukers, I doubt I would have have got up off the floor yet... The man is a mountain! I had contacted Robert previously and had arranged an interview with him as he was a guest at the Baltimore tattoo convention a few weeks back. Since Robert was gracious enough to accept and grant me some time for the interview, I made sure I got there early.
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Robert Mukes at the 2017 Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention
Robert Mukes, aside from being a towering giant of a man (he stands 6'10”), is, by far, one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is very friendly, accommodating, professional, and just a great person over all. I do apologize for the back ground noise as the convention hall itself was made entirely of concrete, so everything echoed. A lot.
Regardless of the sound quality, I hope you enjoy this quick interview with Robert Mukes as much as I enjoyed interviewing him. If you're a convention goer, Robert often frequents them as a guest, so be sure to stop by and say hello. And when you do, be sure to tell him that John from House of Tortured Souls sends his best! Thank you, again, Robert!
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Gene Simmons and WWE’s New Horror Film to Star Wesley Snipes

Gene Simmons and WWE’s New Horror Film to Star Wesley Snipes

In March of 2015,news broke that Gene Simmons of KISS had partnered with WWE to create a new venture with the goal to finance and produce horror films. The imprint, Erebus, named after the Greek mythological personification of darkness. It’s a great name for horror fans, and fits well with Simmons.

Gene Simmons of Kiss

Gene Simmons of Kiss and Erebus films

Now, just over a year after this news breaks, we have news on their first project. Erebus is now at work filming its first project from the imprint. The film, titled Temple, deals with a group of operatives trapped inside a building when it’s artificial intelligence shuts down. In side the building shit starts to go down and the team begins to experience horrific supernatural phenomena.

KISS with Demon Gene Simmons

KISS with Demon Gene Simmons

The film will star Wesley Snipes, Anne Heche, Dave Annable, and WWE star Seth Rollins. Snipes,  best known to horror, and comic book fans from the Blade series of films. Snipes did an awesome job bringing Marvel’s daywalker to the big screen and the first two films were very well received. The third film, which prehaps ironically co-starred the WWE’s Triple H, pretty much slammed the series into a premature coffin.


Wesley Snipes from Blade and Gene Simmons Erebus films

Wesley Snipes from Blade and Gene Simmons Erebus films



Heche really isn’t know as a horror actress, although she did star in the remake of Psycho alongside Vince Vaughn. Which is probably WHY she isn’t known as a horror actress. I don’t follow the WWE so I don’t know much about Rollins. This is however a WWE joint venture, so I’ll assume he is the token superstar being pushed by the company. The movie,  directed by John Stockwell, director of the stupid Americans lost in the jungle horror film Touristas. Stockwell has a decent resume but hasn’t done many horror films. Horror fans are more likely to recognize him as Dennis from John Carpenter’s Christine.

Gene, known as Demon to millions of Kiss fans, has had a connection with horror over the years. Mostly from his fire-breathing on stage theatrics, to his role in the horror film Trick or Treat. In Trick or Treat, Gene Simmons co-starred along with the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. While not a major hit it has achieved some amount of cult status. Plus we can’t forget Gene and his band mates starring in Kiss Meets the Phantom, OK maybe Gene wants to forget it, but we aren’t going to let him. This, and the fact that horror films can be wildly profitable, makes it a perfect fit-for Gene.

Even though the band has changed line ups, KISS is still as popular as ever, and has a huge, loyal fan base. Likewise the WWE, who people have been predicting the demise of for years, is still immensely popular. The combination of Gene Simmons and Vince McMahon’s wrestling empire has the potential for a huge organic fan base. But will those fans fill the theaters for Temple, and as popular as the WWE brand is, it has had mixed results with its film division.

Still horror fans (me as well) are always excited about the prospect of new and original horror, and Gene Simmons really loves the genre. Plus it will be good to see Wesley Snipes back in a high-profile role. I loved him as Blade, and he’s due for a comeback. Hopefully these guys can put out a quality film that will pack the audience in.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Santa’s Slay (2005)

MOVIE REVIEW: Santa’s Slay (2005)


By : John Roisland

Santa's Slay poster

Made by Media 8 Entertainment and Rat Entertainment.

In his writer/directorial debut, David Steiman,  brings you his 2005 horror/comedy Santa's Slay.

The story is based around two teenage kids, Douglas Smith (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Terminator: Genisys) and Emilie de Ravin (Once Upon a Time, The Hills Have Eyes (2006)), who must save their small town of Hell, Michigan from being destroyed by...you guessed it! Santa!

The movie opens with probably one of the best, comedic openings, at least in a...horror...comedy film..? I don't know, but the opening is awesome! Its a nice fancy holiday diner with the likings of James Caan, (Misery, Elf) who is uncredited in this film, Fran Drescher ( The Nanny, The Beautician and the Beast), Chris Kattan ( A Night at the Roxbury), Rebecca Gayheart (Urban Legend, Jawbreaker) as they all sit at the table, yelling, insulting , fondling each other, in just a way, to make Santa's naughty list.  Well , guess who comes down the chimney to take care of those bad boys and girls...Santa, played by famous WWE wrestler, Bill Goldberg (The Longest Yard,  Ready to Rumble) has at the family with death by turkey drumstick, Christmas tree star thrown to the back of the skull, and being set on fire...yeah, I think that about wraps it up.


The story then moves on to the grandfather of one of our teens, Robert Culp (The Greatest American Hero) , who is turns out, actually an angel , who some many many years ago, made a winning bet with Santa that he had to be nice to all mankind and give gifts at Christmas instead of mean and angry. Well the bet had ran its tolls and time was up. Santa was back to wreak havoc! Hence the name, Santa's Slay !

Santa flies thru their in his sleigh pulled by a carnivorous bison, who eats a valet at a strip club that Santa stops by to spread his holiday fear to all the bad girls working there. With Christmas ornament hand grenades, he definitely had something to put in their stockings!

This film is so bad it awesome! The soundtrack sounds if they used contestants from a karaoke bar and the special effects are awful, ...these are all small parts of what give this film its charm.

I will say, Goldberg was really good! Yes, he did some wrestling moves and it was easy to spot them, but honestly, for a bad Santa he pretty much nailed it...quite the Billy Bob Thorton, Bad Santa...but pretty damn good!

Now, I'm not going to tell you to run out and get this movie if you haven't seen it, cause its not worth it, but it is a fun movie. Santa's Slay  is much more comedy than horror, but people are murdered ,...so there is that ! But if you happen to be going to a holiday party,....the kind where everyone's going to be getting tanked, this might be the movie to bring with.

The film also stars Dave Thomas (Grace Under Fire/ Strange Brew),  who plays a naughty town priest, and Saul Rubinek ( Unforgiven, True Romance) who is the teens boss at a local Jewish deli and not a Santa supporter.



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WWE’s CM Punk & AJ Lee to Star in Hellstorm

WWE’s CM Punk & AJ Lee to Star in Hellstorm

By Amy Lynes

Although they are leaving the wrestling world behind, they aren't quite done entertaining their fans just yet. Former WWE stars and real life married couple CM Punk (Phil) and AJ Brooks are set to co-star together in William Butler's upcoming action/horror film Hellstorm. Here's what we know so far about this story of a small community fighting for their survival against terrifying creatures that have invaded their town.

From the press release: After the collapse of the world’s financial system and a devastating world war, a group of mismatched survivors are forced to band together and battle a variety of unexplainable and horrific beasts that descend on their tiny makeshift community.

Hellstorm stars AJ Brooks, the internationally known, longest running WWE Divas Champion of all time. Brooks will appear along with her husband, Phil Brooks, also known as CM PUNK, the longest reigning WWE Champion of this decade and a renowned athlete who is currently training for his debut as a UFC fighter. The two co-star together for the very first time (but probably not the last) in this unprecedented, action-horror motion picture event.

The film also stars Mat Fraser (American Horror Story), Colleen Camp (American Hustle), Selene Luna (My Bloody Valentine), Kate Hodge (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III), and Brian Goff (BorderCross) and is written and directed by William Butler (Madhouse). Nick Byassee (Stay Cool) is set as producer, and Emmy Award winner Jared Safier (The Bay) is the executive producer.

Hellstorm is also co-produced by Robert Kurtzman, the creator/executive producer of From Dusk Till Dawn and starts shooting in Ohio around mid-November. Image Entertainment will handle domestic distribution, and Highland Film Group will handle international sales. The film is brought to you by Transition Entertainment in association with Safier Entertainment and Initiate Productions.

Other than that we don't have much information on this project as of yet, but, as always, we here at HoTS will be sure to keep you posted with updates on the story as it develops.

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MOVIE REVIEW: See No Evil 2 (2014)

By Nick Durham

If it weren't for the Soska sisters, there'd probably be no reason whatsoever to feel any type of excitement for a sequel to 2006's See No Evil. That film was a fairly predictable slasher that offered up some decent gore effects and kills, but was really only notable for starring WWE wrestler Glenn "Kane" Jacobs in the role of the murderous Jacob Goodnight. With See No Evil 2, we get a sequel that no one asked for, yet somehow despite itself, winds up being wholly enjoyable for what it is.

Picking up where the first film left off, See No Evil 2 finds Jacob and all of his victims delivered to the local morgue, much to the chagrin of Amy (Danielle Harris) who had birthday plans on this night. Lo and behold, her friends (including Katharine Isabelle) decide to pay her a visit and bring the fun to Amy, none of whom realize that Jacob isn't quite dead. Naturally, because of slasher sequel logic, it doesn't take too long before the bodies start piling up again.

At its worst, See No Evil 2 is predictable in terms of its story and most scares, but it ends up being supremely enjoyable in spite of this. Bringing in genre vets like Danielle Harris and Katharine Isabelle is a super smart move to put butts in seats, and both are wonderful in their performances. Actually, most of the acting featured here is surprisingly good come to think of it. The gore effects are pretty good as well, and the ending twists are great, too.

Granted, it's not perfect, but for what it is See No Evil 2 is pretty damn enjoyable on its own merits. It definitely blows the first one away and actually gives a good enough excuse as to why Jacob Goodnight should have his own slasher franchise. Well, that is if it's the Soska sisters in the driver's seat steering the whole thing. If not, then perhaps we should bid Jacob Goodnight a final goodnight (see what I did there?) and let See No Evil return to the graveyard. If they were to come back though, I'd be more than happy to see Jacob go on another murder spree.

Rating: 4/5

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MOVIE REVIEW: Wrestlemaniac (2006)

MOVIE REVIEW: Wrestlemaniac (2006)

By Nick Durham

You guys want to see some shit? I don't mean good shit, either. I mean just pure cinematic shit. Well, that's what you get with Wrestlemaniac. Now, granted, I didn't go into this expecting fucking Casablanca or anything, but I did expect to have some fun with something like this. I've got a severe soft spot for pro wrestling (and an even softer spot for boobs and slasher movies), so I figured there was no way I wouldn't come out on top in this situation...

...well, I didn't.

Anyway, Wrestlemaniac revolves around the crew of a would-be exploitation/porno/who-the-fuck-cares film setting up shop in a Mexican ghost town, only to run afoul of the insane and murderous Luchador known as El Mascarado (Rey Misterio, the original that is, not the one you know from WWE and WCW). Before you know it, people are getting beaten to a bloody pulp and having their faces ripped off. None of that, sadly, is as fun as it sounds.

Clocking in at a super short 75 minutes, Wrestlemaniac doesn't deliver the goods nearly enough, and, despite its super short run time, often feels drawn out. That is not a good sign whatsoever. For most of the film, we just wind up being plain old bored, which is an accomplishment in itself for something so short. The makeup is fairly good, the action is dull, and the kills are fairly boring. Like I said before, I didn't expect Casablanca, but I expected something a lot more fun than what we get here.

All in all, if you've always wanted a Mexican pro wrestling-centered horror flick, well this is about your only real choice for the time being. There was talk of a sequel once many moons ago, but it looks like such a thing will probably never happen. Then again, we got a sequel to See No Evil that no one wanted eight years after the first film, so who knows? Anything could happen. No matter what though, avoid Wrestlemaniac like the plague.

Rating: 1.5/5

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