MUSIC REVIEW: Ratbatspider – Night Of The Sharksquatch (2014)

  • 1. ...And I'm All Out Of Bubblegum
  • 2. Inward Skeleton
  • 3. Last One Out Close The Coffin Lid
  • 4. Dead Girls Don't Say No
  • 5. Night of the Sharksquatch
Sometime in the latter half of 2015, I was first introduced to the Martian rock monsters Ratbatspider. Hailing from the angry red planet but currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this horror punk outfit blends the obvious standard scene influences of The Misfits, Glenn Danzig, etc., with a heavier, more metal-influenced style that’s rare to see with bands who identify as Horror Punk. The four piece machine features vocalist Ryan Remains, bassist Chris Rat, guitarist Jack Bat, and drummer Doug Spider. The first impression this band made on me was in form of their 2014 release, Night of the Sharksquatch. The album cover shows a hulking Sasquatch with a shark’s head superimposed on it. Between the cover art, album title, and band name, I had no idea what to expect from the group and went in with zero expectations.
From the start of the album, it was obvious this was a group willing to pave their own way in a genre over-saturated with copy artists trying to emulate groups that came before them. The first track “...And I'm All Out Of Bubblegum” opens with the Rodney Piper quip from They Live where he threatens the alien invaders and then tears right into the music. Front man, Ryan Remains’ aggressive vocal track soars to drummer Doug Spider’s blasting beat as he shouts about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The track ends with a shotgun blast before the album’s second song, “Inward Skeleton”, begins. The group slows down slightly for this track and falls into a tighter groove while Remains demonstrates his capable vocal abilities as he jumps back and forth between a croon and shouting.
The third track is the disc’s longest play, coming in at 3:13. “Last One Out Close The Coffin Lid” has the characters playing a game of Russian roulette. Chris Rat’s bass line prominently carries this track as Remains barks the lyrics like, “one is six chance I’ll wind up dead, paint the room with insides of my head”. Overall, this was my favorite listen on the album. The fourth track “Dead Girls Don’t Say No” starts with Jack Bat playing a thrash-style introduction before Doug Spider starts in with another breakneck pace drum beat. This track showcases the groups plethora of influences as collectively they sound like something straight out the late 80s thrash metal scene. The band works at double time as Remains’ vocals change shape again into a more powerful howl.
The album closes with the title track, “Night of the Sharksquatch” a powerful and heavy closer centered around a Kaiju-style beast created when toxic waste fuses the infamous Sasquatch and a shark together. The light-hearted song premise shows a band that can have fun and still write incredible, gripping, and powerful music. Ratbatspider has proven time and again on each of their more current releases that they are a band with confidence in the direction they are going and the raw talent to get them there.
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WiHM: Lizzie Borden

Such a cute song to sing while jump-roping right? Truth be told, Abby Borden took about 19 chops and Andrew took about 15. Still that was one hell of a mess, huh?! I wonder if they called Ms. Evers to come back and clean up. 😉
As you may be able to tell in Andrew’s photo, his head was split right down the middle. Abby's head was chopped with such force that chunks of her skull were driven into the hardwood floor. Lizzie did SEEM to be the guilty party. lizziebordenFor one thing, she was on the property. She claimed to be in the barn. Then, when she went back into the house, she found her parents hacked up. So tell me how Lizzie did not hear any screams while she was in the barn? For another, she kept changing her story, and she burnt the dress she was wearing that day. On the other hand, none of the hatchets found on the property had a single drop of human blood on them. lizzieborden-prettyeyesOne did have blood and hair, but police found it was from a cow. One was rusty and two were covered in dust. There's also the fact that Lizzie was a quite, demure, spinster Sunday School teacher, so this was mysterious indeed!
lizzieborden-longsleeveAndrew was a stick in the mud. He was a popular man but notoriously dour. He was on the board of several banks, was well off YET lived in a rinky-dink, two-story (with maid's room in the attic) frame house that didn't even have up-to-date commodities. The house was on land that had been in the family for generations (we will get to that in a moment) and wasn't far from the district he worked in. However, it was still in a poor neighborhood, and his two grown daughters who lived there with him argued over this continuously. You put me in one of those long-sleeved frocks in August with no 'ice chest', no fan... I'll leave it at that.
Now here's a 'Wait, WHAT???' tidbit for ya. Remember I said I would get back to the family's land? Well Lizzie's uncle and step-aunts (they kept dying on him *eyebrow raised*) lived in the house right next door to the famous Borden House (on the same land). After Lizzie's uncle had three children with his second wife Eliza, she threw her children down the cellar cistern (one managed to survive) and then slit her own throat with a razor!
The Borden Murders and the house are extremely popular among us ghost hunters and horror fans. Several ghost tracking shows have gone there to film including:
Ghost Hunters
Ghost Adventures
The Dead Files
Two amazing women have played Lizzie for TV. In 1975, Elizabeth Montgomery gave a powerhouse performance in the TV movie The Legend of Lizzie Borden. Christina Ricci (you know one of our all time favorite Horror Queens) did an exceptional job playing Lizzie in Lifetime's 2015 miniseries The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.
Elizabeth Montgomery and Christina Ricci as Lizzie Borden
Nowadays the house is a Bed and Breakfast (B&B). It has been completely renovated to resemble the Victorian House as much as possible, including several saved pieces of furniture and photographs of the family. And every year, on the anniversary of the murders, there is a reenactment and tour.
So make sure to add this quaint little B&B to your Bucket List!