Maude Michaud's Type O Negative Man

WiHM Blood Drive, PSA #6 is Here!

Happy sixth day of Women in Horror Month, Souls! House of Tortured Souls is proud to present the sixth entry in this year’s Women in Horror Month Blood Drive.

Today’s PSA comes to us from Canadian and fiery redhead, Montreal’s Baroness of Blood, Maude Michaud.

Once again, before we continue, here’s the obligatory disclaimer (not that we need it, right Souls?):

DISCLAIMER: This IS Horror, boys and grrls, so SOME of these do have VERY naughty content. Blood. Gore. EXTREME gore. Disturbing situations. Nudity. Sexual situations. Violence. Language.
If you are SENSITIVE to this kind of content, be a mature human being and just don’t watch. No need to spoil the fun for us fellow weirdos. We’re not hurting anyone. It just REALLY looks like we are 😉

And without further ado, behold the incredible sixth Blood Drive PSA of Women in Horror Month:

Type O Negative Man

By Maude Michaud

Based on an idea developed by:
Maude Michaud, Sebastien Montpetit, Philippe Robillard, and Alex Goldrich


Jason McCullough – Type O Negative Man
Véronique Laforest – Siouxsie Blade
Anne-Marie Beaulne – Mia Leuke
Luc Bernier – Rick V. Smart
Isabelle Morin-Beaudoin – Aline Lemonde
Marie-Pierre Poulin – Mary Meadow
Sebastien Montpetit – Brad Puns
Rebella Lugosi – Emma Globin
Casey Ryan – Splatter guy/voice of Vlad Sanguis
Christine Lapierre – Splatter girl
Geneviève Hutter – Splatter girl
Nekroto – himself
Kevin Cruz – Re-enactment victim
Izzy Lee – voice of the police dispatch
Maude Michaud</strong – voice of the director
Philippe Robillard – voice of the sound guy


Shot and edited by Maude Michaud
Sound recorded by Philippe Robillard
Blood and special FX by Sebastien Montpetit
Song “Gemini 3” composed by Terry Devine-King (PRS) – Licensed from Audio Network

A Quirk Films production


Maude Michaud is an award-winning writer-director from Montreal, Quebec who specializes in genre entertainment. Her debut feature film Dys- World Premiered in July 2014 at the Fantasia International Film Festival where it won the Audience Award for Best Canadian Feature. Her body of work includes over a dozen critically acclaimed short films which have toured the international festival circuit, as well as a documentary web series about women horror filmmakers, which served as a basis for her Master’s thesis. She is currently in development on her second feature film. You can find out more about her work at and


Every year, I look forward to participating in the Soska Sisters’ Massive Blood Drive PSA. I’ve been contributing for a few years now and it’s always a project that is fun to do, challenges me to be wildly creative AND also feels good to contribute to because I know it is for a great cause. Donating blood is extremely important and it is something more people need to do. I feel that creating these cool shorts gives the idea of donating blood a much needed facelift while also helping reach a different audience that might not respond to more “traditional” campaigns. I’m happy to do my part in raising awareness for blood donations by creating something fun and unique that I know will have a positive impact.

Remember, Souls, there’ll be a new PSA every day up to and including 1 March 2018, and please check out the official WiHM website for more on Women in Horror Month.

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