WiHM Blood Drive PSA 16, Blood Hero by Gata Muerta, Jena Jaworski, and Stitch Mays

WiHM9 Blood Drive, PSA #17 – Blood Hero

Good evening, Souls! It’s the seventeenth PSA of Women in Horror Month, and House of Tortured Souls is proud to present the next entry in this year’s Women in Horror Month Blood Drive.

Today’s PSA comes to us from Gata Muerta, Jena Jaworski, and Stitch Mays.

Obligatory disclaimer (not that we need it, right Souls?):

DISCLAIMER: This IS Horror, boys and grrls, so SOME of these do have VERY naughty content. Blood. Gore. EXTREME gore. Disturbing situations. Nudity. Sexual situations. Violence. Language.
If you are SENSITIVE to this kind of content, be a mature human being and just don’t watch. No need to spoil the fun for us fellow weirdos. We’re not hurting anyone. It just REALLY looks like we are 😉

Without further ado, behold the sweet seventeenth Blood Drive PSA of Women in Horror Month:

Blood Hero

By Gata Muerta, Jena Jaworski, & Stitch Mays


After having met through the Soska sisters’ fandom and
inseparable ever since, Stitch Mays and Jena Jaworski joined together to form Twinnablezilla Productions. Later they welcomed Gata Muerta to their team. With a mutual love and appreciation for the genre, Twinnablezilla Productions aims to make a scream and create horror to bring people together.
At the heart of Twinnablezilla Productions is Stitch, born May 20th, 2000 and a resident of Greenville, Texas, and Jena, born August 30th, 1988, and a resident of Buffalo, NY. Inspired to break the molds and explore horror in his own way, Stitch tributes his inspiration to be a filmmaker to the Soska Sisters and their films.
The first recruit Stitch and Jena brought to Twinnablezilla Productions was Gata, born August 13, 1967, and a resident of California. Gata has a long-lived history of writing and playing music,started when she was fifteen years old.
From Nowich,Connecticut, Lauren Pearce was born March 16, 1999. It’s a mixture between cinematography and paranormal investigations she is trying to make a career out of.


Jena Jaworski
Gata Muerta
Kayla Miller
Lauren Pearce
Stitch Mays

Editor: Lauren Pearce
Directors: Gata Muerta, Jena Jaworski, and Stitch Mays
Producers: Stitch Mays, Gata Muerta and Jena Jaworski
Writers: Jena Jaworski and Stitch Mays

Remember, Souls, there’ll be a new PSA every day, and please check out the official WiHM website for more on Women in Horror Month.

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