SERIES REVIEW: 20 Seconds To Live

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20 Seconds to Live is a horror/comedy web series created by director Ben Rock (Alien Raiders), writer Bob DeRosa (Killers) and produced by Cat Pasciak (Atari: Game Over), that I had no idea existed until a chance followback on Twitter. Apparently I was living under a rock? Do yourself a favor, if you are a fellow under rock dweller, head over to Adam Green's arieScope Pictures official website right now and start watching this great web series. It's like Tales From the Crypt and SNL got hammered and made a baby. And don't worry about doing the show binge zombie thang (you know what I mean, you give up sleep, showering and food because you can't stop watching a show), there are only 8 episodes, at just under 3 minutes per episode. It's perfect for that I'm bored at the office and need a twisted laugh moment or lunch break entertainment.

Beginning with a rather unique anniversary gift from a husband to his wife, each episode shows viewers the last 20 seconds of a character's life and the moments leading up to the inevitable countdown to death. I have to admit, in Episode 2: Astaroth, I laughed so hard at Derek Mears' portrayal of a first time demon summoner, I almost shot Dr. Pepper out of my nose! Always know the name of the demon you are summoning, folks. It ends badly when you don't. And yes, the series has a Christmas episode. I don't want to give anything away, but take my word for it, TOTALLY WORTH WATCHING!

Bravo to all involved with this project. I'm definitely looking forward to more. I've been told Season 2 is in the works and may rely on crowdsourcing. I will add any links I receive for said crowdsourcing efforts as I get them.

Final verdict: 9.5 out of 10 giggling corpses. It would be a 10 if they were just a bit longer. 

Posted by Alan Smithee

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