My 3 Months with Horror Block

By Kevin Belyski

Let me first start by saying that this is in no way a sponsored review. I did not receive a free subscription for the purpose of giving a biased opinion on Nerd Block or Horror Block. I was not, and have not been in contact with them in regards to this review, and this and all of my reviews are impartial. I did not contact them in hopes of getting free stuff for a favorable or prejudiced opinion of this service… So this is my honest opinion. With all that being said, if they wanted to send me free stuff in the future (hint hint) they have my info.

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This is a relatively new concept (launched in 2013), but a lotta companies are doing these subscription boxes, and it was my birthday so I got myself a little something. According to the Nerd Block web site it works like this: "Horror Block contains licensed merchandise, hand-picked by our team of uber-nerds representing all genres from movies, television, video games, Internet, and more! Each item is carefully selected and put through a series of in-house testing based on quality, brand association, collectibility, and most important – fun factor. Working with some of the biggest brands in the business, Horror Block not only delivers on value but also rewards members with exclusive items found nowhere else! At Horror Block we live by our motto: geek tested, nerd approved.."

It’s a great little monthly box of surprises, and they tease you with a hint at what is in next month’s box to add to the anticipation. You can suspend your subscription and reactivate when you want, to skip a month. They send you emails to let you know when it’s on the way. It’s 20 bucks a month plus 5 for shipping, and if you do some looking around you can get coupon codes to save 15 or 20 percent off the total. You get an exclusive t-shirt and some cool collectibles, which they say is a $60 value.


My only real concern was that I’m not the kind of guy who will just wear a shirt with something I don’t know about or like. I was really hoping I wasn’t going to get an It Follows or “Annabelle” t-shirt. Maybe it was luck, but the first month’s shirt was a classic, Bella Lugosi as Dracula. Along with that I got an issue of Rue Morgue magazine, a Twilight Zone mystic seer for the car’s dashboard, and a white cleaning cloth splattered with blood (I use as a burp rag for my baby daughter). Also in the box was an autographed print of Addy Miller from her role as little girl zombie from the first episode of The Walking Dead, and a David Hasselhoff bobble head from Sharknado.

I thought, not bad… I wouldn’t have bought half of this dust collecting crap, but if you consider a shirt for $25, the rest is sorta free crap, and something new to put on my desk at work.

The second month’s box was better than the first, but when I first opened it, I had mixed feelings. I see the shirt, and it’s red (not my favorite, but I’ve been told I do look good in red) and then I realize it’s a Wes Craven tribute shirt. Freddy and Ghostface, Hess from Last House, Serpent and the Rainbow, Shocker and People Under the Stairs all represented… F’n awesome! Another issue of Rue Morgue magazine, a Daryl Dixon Funko Pop keychain, and a zombie hula girl dashboard ornament (on the work desk). And a cute little Freddy Kruger plush doll (it seems my daughter gets something every month too). To top it off there is an awesome print of Godzilla Vs. Cthulhu by artist Paul Hanley. Very cool.


The last of my three month subscription boxes had the hint that it would have merchandise from Stephen King’s classic Carrie. I was hoping it wasn’t the shirt, and it turned out to be a bookmark featuring a film cell of Sissy Spacek covered in blood. The shirt was John Carpenter’s They Live! F’n awesome again! A neat little meat cleaver key chain, a book from Rue Morgue on the history of horror comics, a baby dolls head, and a gravestone phone holder (for the desk).

So, all in all, I think it was worth it and I would highly recommend the Horror Block for anyone with money to burn and who wants more knick knacks taking up space at home. I found it was a good bargain considering I needed some new shirts and each one came with some toys and fun little surprises. Like I said, if I had gotten a M. Night Shyamalan t-shirt I probably would have been less enthused, if not flat out mad. But if you saw my face when I opened that box, unfolded the shirt and read OBEY or laid my eyes on the Craven tribute shirt, you would know the joy of the Horror Block! Yes, some of it is junk I never would have spent money on, but the shirts more than made up for that.

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