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GloomyHouse here, thank you so much for mentioning me in your article.


any update?

i did some backround checks on this guys dns server it turned out his name is Daniel Burner do a backround check and u should get him.

[…] When people started looking into it, they found GPS coordinates coded into the pictures that put the user in Carlin, Nevada. And they found out that the first woman was Shauna Maynard, a woman who went missing in Las Vegas and has never been found.[10] […]

Here’s what I found that says this guy is the “4chan killer” but I don’t think it’s the real killer. The real killer sounds like a psychologically disturbed yet cunning person. Not a douche like this guy….

Woofer McWooferson

Very interesting. Thanks for the link!

Youre mixing up a guy who choked his gf and posted on b with the serial killer.

One claims to have killed many times. The other snapped , posted to b and surrendered after running from the cops. Don’t mix them up and create further confusion for wannabe detectives and budding edgelords.

4chan killer, choked and killed gf
4chan serial killer. Or b board serial killer..
Posted claims twice. Nothing since. Not enough evidence one way or another.

Kenny T. Powers

Any updates

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