BREAKING: 4chan Serial Killer

Help Catch the 4chan Serial Killer

By Woofer McWooferson

The English-language imageboard 4chan is well known for allowing its posters anonymity and for having the hard core assholes drawn to the ability to post anonymously. Perhaps the most notorious 4chan board is /b/, the random board. It is exactly what it sounds like: random.

In August 2015, a poster indicated that he had killed several women and would post pictures of these women if anyone could guess their names. He further indicated that the first picture was a freebie because her name was a bit unusual and unlikely to be guessed.


"I have killed several women for pleasure. If you can guess a name I will upload a picture. If you can guess a name of any of these women I will upload their photo. no more than ten names per post. Any more than that will be ignored. Some are Polaroids and others were taken with a disposable camera. I also have pictures of them before death when I was able to do so. If you guess all of the names I will show you where I dumped a body in 1999. The first one is free as her name is unlikely to be guessed."


/b/ users of course thought it was a joke as the board is known for people posting crap. Also, since the timestamp was wrong and the poster indicated that he had not always used a Polaroid, /b/ users piled on to call the poster a fag in between guessing names. However, she has since been identified as Shauna Maynard, a young lady killed in Las Vegas, NV in the late 90s.


Not long afterwards, someone guessed one of the names and another picture followed.


Once again, /b/ users were skeptical, but they were also alarmed at this point. Another post and pictures followed.




/b/ users became alarmed enough to contact the FBI.

YouTuber Gloomy House made a video about this which you can see here.

Uncensored pictures of the victims can be found on the Internet.

On September 22, 2015, the poster came back but this time with images of a male. The first was labeled “dying, dying” and the second “dead”. According to this user, he would be back in one month (October 22nd) to finish the game but might need to find a more secure site since 4chan keeps removing his posts.




YouTuber Lazy Masquerade, who discussed the first posting in his video 9 Deeply Disturbing 4chan Posts, made a video regarding the update can be seen here.

Uncensored pictures can be found on the Internet.

These do not look like crime scene photos. The quality is wrong and there are no markers for identification, either of size or location. For these reasons, HOTS believes this person to be truthful about being a killer. Therefore, if you have any information about these, please contact the proper authorities. As indicated before, the FBI has been notified.

Posted by Alan Smithee


GloomyHouse here, thank you so much for mentioning me in your article.


any update?

i did some backround checks on this guys dns server it turned out his name is Daniel Burner do a backround check and u should get him.

[…] When people started looking into it, they found GPS coordinates coded into the pictures that put the user in Carlin, Nevada. And they found out that the first woman was Shauna Maynard, a woman who went missing in Las Vegas and has never been found.[10] […]

Here’s what I found that says this guy is the “4chan killer” but I don’t think it’s the real killer. The real killer sounds like a psychologically disturbed yet cunning person. Not a douche like this guy….

Woofer McWooferson

Very interesting. Thanks for the link!

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