A multi review look at Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Some of the staff from House of Tortured Souls gives their take on the new film out right now on Netflix. As always be warned for spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie!

Michelle Midi Sayles: Much like the 2011 television film Appropriate Adult (which focused on the arrest of Fred West), this film focuses on most of Bundy’s life throughout his trial and incarceration.Starring Zac Efron, Lily Collins, John Malkovich, Jim Parsons, and even James Hatfield, this is a very well acted film. Focusing on the relationship of Bundy and his partner Liz this film explores the man behind the case. The charismatic, well-liked handsome stranger that no one truly ever knew. He used that very anonymous charisma to charm his victims and commit some of the most horrific crimes. In the courtroom he created a circus, performing for the gallery to the annoyance of the prosecutor and judge at times. This is a great little film. This tells a more in-depth side yet unexplored to the public, and yet it is not gory, not vile or disgusting. There is very little gore or violence within the film itself. That does not make this, lousy film but it is not how it was portrayed, upon release. It is an excellent biopic focused on a specific section of the story of Ted Bundy. I implore you to enjoy it for what it is.

Justin Schock Going into the movie, of course, we all were thinking best of the best. Zac Efron, John Malkovich, even James Hetfield( Metallica) makes an appearance. Cool shit yeah? The majority of the film was focused on good ol’ Teddy pining over Liz who was his love interest at that moment. All while he was in court. He is escaping incarceration and shit. Moreover, that was the whole movie. I did not expect murder and all that good stuff, because that honestly would be in bad taste, especially for the victims. This was more focused on his love life and his court hearings.I found it incredibly dull, slow burn for sure, and could have been advertised a lot differently. I even saw reviews where the person stated it was “vile” or “gruesome.” Sorry folks, but y’all mother fuckas were not watching the same movie. There was nothing gruesome, nor vile. There was a vast Lifetime vibe to it aside from partial Zac Efron nudity that’s all you get.

Sarah Gregory Start of the movie was focused on Ted’s and Liz’s relationship. His charming, charismatic persona which goes to show how he lured girls so quickly. It also was how he made Liz like his pride in his relationship but only to lead her on in his double life. He was that good at being controlling. I was not expecting this to show any murders, but it was more of a drama which is focused on the court case aspect. It circled how he represented himself in court until the day they found him and his boyish charms guilty. Zac Efron was phenomenal playing Ted Bundy, had similarities in his looks and down to his quirks. I loved the fact that they used clips on the real trial as well, made it a lot more realistic and accurate on what went down with the murders and the trial.

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