Adrienne Barbeau- Host New Podcast

Adrienne Barbeau is back to the mic. The legendary veteran of John Carpenter’s The Fog and Escape From New York will be hosting a new podcast series called She Kills on Shudder

The podcast series focuses on female representation in horror and pairs Barbeau with legendary actors, directors, writers ,and journalists. Such guests include Barbara Crampton, Jennifer Tilly, Dee Wallace, and Karyn Kusama just to make a few. 

Barbeau was quoted :

 “It’s about time we heard more from women in horror than just their blood-curdling screams. I am honored to be part of this fascinating new podcast featuring the kick-ass women of the genre. From playing victims to villains and vampires to Valkyries, oh, the stories we have to tell.”

All 10 episodes of She Kills we be available on Friday March 1st on  Shudder and Apple Podcasts.

I am so for this and cannot wait until March! It’s about time these women that we all know and love get the recognition that they deserve and is appropriate on the air date after Women In Horror Month. I think that this is positive effect in the genre for women specifically to be recognized in all that they do that many of us are not aware about. Shudder is on to something and does an amazing job showcasing everyone in horror. 


Posted by Sarah Gregory

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