Adults only Horror film “Hardgore” by A BAROQUE HOUSE

Horror has always been my poison. A long-range of other films are also on my radar.  Art films, to quirky romantic films to even 80’s movies are my favorite. This doesn’t diminish my character in any way. I enjoy movies. However, horror is always my go-to.

Being online, I’ll research upcoming films; I’ll talk to friends or even get exclusive scoops that now, and then if I’m allowed to post about it legally, yes, I will. However, in some cases, there are just some things I can’t share. The horror community is fantastic and also very supportive. “Check out this film.” “Here’s where you need to start.” That’s some of the dialogue I’ll hear among friends and fans. One studio came to mind — a Baroque House. For the longest time, I’ll listen to friends or Adrian Baez himself promote the films. My interest became peaked. I must know more.

The films are very, very limited edition once they’re out of print, that’s it. Good luck finding them on eBay. It almost became a scavenger hunt for a movie. People had them, but no sellers. Your best bet is going to the website and buy them yourself. Luckily I was able to see a copy of HARDCORE by Akiko Janos.

My heart began to race. What exactly was I going to watch? What was the big deal of said films? Of course, my friends all said they’re amazing and so worth it. I understood I was in good hands. As the film begins, it gave a final warning to be prepared for blood, nudity, sexual acts, and that the movie is xxx. So yes, porn and horror. Although there is no penis insertion, no bodily fluids (blood), that’s it. It’s stated that the blood is real, along with the piercings.

That’s the movie honestly. No story line, no dialogue, Just a music score, some distorted voice recordings, and two women are piercing and masturbating. Watching the film, I felt intrigued, I felt captivated but nowhere near being disgusted or even bored. The girls look like  girls you would see at underground music festivals or in book stores minding their own business this adds to the film giving it that even more than real feel to it. As the viewer, you feel almost as if they made the movie for you.

A feeling of power, lust as if it’s illegal to own, but it genuinely legal and no laws are being broken. Yet watching this, you feel almost as if you were witnessing something in a peepshow.

The two actresses Kitty Dorian and Rain leave an impression which brought back memories of the times I went to real live sex shows or sex dungeons, seedy punk rock clubs where this is what it is. Art in an untouched atmosphere no apologizes, no safe space, no feeling of regret or remorse. It felt like a euphoria where in that brief moment, we can’t explain, but the world stops. We see our vision, and we accept it, we know what we want. Perhaps this is the reason you may not see the information on IMDB, big chain stores, or hear the fans spoil the movie it’s not your typical horror or porn film. To understand it, you have to view it and embrace the art work.

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