After watching The Boys. Karl Urban needs to star in a horror movie

Growing up, I read a few issues of essay writing skill essay writing see url essay knowledge propecia before and after photo how to write effective essays source link cialis haltbarkeitsdatum abgelaufen purchase term paper see url source site custom papers express antibiotic without rx in the us write my business report who makes viagra for women thesis paper neural network little blue pill canada master thesis evaluation criteria pay to do my assignment source link source link how to write a covering letter for a cv click here good hook for essay The Boys, which was an insane comic that was somewhat of an underground hit that later on grew with fans. For it’s over the top violence, sexual activity, even poking fun at beloved comic characters we all know and love.

This was a time where comic movies and TV shows were far to none. A few gems came here and there, especially if we got a rated R comic movie Christmas for everyone. With comic books now being more mainstream among media outlets.

It’s become apparent that studios are willing to give shots to not household names such as Batman, Wonderwoman, Superman, Green Lantern, etc.

The Boys finally arrived at Amazon studios giving us gratuitous sex, violence, and language from author Garth Ennis who’s famous for his run on The Punisher. I finally got a chance to sit down and watch the series. I was deeply impressed and just wanting more, but it was over done to the point it felt with some episodes as fillers. The Boys, “A group of vigilantes, set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers.” 

The show gives us a gritty look at superheroes that are terrible people, and the bad guys are good. It’s a slippery slope where we see Butcher (Karl Urban)balance between right and wrong for the greater good but also fueling his vendetta towards “Homelander.” The series “Superman.”

Without spoiling it, it’s excellent that’s full of humor, gore, violence some cool cameos that never really feeling bored or drawn out. We get some questions answers and answers with more questions, but this is a TV series so be prepared for a character development along the way. The season ended with this perfect mix of a “Fuck you” to Butcher who next to Homelander is a terrifying character.

You see Homelander is scary because he has superpowers of that like Superman. He doesn’t have any weaknesses, but mentally it’s a match of head games throughout the series whether it’s the Vought corporation or later on with Butcher.

Now Karl Urban in the show is scary because he’s walking that line of a good guy and a bad guy. His judgment clouded at times so yes he’s fighting for the greater good, but it’s also become a vendetta against the “supes” as he calls them. This is just like Sheriff Wydell from The Devils rejects and just like in this show Butcher shows no remorse towards supes, which would make great for a horror movie. Even in Dredd, which is a criminally underrated movie, he was a badass that showed no remorse. In one episode particular there’s a scene where (Butcher) slowly stalks a superhero, confronts him and proceeds to bash his head in like nothing. Imagine the scene from Halloween (2018) but with way more blood and face-smashing. Even in one scene, he shoots a superhero with a high power weapon in broad daylight without flinching.

As the show ended, all I know is that I wanted to see more of The Boys and or at least see Karl Urban play a slasher in a horror movie. The Boys is playing on amazon right now.

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