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THIS JUST IN: Alien 5 Put on Hold

By Dixielord

Neil Blomkamp of Chappie and Alien 5

Alien 5's Neil Blomkamp

The prospect of Alien 5 actually happening got a lot of positive buzz from fans of the series. Most of the buzz being due to attached director Neil Blomkamp (Chappie, District 9), and his vision of how to continue the franchise. Now it looks like Alien 5 has been put on hold. It isn't dead, just on hold, as confirmed by Blomkamp Twitter. Blompkamp has been eager to tackle Alien 5, so why the sudden hold.

Apparent the hold came directly from Fox and is due to the upcoming Prometheus sequel. More directly it would probably have a lot to do with the recent name change to Alien: Paradise Lost. The name change puts the Prometheus sequel squarely in the camp of the Alien franchise, and moves it closer to the series than ever. Fox has decided to put all Alien attention and resources into Alien: Paradise Lost versus Alien 5.

It's probably a good move so as not to over saturate the market and exhaust the fan base. If nothing else it will relieve any confusing with two movies both with Alien in the title, a confusion I'm sure the Asylum will take advantage of with a cheap Alien knockoff anyway. It might not set so well with fans of the Alien franchise who were disappointed with either the Prometheus movie, the last few Alien films, or both. Blompkamp fans should be satisfied that he will be working on other projects during the wait.

In Blomkamp's on words from his verified twitter

Alien is kinda holding/ pending Prometheus 2. So I shall be working on other things... as much as I love the xeno- and Lt Ripley.

The tweet also seems to confirm Ripley will be back and we can only hope that means Sigourney Weaver will be playing her. As far as I know she has not been officially attached. This far out anything can happen, but I can't see anyone else playing Ripley in Alien 5. Probably the worst fear is what happens if Alien 5 is put back into play and Blomkamp isn't available/ With the studio wait on him? Without him a lot of the buzz and excitement of Alien 5 would probably quickly melt away

Still the movie isn't dead, and hopefully will eventually make it to the big screen. It just means we will have to wait a little longer for Chappieversus Aliens. Now I want to see that mash up.

Alien vs Chappie in Alien 5

Alien vs Chappie in Alien 5? Nah man, probably not.

Posted by Allen Alberson

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