All Through The House is the tale of a deranged masked Santa Slayer, that comes to town for some yuletide terror. This Santa leaves behind a bloody trail of mutilated bodies, as he hunts his way to the front steps of the town’s

All Through The house

most feared and notorious home. What is his connection to Rachel? What is her connection to the old Garrett house? From writer and director Todd Nunes comes this jolly festive fueled romp of Christmas crazed murder and mayhem. This was not Nunes’ first foray into deranged Santa slayings, having created the 13 minute short Here

All Through The house

Comes Santa in 2011- which actually evolved into, the feature length version of All Through The HouseFirst off I must point that this is a homage film, with an amazing use of scenes referencing some recognizable moments in horror films such as Psycho, Alone in the Dark and even The Slumber Party MassacreFor those who need to know, the kills are a pure gore hounds wettest dream and each murderous moment provides both the thrills, as well as some of the humourous bloodiness. Yes , you did read that correctly, I said humourous! This is a film that knows just when to make you laugh and when to create a little suspense. However it is easy to forget that this is a modern take, on the 80’s style horror romp, within the horror holiday happiness. The plot revolves around the return to town of Rachel Kimmel ( played by indie film darling Ashley Mary NunesTodd’s actress sister), who stays with her wheelchair-bound grandmother Abby (played by Cathy Garrett) and wants to spend time with

Melynda Kiring in all Through The House

her friends Gia (Natalie Montera) and Sarah (Danica Riner). However Rachel’s good nature is imposed upon by Mrs Garrett (played by Melynda Kiring) and the trio end up delaying their fun to help the lonely elderly neighbour decorate her home instead. As the girls die one by one and poor Rachel is left standing as our final girl, we begin to understand what is going on. This is because Todd Nunes cleverly provides us with small snippets of information along the way, to aid our ‘awakening’ for those final moments. Ashley Mary Nunes plays

All Through The House

Rachel with the correct degree of innocence and sweetness, for us to like her throughout the film and actually feel sorry for her. Even as her friends are killed, despite them being less kind and caring – which also reflects the effectiveness of Montera and Riner’s acting skills too. Kiring provides us with a visible evolution of the character of Mrs Garrett’s deterioration, that leaves us wowed! She was made for the role (which Nunes wrote with her in mind). All in all I am glad I got to view All Through The House . It is a very good film and deserves its place among other  festively frightening fun films on DVD and Blu-ray like Jack Frost; Santa’s Slay; Silent Night Deadly Night; Black Christmas and many more.

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