Inside remake

COMING SOON: An Inside Remake (2016)

By Dixielord

Inside remake

Inside remake

The Hollywood foreign to American, remake machine is in full swing. Now coming not long after word that the American remake of Martyrs will soon hit the screen, it appears a remake of Inside is going forward. Inside, along with Martyrs, and others, was part of a wave of extreme gore French horror films. Now Inside (2007) is up to get the typical watered down Hollywood remake formula.

The Martyrs remake went through a lot of changes, from early reports that it would star Kristen Stewart, to the project being shelved, before finally the powers that be decided to throw out a cheap quickie of a film so as not to lose the rights. The Inside remake at least looks like they are taking the time to hire a decent writer and director.

As of now the project, a Spanish produced, English language production is set to be directed by Miguel Angel Vivas, best known for the well received Spanish language film Kidnapped. The script in play now was written by Jaume Balaguero, director of the excellent Spanish horror film Rec, and Manu Diez, who co-wrote Rec 2 and Rec 4: Apocalypse. So the project, at least for now, has some decent talent attached.

Jaume Belaguero and Manuela Velasco

Manuela Velasco, star of Rec, and Jaume Balaguero of Rec and the Inside remake

Haven't writers and directors who have been successful in the horror genre, although Kidnapped was more thriller than horror, does bode well for the Inside remake. But the thriller part concerns me a bit. The producers have said that the Inside remake would be a taut thriller focusing on a battle between two would be mothers.. OK, there is a thin line between horror and thriller but the original pole vaulted that line and landed in the territory of straight up gore and horror. Making this film a thriller, appears to be an attempt to tone it down. And there is no reason to tone it down, except producers don't think American audiences will crowd into a gorefest.

Inside remake

The Inside Remake based on the 2007 Gorefest Inside

Still if it looks to be a decent film, I will watch it. Even though it's unnecessary. It's still a long time till the Inside remake hits the screen. It's scheduled to start filming in February 2016, and even that is subject to change. As of now there is no cast attached and only one publicity photo. It doesn't even appear to have an IMDb page yet. Whatever eventually happens with the Inside remake, the trend isn't going to stop. Remakes, re-imaginings, reboots, or whatever you prefer to call them are here to stay. All we can do is hope they do justice to the originals that we love.

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